Brayaddy canoeing (Valentines' special)

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Brayaddy canoeing (Valentines' special)

Post by Mason on 2/14/2015, 10:21 am

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bic: Bray sat in the canoe with Maddy on Valentines day. The canoe was full of candy boxes and wrappers, which he had bought a huge stash of in the camp store before coming here. He kept laughing- life was good right now. Bray was pretty sure it would be the closest thing he got to a date with Maddy- for now, at least, hopefully. He pulled out a bag of every flavored beans, grinning. "OKay, so there's two of every color- one is the good one, one is the disgusting one." He pulled out both of the green ones. "So, one is green apple, the other...boogers." He swore, if he got the booger one-
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