one heck of a wip

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one heck of a wip

Post by muse on 3/3/2015, 4:40 pm

Name: This spiffing young man goes by the name Achilles Alexandros Katsoras. He doesn't really have any nicknames that he knows of.

Gender: Achilles is male, and doesn’t think he’ll be changing that anytime soon.

Mom: Crystal Theos, a purely mortal woman who is surprisingly calm about the whole ancient-greek-and-roman gods thing. She's always been a rather conventionally beautiful woman - long, dark hair, perfectly straight. Wide brown eyes, and the attitude to say she's pretty and believe it. Much unlike her husband and son, Crystal is an extremely friendly and outgoing woman. She goes to the parties, hosts the barbecues, and always smiles at strangers on the street. She's quite an incredible cook, and Achilles could always count on coming home to a delicious pastry of some sort when he was little. She has never been the kind of woman to go out in sweats or a dirty hoodie - Crystal always has and always will dress like she belongs on the red carpet every day of her life. She's an artist, and there's always at least three paintings and projects lying around their apartment at any given time.

Dad: Achilles's father is a man named Alexandros Katsoras, who's a bit round and more than a bit socially awkward. He tends to avoid any social interaction, staying in his New Rome apartment and occasionally travelling to the forges to make armour and weapons for the legion. He's a bit of a recluse, and he works at odd hours to avoid meeting people in the forges. He's a very short man, barely reaching 5'4". For some reason, the thing people notice most about him is his teeth, and how perfectly perfect they are. It's kind of unsettling, honestly. Much like his son, Alex has incredibly curly hair, which is a similar shade of brown to his and his son's eyes. He's a bookworm, and he's strictly vegetarian.

Legacy of: Vulcan, the god of metalworking and fire and forges and all that fun stuff.

Date of Birth: He was born on September 22, in the year 1998.

Place of Birth: Achilles was born in a small town on the island of Skyros, the southernmost island in the Sporades, near the base of Mt. Olympus.

Hometown/Last Residence: Achilles and his mom and step-father moved to New Rome within two years of having their child, knowing that they would have to go back to send Achilles to Camp Jupiter, and knowing that it would be considerably easier to teach their boy American Sign Language if they were living in America.

Race/ethnicity: If you couldn’t tell by the Greek name and the fact that he’s named after a Greek hero from a Greek epic, Achilles is Greek.
Accent: He's got a bit of a deaf accent, from not being able to hear what he sounds like. It makes him self-conscious, so he doesn't talk much unless it's absolutely necessary to.

Skin Tone: He's fairly tanned, about what you'd expect from a Greek boy living in California. It's a light olive if you ask someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Eye Color: One eye, his left, is a deep brown. It's what most people like to call a "chocolate brown". His other eye, the right one, is a pale blue. No one really knows how to classify it, somewhere between sky blue and white, like the colour of a mint eos. He pretty much always wears sunglasses because he's sick of people talking about his eyes.

Hair Color: Achilles has dark brown hair, close to black. At least mostly, a small clump that hangs down in the middle of his forehead is a pale white, and a few hairs on his head are starting to go grey. It annoys his to no end, and he's always asked to dye it the same colour as the rest of his hair, but his parents have always refused.

Hair Length: His hair is on the longer side of average, and it tends to flop down over his forehead and stick up of his ears. Its curly to the point where it's ridiculous, and it's basically impossible to tame. He usually wears a hat, ski goggles, or a flower crown to keep it off his face.

Height: He's five feet and ten inches tall, just a few inches above average.

Weight: He weighs in at about 160 pounds, with most of it being muscle.

Body Type: He's a rather muscular boy, since he spends most of his time avoiding people and spending his free time running and working out. He likes that when he's exercising there's no one to try to ask him about why he looks the way he does, and no one to have to fumble through a half-signed conversation with. It's just him and whatever he's doing. It's peaceful, in a way.

Appearance: Along with his oddly coloured eyes and white hair, he also has rather big ears. He has a scar in the right corner of his forehead, from running into a coffee table when he was around two years old. He prefers to keep the focus away from his face, which is another reason why he constantly works out. Muscles tend to be a good distraction from his face and hair.

Weapon: He uses a fairly standard imperial gold Mainz Gladius, about 70 cm long.

