Fite? (Private for me and Mason)

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Fite? (Private for me and Mason)

Post by Guest on 2/17/2015, 5:18 pm

I walk into the woods, occasionally looking behind me to see if anyone was following. I had to kill a monster. I just had to. Everyone believed I was a wimp who could only kill the dummy during practice. I knew my brother Jared was coming, but I felt like he was the only one who should know. 

I grabbed my dog's collar when I heard a sound. It sounded like something stepping on a twig. I looked behind me to see if my brother was here already, but nothing was behind me except for the greenery of the woods. Checkers tugged, but I kept a good grip. I wished I had brought the leash. He was a good dog, but strong and stubborn. He finally broke free of my grasp and he bounded away into the woods. "Hey! Checkers!" I ran after him and caught him pawing at a tree. I looked up the trunk and saw a squirrel on a branch, breathing heavily. It's eye twitched and it continued scuttling up the tree. I sighed. "Ugh. Just some stupid squirrel." 

I kept walking and readjusted the quiver full of arrows on my back. Checkers would occasionally run ahead and come back. I let him go wherever he went; I trusted him. It was just normally when he bounded off whenever we heard a noise. I was scared it would actually be a monster and hurt my dog. 

Eventually I slumped down on a tree and sighed. "There's never any monsters when you need them." I sat down and Checkers laid down beside me. 


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Re: Fite? (Private for me and Mason)

Post by Mason on 2/17/2015, 5:33 pm

Jared walked into the forest. He had promised his sister, Elizabeth, that he'd help her kill a monster so that she could be counted not a wimp and yeah. Here he was. He looked around for her, pacing himself through the leaves and trees. He didn't want to attract a monster to him immediately. He looked down at his dog, Bo, who barked. "You smell something, Bo?" he asked, quietly, and he let him lead him to....Elizabeth and her dog.

Putting his hands in the pocket of his hoodie, he walked over to her. "Hey, Elizabeth." Jared had his bow and quiver of arrows with him, and also a CB dagger, in case of melee emergencies. Although, he wanted her to feel good about herself, so he'd let her get the kill. He would just stay back and help, unless things got seriously out of hand. He hoped this didn't take too long, though- he had wrestling tonight, plus he felt a little hungry.

"See anything yet?" he asked, yet he was pretty sure not. Bo went over and examined Checkers. Jared sat down next to his half-sister, looking around them for anything.
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