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 Evana Harris - First Character

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PostSubject: Evana Harris - First Character    Evana Harris - First Character  Icon_minitime1/12/2015, 9:58 pm

Name: Evana Harris (Call her that and she'll hurt you), she prefers to be called Rainbow
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Her mother's name is Terry
God Parent: Erebus, the shadow god
Blessed by Iris (I'll take it out if that's not allowed. c:)
Date of Birth: 3-14-98
Place of Birth: Greenlawn, Long Island (NY)
Hometown/Last Residence: Greenlawn
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Slight southern drawl
Skin Tone: Fair, but tans easily
Eye Color: Dark magenta
Hair Color: Rainbow
Hair Length: Long (down to rib cage)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Type: Small build, not very muscular, but she's tall
Appearance: Her long, rainbow-colored hair is wispy and doesn't like to listen to her; dark pink eyes accent the rainbow hues nicely, since there's no pink in her hair; though she's small and doesn't look like much, she's pretty strong and agile
Weapon: She has a Celestial bronze hatchet (will be coated in poison in a serious battle)
Armor: When in battle, a black, armored suit appears on her (looks like the one Katniss wears in Mockingjay: Part 1). She has reinforced protection over her vitals.
Pet(s): A small, tamed garter snake that she found on the farm back home. His name is Leeroy! xD H usually rests around her shoulders and is very friendly.
Skills/Talents: Very good in combat, except when caught off guard (especially from her left side)
Flaws: Her arrogance and short temper will get the best of her, she's pretty much blind in her left eye, (again) she's terrible at combat when caught of guard and ranged combat in particular, she gets confused very easily, she self isolates for hours at a time
Strengths: Though she's small, she will pin down her enemies with full force. She's good at it, since she grew up with two rambuctious little brothers. She's also very agile and can climb practically any surface if there's good foot and handholds
Weaknesses: Again, she's terrible at combat when caught off guard especially from her left side, she completely sucks at ranged combat, she cannot and will not fight larger enemies on her own.
Likes: She loves rainbows and being random, music (especially making it herself), she likes to play around with shadows just for the heck of it, she has an odd obsession with peaches... She loves to read (when she self isolates, usually she's reading) and pull pranks
Dislikes: She despises the book series Divergent, and she hates mushrooms. She loses her temper when people don't understand her, or just don't bother to listen to what she has to say (unless it's a higher ranked person than her), she gets REALLY angry when more than one person is taking to her at once, or just when all lot of people tak at once. That's why she usually doesn't like meal times.
Fears: She fears the dark (ironically) and oblivion. She hates spiders, jumpscares, gore, and anything creepy
Personality: She's fun to be around, bubbly, random, hyper, but slightly arrogant at times
Powers: She's more advanced in shadow-travel and doesn't get terribly exhausted after doing it (she still does get drained of energy, but not as much as other demigods), she can manipulate shadows, and she can get better Iris-messages (again I can take that out if she's not allowed to be blessed by Iris)
Social Status: She's a loner, and a complete nerd
Summer or Year Rounder: Year-rounder
Years at Camp: 2 years
Life Before Camp: Before she came to camp, she lived on a farm with her mother Terry, step-father Greg, and two younger twin brothers- Mike and Mark. She always thought that her biological father had just up and left her mother and her, because that's what she was told. She accepted that, and also accepted Greg and his twin boys when his mother married him. For years it was as if she was like all the other kids- had a family that loved her. Until one day, when she was told the truth about her father. His name was Erebus, who was the Greek God of Shadows. She was so overwhelmed by everything that she packed a few things and ran off. Fast forward a few weeks and she finds herself at Camp Half-Blood where she's finally claimed by the shadow god.
Role-playing Example: "I highly doubt that," Rainbow says, laying down on the soft green grass. "I couldn't even do that, and I'm great that kinda stuff." She throws a rock in the air and catches it, repeating this a few times. Then instead of catching the rock with her hand, she summons a shadow. It dissipates suddenly and the rock hits her cheek. "Ow!" She cries, sitting up. "Dang, that hurt like everything..." She stands up and starts walking to her cabin, calling over her shoulder, "Nice talkin' to ya." Haflway there, she is enveloped by a dark shadow, and is teleported to the Hermes cabin where she's been assigned.
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PostSubject: Re: Evana Harris - First Character    Evana Harris - First Character  Icon_minitime1/12/2015, 10:07 pm

Erebus is not allowed because primordial gods are banned as parents, not can she be blessed by Iris. Please edit those.

Specify her race -- is she French? German? English?

Magenta eyes are unnatural, please go for something else.

Add more to her appearance.

How strong is the poison on her axe?

What is her armor made of?

Personality should be at least five sentences long.

- Since Erebus isn't allowed you should look for another god that would let her keep her shadow powers (ie: Hecate).
- How far can she shadow travel at most? How many times a day?
- what kinds of things can she make shadows do?
- How long could she control the shadows at most, and how many times a day?
- Take out the IM thing.

Your character can't have stumbled on the camp by herself; give her a satyr or demigod guide.

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Evana Harris - First Character
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