Armor: He uses standard armor, issued by the camp. He hasn't gotten around to making his own yet, because he can't stand being in the forges and trying to sign at the same time. It's difficult to sign when you're carrying molten metals around.

Pet(s): There's a bunny around the Camp that he's pretty fond of (and he's pretty sure it likes him too) but he doesn't technically have any legitimate pets. He'd like one though.

Skills/Talents: He's an incredible blacksmith, making just about any kind of weaponry or armour you can think of. It's a trade he learned from his dad. He's also a very fast reader, and quite intelligent if he can actually communicate his ideas. He's a very strategic thinker, always planning out every move before making it. It is not advised to challenge him in chess.

Flaws: Besides the obvious hindrances being deaf brings him, Achilles is also a bit of a jerk. He's rather rude when people ask about his appearance, making him generally unlikable.  He's also rather impatient, but less so around people who don't understand American Sign Language.

Strengths: He's incredibly good with machines and engineering, especially weaponry. Give him an idea and some time, and he can make you just about anything. Despite being deaf, he's rather good in war games and battle simulations. He's pretty good at lip reading, though he prefers signing because there's less of a chance of him having to talk.

Weaknesses: He's not very good at expressing how he feels, because translating emotions into words and then into simple hand gestures that most people understand is kind of difficult for anyone to accomplish. He doesn't have the greatest eyesight in the world, and wears contacts which he often forgets to put in. He's slightly ADHD, and gets distracted easily when he's not in a fight or the forge.

Likes: He absolutely loves books, and he's a huge fan of video games, Portal especially. He has a habit of skateboarding around New Rome, no matter how many times he gets told off for it. He likes bright colours, especially if they're in hair or on clothes. He's very into fashion, always wearing some new "trend" that only he understands. He loves flowers, and usually wears a flower crown around at all times.

Dislikes: He's a vegetarian, so he absolutely hates meat. He's not too keen on the smell of it either. He hates talking, and he hates watching conversations from a distance where he can't quite make out what the people involved are saying, so he always assumes it's about him. He's very self-conscious like that. He absolutely hates when people make comments about his hair or his eyes, and he has no patience for the people who do.

Fears: Abandonment, accidentally eating meat, and being passed off as useless because of his ears.

Personality: He's kind of a jerk, your stereotypical popular kid - without the friends and with a really odd sense of style - with hipster undertones. He's always looking for a new style to try out, and his hair never really stays the same way for more than a week. He alternates between being a flower prince in a flower crown and being some sort of antisocial hobbit with goggles - whatever works to keep his hair off his face. He's usually found in the forges or training somewhere, since he's always found working out to be a good way to distract himself and other people from his eyes or his ears.

Powers: Just an affinity with machines and a natural talent for building.

Social Status: He has his friends, and he wouldn't quite say he's popular or anything, but he's not at the bottom of the social chain or anything. He's average.

Years at Camp: This is his sixth year in service, having joined the legion when he was ten.

Life Before Camp: His parents met in Athens while they were both in University - Alexandros at Newcastle and Crystal at Athens State University. Alexandros was taking a semester abroad and decided to go back home for the time. After Alex left to go back to England, the two kept in touch through letters. Alexandros soon graduated, a year before Crystal, and went back to Athens to live near his family. Seven years later, the pair got married and moved to Spyros. Several years later Achilles was born. Everyone was happy, but they soon began to notice things were sort of 'off' about their child. His eyes were different colours, and he wasn't responding to any auditory stimulus. They took him to a doctor, who diagnosed it as Waardenburg Syndrome, and so Alex and Crystal began to plan a move back to New Rome, where Alex had attended Camp Jupiter many years before. They knew it would be easier for Achilles to communicate if they raised him on ASL, rather than having him grow up and then try to learn.
When they arrived in New Rome Alex was pleased to find that many of his old friends were still around, so he fit right back in. He started working in the forges in his spare time, making armour and weapons for the legion, while working at a library just outside during the day. When Achilles was 10 they decided it would be best to put him into the legion to do his service, now that he was able to communicate with people well. He can lip read in both English and Greek, since his parents both speak Greek in their apartment.

Role-playing Example: see other things i've written i'm really not feeling this right now

Notes: His eyes and hair and all that are the way they are because of his Waardenburg Syndrome (link at the bottom explains that), which is also why he's deaf.

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