Fite fite fite (private)

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Fite fite fite (private)

Post by Mason on 3/14/2015, 10:05 am

Jason was at the arena, wearing one of his favorite workout shirts and shorts. He had a chestplate (CB) and leggins (CB) on, but not anything for the arms, or a helmet. He was practicing fighting with a dummy, before he saw Gingerlocks herself- Chiara. Chiara was one, if not the only, person/of the people that he did not like under any circumstances. She and him were constant foes- they often traded 1st and 2nd place in contests between each other; and, not to mention, she was mean. Like, he could outpower her, but she could climb and was way faster than him. He walked over to her. "Hey, Gingerlocks. Are you just jealous of me because I can actually go on all of the rides at Disney World?" he insulted her, measuring up the height difference. She was 5'1"ish or 5'2"ish, while he was 6'2". 160 cm to 189ish cm.
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Re: Fite fite fite (private)

Post by Morgan Landry on 3/15/2015, 5:58 am

OOC: Celestial bronze leggings?

BIC: Chiara walked into the arena, dressed in combat boots and olive fatigues. Her thick curls were tucked up in a ponytail, some streaks escaping it to fall across her forehead.
Sadly, no-one she liked or enjoyed fighting with was in the arena this morning, only guy here was Jason, the son of Hecate. She knew Jason saw her as an enemy but he was unimportant to her, she didn't even see him as an equal. To her he was just another pretty surfer boy who spent his days sunbathing and using his looks to flirt with naive people. He disliked her because she was a bully, she despised him because he was a useless popular.

When he saw her, he tried to taunt her with something he had clearly found on some crappy comeback site on the Internet. Well then, if that was the best he could come up with.
Chiara didn't even look at him. She walked past him as if he didn't exist and went to one of the automatons, looking at the modes. Noob, easy, medium, difficult, survival, Heracles. She set it on Heracles and unsheathed her sword.
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