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Kansas's reflection was distorted in the surface of the lake.
Her face was twisted, blue hair and red freckles pulled together in a tangle of colors and textures. The blue tee she was wearing looked smaller than it actually was.
A frog jumped out of the lake and onto the damp grass, startling Kansas. She sighed and sat up, pulling herself away from the water.
She didn't know what she was doing here. Was it because of the unlikeliness that someone would disrupt this welcome yet boring peace and quiet? Or was it because she enjoyed looking at herself like this - in a tangle with the rest of her features, so no one would even recognize her? So she couldn't recognize herself?
It was probably the latter. But instead of admitting that to herself, she leaned up again, sticking her hands deep into the slippery mud, and looked at her reflection in the lake.
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lake watching
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