let's not jump to any RASH decisions [private]

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let's not jump to any RASH decisions [private]

Post by Kendall on 2/13/2015, 7:06 pm

Archer had this weird rash on his elbow from when he slipped and fell into a weird patch of plant growth yesterday in the forest, so it was probably either poison ivy or something he was allergic to. He was only allergic to peanuts as far as he knew, but whatever.

Sitting against one of the large trees by the lake, he had a nice scenic view of the area: the shining brilliance of the water, the nymphs and demigods trying and usually failing to play games, the distant shouting of campers who had almost been drowned because some of the naiads had decided to tip over their boat... Always nice.

Grumbling to himself, he laid his book in his lap again to scratch at the reddening skin of his left elbow.
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