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PostSubject: Untitled and Unnamed   Untitled and Unnamed Icon_minitime1/28/2015, 7:41 pm

My eyes fluttered open but shut quickly once i saw a bright light over me. I must have finally slept off that damned sleeping agent I was given. The lab was freezing and I groaned as I felt my sore muscles stretch. With one long, final stretch I got off the table and walked across the tile floor, barefoot I might add, and out of the room.
The sweet scent of cinnamon drifted to my nostrils from the cafeteria down the hall. Thats odd, the cafeteria was at the very end of the hall and I didn't smell it yesterday. Oh well. I shuffled my feet down the hall and into my “bedroom” which looked more like a prison cell just no wall of bars.
I put on skinny jeans, black combat boots, and a black tube top. It was challenging to get the top over my wings. Wait! I rushed to my full length mirror and simply stared at my new “look”. My once blonde hair had turned black and my eyes weren’t blue but a bright green. Behind me were the most beautiful black wings I had ever seen before and I could move them.
“No way,” I whispered out loud as I felt the soft feathers.
So this was why I felt so sore and different. I had been given a new life, one to where the sky was literally the limit.

Flying wasn't exactly the most common way to travel, not with wings that is. When I had gotten word of a lab turning teens into bird kids I took off in an angry rage. I wasn't given a choice to be like this, its how I was born so this place shouldn't be talking normal teens and making them like me and my brothers.
Come to think of it, thats all I’ve ever known really. The familiar sound and comfort of my brothers. Even if we weren't related by blood we were still family. There's four of us in all. Jacob, the oldest of us all, the twins, James and Kayleb, and me. Being the youngest kinda sucks but it is nice at times. Im the strongest of us all and the fastest, which comes in handy when living with three other guys. As my mind wandered and I flew in the sky I felt myself starting to chuckle at our stupidity. I could see myself nearing my destination and my amber-tan wings began to beat even stronger.
If this place really was experimenting on teens I was going to get them out and bring them back to my home. None of them deserved the thought of being the only ones of their kind. My gaze drifted to the large courtyard in the center of the lab and I stopped flying, my wings keeping me at a high hover in the air.
There, standing in the middle of the grass, was a girl with midnight hair and pitch black wings similar to mine. She was with some of the lab staff and she looked on edge and very strong.

“Alright. Number six hundred sixty-six can you please hover about four feet off the ground for us?” the man in the lab coat and glasses asked me, not looking up from his clipboard.
“Shaz. My name is Shaz,” I snapped at him.
“You are just a number here so do as you are told,” a woman nearby snapped back as she pressed a red button and the collar around my neck sent an electrical shot through my body.
“AAaaaaaarrrh,” I screamed as I fell to my knees, my black wings snapping skyward to their full six foot length.
“Hover. Now!” the man said again as I got up.
With the horrible feeling of defeat I did as I was told, working my back muscles and wings despite how sore they were. Soon I was hovering six feet in the air looking down at them with disgust. If they wanted to learn about flying so much why didn't they simply experiment on each other. My anger started to flame and I was shocked again, this time falling to the ground on my side in excruciating pain.
“AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! STOP!!!!!” I screamed and pleaded as the shocks didn't subside.
The woman chuckled,”Learn who you're superiors are girl, or you may not live long.”
No sooner had she said something did a loud smack sound and a shadow was cast over my shaking body and the shocks stopped. Both of the staff members gasped and staggered back a little. I tried to turn my head and see what was behind me but everything hurt too much. Another loud smack sounded and I saw a blur of amber as the woman fell to the ground, blood starting to drip from her nose. The man, however, ran inside and locked the door behind him. I felt the collar around my neck unclasp and fall to the ground with a metallic clink.

It was unbearable to see what the scientists were doing to this poor girl so when the opportunity arose I took it and ran with it. The woman laid on her side groaning in pain and I watched as the man ran into the lab with a terrified look on his face. They both deserved much worse but is James caught wind of this then I would have gotten in so much trouble for “overstepping my boundaries”. I turned around and faced the girl as she began to slowly sit up. I caught a glimpse of her eyes and I don't think I’ve ever seen eyes that green before in my life.
“Are you alright?” I asked her, using my wings to block the sun from her eyes as she sat on the ground holding her head in her hands.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just got one bloody headache,” she responded, showing her English accent.
“I take it you're not from ‘round here?”
“What on Earth gave you that stupid idea?”
I shrugged and held out a hand which she took as I helped her to her feet. She looked beautiful as she stood there fixing herself and brushing off any dirt she found with the sun glowing like a halo behind her. What was I thinking? This was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission, not hunting for attractive girls. She must have seen me having my mental fight with myself because she laughed a little and a faint smiled crept across her face.
“Can I ask your name? It seems only fitting since you did save me from more electrocution,” the girl asked, standing with her hands on her hips and her wings draped loosely off her back.
“Augustus,” I said holding out my hand.
“Pleasure. I’m Shaz Terzi. Do you not have a last name?” Shaz asked, shaking my hand with a smile.
“No. I mean I might but that's all been lost with time I guess. Do you have a place to go? now that you're, ya know.”
Shaz looked back at her wings and sighed ,“I guess not. If I fly anywhere near my home I’ll be seen and never treated the same way again but I don't know of anywhere else to go.”
“You know you're not alone like this right? You can always come live with me and my brothers. I’ve always wanted a sister and a new face would be nice. Think of it as a fresh start.”
She looked at the ground for a while and then spoke softly,”I don't think you want me at your home. I’m not just a girl with wings. They did something else to me but I don't really know what it is. The workers always wiped my memory after the tests.”
“Thats alright. James and Kayleb have some oddities about themselves that we keep discovering on our own. Kayleb can talk to other birds and James has better eyesight than even us. C’mon Shaz, lets go home.”
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Untitled and Unnamed
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