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 Brielle Smith (complete)

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PostSubject: Brielle Smith (complete)   Brielle Smith (complete) Icon_minitime2/5/2015, 5:42 pm

Name: Brielle Smith. The name Brielle means "The most beautiful". This name was given to her by her father because she reminded him so much of Aphrodite.

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: John Smith (deceased, murdered) John did not know Aphrodite was a Goddess

God Parent: Aphrodite

Date of Birth: 4-13-99

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York

Hometown/Last Residence: Manhattan, New York

Race/ethnicity: Powhatan, Native American

Accent: General American

Skin Tone: White to light brown

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short, in a side-bob fashion

Height: 5"5'

Weight: 130 lbs

Body Type: Mesomorph

Appearance: Brielle has a very beautiful figure. Brielle has a cute button nose with soft skin and wide eyes, but with her pretty eyelashes, you can barely tell. She has her hair in a side-bob fashion with some dark red highlights. Around camp, she likes to wear a CHB tee with a cardigan over it and some denim shorts. If you ever catch her out of camp, she with probably be wearing some denim shorts or skinny jeans with a old t-shirt. Brielle rarely wears makeup but still has a beautiful complexion, even though she doesn't try hard to look good. She is also very muscular.

Weapon: Brielle prefers to work with a recurve bow with standard CHB arrows. Brielle also has a small knife strapped to her thigh that she got from the CHB armory.

Armor: Regular CHB armor from the armory.

Pet(s): Brielle has an imaginary pet dragon that she has had since she was little named Spitfire. She also has a horse at her uncle's house in Wisconsin named Midnight Flower.

Skills/Talents: Brielle is very gifted at archery (not as good as the Apollo kids though). Brielle likes to sing and play guitar also. She doesn't like to flirt with boys, but she loves it when people fall in love.

-Brielle tends to over-judge new people by their Godparent when they come to camp for the first time.
-Brielle can be braggy about her victories
-She is funny and annoying at the same time (like, Leo Valdez annoying and funny).
-Brielle tends to overreact when somebody teases her

Strengths: Brielle can cause massive fights with her charmspeak. She usually doesn't though, since she hates making fights. She would rather stop them

Weaknesses: Brielle hates it when she sees somebody gloating about their beauty. She also hates it when somebody flirts with the people she likes. She tends to hurt or beat up the person/people who do this.

Likes: Brielle loves horseback riding and archery. She also loves to swim and the occasional jog.

Dislikes: Brielle hates when other people gloat or boast about themselves. She also hates being indoors for long periods of time.

Fears: Brielle is afraid of losing people. After she lost her father because of his death and most of her friends because of moving to CHB, she is scared of more heartbreak. Brielle is also afraid of growing old and having to go to Hades in the afterlife.

Personality: Brielle's personality has morphed trough out her life. When she was little, her dad bought her girly clothes, so she acted very... girly. Like, cliche` girly. She would refuse to get dirty or do anything hands-on. She also used to hate sports. As she grew into her teens, her true self started to show. She started buying clothes herself and she started playing sports. She started getting more less girly. She loves being outside with nature. She tends to hangout with her friends often more outside of school while skipping class. She has a very rebellious aura to her. Brielle has a "trouble-maker" reputation which was caused buy her not doing her homework, but she doesn't do it because her ADD and Dyslexia take over.

>Good at making couples
>Very good at flirting
>Awesome fashion sense
>Speaks fluent French

Social Status: Brielle has a handful of close friends, but not a lot because she feels closer with only a few.

Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder

Years at Camp: 5

Life Before Camp: Before camp, Brielle had gone to South Brooke Junior High. She had a couple of friends and didn't get very good grades. She would refuse to do homework because it was too hard for her. She lived with her dad in a small apartment. She loved going outside with him and fishing and doing other sports. Sometimes, she would go camping with friends and some... boys... that were her... friends.... Embarassed

Role-playing Example:
"Really?," Brielle asked, "You really want to fight me?"
"Why not?," Will, one of her close friends asked, "What harm can a pretty girl do to a strong son of Ares?"
"You'll see...," She responded.
--Later, in the fighting arena--
Brielle was obviously in the lead while fighting Will. She almost had him down. Now, for her last trick, she confused Will and knocked his celestial bronze sword of his hand.
"Ha!," Brielle said,"YOU, "Mr. Strong Man" just got beat by a girl!"
"W-well..." Will stuttered,"I-I... I went easy on you... so, ya know... you wouldn't feel bad."
"Sure Mr. Strong Man." Brielle replied,"Now, why don't we get some lunch and eat at the beach?"
---At the beach---
Will said he had to use the bathroom, then he'd meet Brielle at the beach and well... he wasn't there.
"Where in Hades is that boy?" she asked herself while standing under a huge oak tree.
Just then, Will hung upside down out of the tree, Spider-Man style, planning to scare her. Instead, their lips accidentally touched. Brielle and Will both had a shocked look on their face.
"Uhh..." Brielle said, still shocked.
"S-sorry!" Will apologized while climbing down from the tree,"I-i was planning to surprise you and.. you walked forward and-"
Just then, she grabbed Will's waist and kissed him. She knew this was right. She can feel her heart, maybe even her mom, telling her, this is what was meant to be. And the kiss... it felt so... so natural. She knew she would never be just Will's friend anymore.

Notes: Will is just a made-up character I used as an example for my role play. Brielle is 100% not in a relationship.
Also, sorry for any spelling errors.

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PostSubject: Re: Brielle Smith (complete)   Brielle Smith (complete) Icon_minitime2/5/2015, 6:10 pm

hi! it looks like you were working on this same character form in another topic, could you please just edit it there instead of reposting the form with each edit? thank you!

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girl almighty wrote:
hi! it looks like you were working on this same character form in another topic, could you please just edit it there instead of reposting the form with each edit? thank you!

Oh, yeah sorry. i am not too familiar to this site.
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PostSubject: Re: Brielle Smith (complete)   Brielle Smith (complete) Icon_minitime2/6/2015, 9:06 pm

Try specifying from what region/state her accent came from -- a lot of it tends to be unique depending on where one lives for most of his/her/their life. (Examples: New York City accent, Bostonian, etc)

- Add a flaw that affects her physical appearance (one she heavily dislikes/is very uncomfortable about).
- Not sure being "funny and annoying" like Leo Valdez would count as a flaw -- a personality trait, certainly, unless you mean she's immature in a way.

- We don't allow charmspeak. Sorry. You can, however, substitute it with something like love manipulation (such as making two people fall in love with each other temporarily).
- Being a good matchmaker, flirting, and keen fashion sense would count more as strengths or talents so please move them to either section.

- Add more to this. How did she get to camp/did a satyr bring her to CHB? How did her father die?

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Brielle Smith (complete)
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