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 Kayla Bright (wip)

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Her name is Kayla Bright <3



Mortal Parent:
Gregory Bright is a professor at the university of Washington in Virginia. He was born in Denver, CO on November 19th, 1970. Dr. Bright moved around a lot as a child. He lived in a fifty states at one point. Gregory currently lives in Virginia for working purposes. He met Aphrodite in Canada, where he left and came back hoping she would return.


Date of Birth:
March 18th

Place of Birth:
Toronto, Canada

Hometown/Last Residence:
Kayla’s hometown is Peoria, Illinois. She moved to Albany, New York before coming to camp.

Canadian, American

Great Lakes English

Kayla is 121 lbs. standing at a short 5’2”.  She has very pale but not albino skin with curly dark brown hair that runs down slightly past her shoulders, light brown eyes (that look to be surrounded by black rings), high cheekbones and a curved chin.  Giving her face a heart-shaped look.  Her ears slightly pointed.  Her neck goes to her slim shoulders that go to her fairly skinny short torso, to her long legs.  Along with the freckles that are placed randomly across her nose and cheeks. Kayla has a birthmark on her shoulder stretching to her elbow.  She usually wears lots of sweaters and converse. She also tends to wear her glasses instead of contacts.

Kayla has two 6in celestial bronze daggers. She also has a harp that transfers into a bow when playing a certain note. All the tips of the arrows are celestial bronze.

Normal Greek hoplite armor

Kayla has two dogs one named Brisk, which is a 5 month old purebred Great Dane and a 1 year old white German Shepherd named Naive.

Kayla was very popular and was in many things in school. Such as cheerleading, ballet, and playing the violin. She tends to have very good social skills also. She is a harpist, meaning she plays the harp. She sings a lot although she is not particularly good at it.

Kayla has a problem with pushing herself past her limits, She is very passive and goes out of her away to make other happy and puts others before herself. She is terribly clumsy even after her numerous years of ballet lessons. She doesn’t show her own personal feelings very much which makes her hard to talk to when she does.


Kayla constantly tells the truth, she is highly allergic to peanuts. She has very poor eyesight.


Kayla dislikes a lot of things, the number 1 thing is fighting. The second thing is

Kayla suffers from Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being forgotten or ignored. She also suffers from Thanatophobia, or the fear of death. She also fears butterflies, along with some animals such as kangaroos, alligators, crocodiles, sharks, etc. Kayla also has Monophobia, or the fear of being alone.

Kayla is a fierce and flirtatious gay daughter of Aphrodite. That doesn’t let anyone get her down and her sole purpose is to make everyone feel wanted. She feels as though her emotions don’t matter and if other people feel good she feels good.


Social Status:

Summer or Year Rounder:
She is usually a summer rounder but she is a year rounder at the moment.

Years at Camp:
Life Before Camp:

Role-playing Example:
Tons of thoughts filled her mind… she didn’t want to be laughed at or anything. Kayla blushed bright and decided she would try her best. She slowly and steadily began to play her violin. The music echoed through the corridors of the building the rise and fall of her heart beat as she slowly relaxed into a calming position.

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Kayla Bright (wip)
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