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 Sing to the Moon

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Terra Miller sighed as she walked on the soft, green field. The War Memorial had always been a special place for her. Whenever she felt lonely, she would go up there and just sit on the field, daydreaming. Sometimes she would bring flowers to the memorial and put them down in front of it, hoping that her fallen comrades would like them. Sometimes she would just sit and sing her heart out, and at night, she would occasionally bring her guitar there and sing to the stars.

She looked at the War Memorial and smiled bitterly. On her hands were flowers she’d picked from the flowers a few moments ago. The Dryads were not happy when their flowers were picked, but when Terra explained her reasons, they all flashed sad faces and let her continue her flower-picking session. She put the flowers down and sat on the grassy field. She bitterly looked at all the names of those who had bitten the dust—she knew some of them. They were good guys, and they died in the Titan War.

Her hand simultaniously touched her right arm, right where the big scar was located. She couldn’t see it underneath her black hoodie, but she still could feel it. Chill went to her spines as she recalled the memories when she received the scar from a monster that had killed many good guys in the Titan War.
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Sing to the Moon
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