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Name: Adam Arin Duchannes. He is named after a fictional character who reminded his father of his father.

Gender: Adam is male.

Mortal Parent: Thomas Arin Duchannes. He is a wealthy man with little patience and a large temper.

God Parent: Oizys, goddess of misery.

Date of Birth: Decemeber 14, 1998.

Place of Birth:  Los Angeles, California.

Hometown/Last Residence: Boston, Massachusetts. Not exactly in the city, but in the outskirts.

Race/ethnicity: Adam African American, with French roots.

Accent: Adam, while he doesn't want to admit it, has a light Bostonian accent.

Skin Tone: Adam's skin is brown.

Eye Color: Adam's are a solid green.

Hair Color: A thick dark brown. In certain light, it looks white and gold black.
Hair Length: Adam's hair is cropped close to his scalp. When he doesn't cut it, it grows long and frizzy and annoying.

Height: Adam is 6'4. His father is a short man, so he doesn't know where he got the height from.

Weight: Adam weighs 174 pounds.

Body Type: Adam is tall and lean, with broad shoulders.

Adam is tall and lean. His shoulders are wide, and his waist is narrow. He doesn't care about his appearance much, so he lives in baggy sweatshirts and jeans that he probably wore the day before. Dark bags live and stay under his typically bloodshot eyes. In his way to rebel, he never wears an orange Camp Half Blood t-shirt. The only jewelry he wears is a simple silver ring that he took from his father.

Adam has a one foot celestial bronze dagger and a 3 foot celestial bronze sword. Nothing spectacular.

Adam has a celestial bronze breastplate as well as a celestial bronze helmet.

Pet(s): Adam does not have any pets, although, he is considering getting one.

Adam is a talented artist, mainly painting landscape and the human anatomy. He is also a skilled fighter, specifically while using a sword.

One of Adam's greatest flaw is believing he is more flawed than he actually is. He underestimates himself, and is scared to step up and take control of a situation. He is too dependent on his sister and father, and is too nervous to do anything without them. He constantly thinks about the negative, and takes his family members for granted. Adam has a large white scar on his chest, outstretched from the bottom of his chest to the side of it.

Working in teams is probably one of Adam's greatest strengths. He prefers working with other people over just relying on himself, because he considers himself unreliable.

Adam cannot follow rules for the life of him. If he is ordered to do something, his automatic feeling is to go against it. This makes the camp a living hell for him.  

Adam likes painting, hunting, silence, reading, nighttime, and the New England Patriots.

Adam dislikes loud music, animals, having to fix things, and his sister's power.

Adam fears his father's wrath, the thought that one day his sister will leave him, and he has a horrible fear of talking to attractive boys.

Adam's persoanlity can only be summed up by unlikable. He's cruel and mean. If someone were to try to have a conversation with him, he would simply stare at the person until they became as uncomfortable as he was until they went away. Adam has really bad anxiety, which steers him out of other people's paths. He prefers quiet because he can think better, and control his anxiety better. Adam is very patient,

Adam, much to his disappointment, does not have a power.
However, he feels feel stronger and more energetic when someone around them is upset or angry.

 Social Status: Adam hangs back in the shadows, not getting involved in anything.

Summer or Year Rounder:  Adam is a year rounder; however, he is known to sneak out of camp and meet his father for few days.

Years at Camp: Adam has been at camp for 3 years.

Life Before Camp: The house was three million dollars. It had thirty four rooms, a swimming pool in the back, a tennis court, a movie theater in the basement, and was the size of the White House. Three million dollars was nothing for Thomas Arin Duchannes. Pocket money, if that. Nobody really knew why he was so rich. Maybe it was passed down from his equally wealthy father.As he made his way into the house for the first time, he was expecting it to be completly furnished, and the beauty, and the feeling of content. He wasn't, however, expecting the two small cribs that were in the center of the main living space. He lost his grip on the leather bag, sending it spiraling to the ground.

Adam didn't understand why he always felt this way when someone got into an argument, or someone yelled into their phone, or someone cried. It wasn't really an emotional feeling, either. He sympathized with people who were upset, and let bad for them, but the feeling in his body felt... Weird. A good weird, too. It started in his chest and worked its way out, like the roots of a tree.
He started to believe all people felt that way when someone near them was upset. He started to believe that's why people got upset.  Not to feel bad in the first place - but to benefit the people around them. With this logic, he didn't feel as bad when a child being scolded made him smile.


Adam was jealous of his sister's power. They hadn't fully discovered what they were yet, but Carlisle had finally figured out why people always seemed miserable when she wanted them to be.
"It feels like theres a knot in my belly, but its unwinding when I use It." 'It' had become the name of the power. Carlisle had told Adam one night when he had snuck into her room one night after a nightmare.  
Even if it was a power that made people angry and upset, Adam wanted it. Even when his father surrounded him with toys and gagets and expensive things, Adam was jealous of his sister.
She didn't deserve something so precious.


Adam sat at his desk, head slopped in hand, aimlessly drawing on a sheet of white lined paper. He didn't really know what he was drawing, but it appeared to be something that was in a dream of his the other night. It was a large, midnight colored dog, with beady red eyes and sharp knife like teeth. A week later, and Adam was still thinking about the dream, going back to the anxiety of getting away from the dog and the fear that it was at the foot of his bed when he woke up.
Crinkling his nose at the drawing, Adam stood up and walked past his peers, who ignored him entirely.
He was just about to ball up the paper and throw it in the recycling bin when a boy came up behind him and aggressively spun him around, grabbing the paper out of his hands.
"What's this?" The boy asked. The average age was only 14, but the boy already had a beard. Adam wondered if he shaved.
"Just... Something I drew." Adam took it back, having to use force, and balled it up, disposing it.
"Me and you need to talk, man." The boy said, but it sounded awkward, and the 'man' sounded like a goat. Adam frowned and the boy led him back to a seat, ready to explain to him things he's been questioning all his life.

Role-playing Example:

The music was loud, and, in Adam's opinion, unnecessary. People were around him, standing close - too close - and were jumping up and down, throwing their hands in the air and twisting their bodies to the music.
His sister was no exception. "This is great, isn't it?" Carlisle yelled, but her voice was just barely a buzz in  Adam's ears. Adam nodded. He was lying. He hated every moment of this.
He had been to concerts before, and they were no different from this. Darkness, except for the lights on the stage and the glow of people's cell phones. The strong scent of strangers' sweat that radiated around the place like smoke. And the volume of the music - why did it have to be so damn loud? It wasn't good music, either. It was some pop band. And did no one notice that the singer was very obviously lip syncing?
"I'm going to go stand outside," Adam yelled to his sister, who didn't hear him. He squeezed his way through the crowd and outdoors, into the crisp, Autumn night.
The twins were home from camp for the first time this year. Adam had no idea how the hell they ended up here, in this trashy club.
"Never again," Adam murmered, as he leaned against the brick wall.

Notes: Adam is gay. However, only His sister knows of this.
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Add more to the appearance.

Add another flaw.

Add more to the personality.

- How much stronger does he feel when someone is miserable/angry?
- How far away could he be at most in order to get this way?

- Add a bit more about his life outside of his jealousy of his sister and his feelings of energy from other people's misery -- for example, how did he fare at school and making friends? How was his relationship with his dad? How was his journey getting to camp?

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