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 So, This is the Mess Hall

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Dobby The House Elf

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PostSubject: So, This is the Mess Hall   3/28/2015, 10:11 pm

Shiloh cocked his head, frowning, his pet beagle, Gordo, running around his feet. Shiloh was, to be simply put, completely and totally confused. Of course, it was natural for a boy who had just figured out his mother was a love goddess to be confused, but, at that moment, that was not what he was befuddled about. He had just left his girly cabin because he heard a noise. All of the campers had came here, the Mess Hall, he had heard them call it. It was not the normal commotion of finding a seat, everyone seemed to know where to go.

Everyone except Shiloh.

He tussled his hair and leaned to the nearest person. He smiled charmingly. "Hello," he said politely in his southern accent, "do you know what I'm supposed to do?"
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PostSubject: Re: So, This is the Mess Hall   8/16/2015, 5:19 am

Lilitu Siavash was hating the Mess Hall. She couldn't focus on any one thing, and the noise just overwhelmed her sensitive ears. She sat down at a random table, still not being claimed yet. She shrunk into her black leather jacket, the wood nymphs serving food completely over-looking the small shadow. She felt utterly alone, like nobody would notice if she was gone, and the people jostling either side of her made her rather uncomfortable. She was about to stick her head up so she could actually be served, when someone leaned over her leather-clad shoulder and smiled, giving her the fright of her life. She jolted, her shoulder hitting the person's chin as she scrambled under the table, looking up at the boy and beagle. Nisha the white rat poked her head out of Lilitu's pocket, scenting the dog before diving back in. The boy spoke in a gorgeous accent, which gently lulled her out of hiding.
"N-no, I don't, sorry," she said in response, sitting back on the bench, facing the son of Aphrodite. "I-I'm Lilitu, by the way, unclaimed." she said, sticking out her shaking hand.
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So, This is the Mess Hall
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