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 Insanity (free verse)

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PostSubject: Insanity (free verse)   Insanity (free verse) Icon_minitime3/30/2015, 11:02 pm

Before I type this out this is my actual feeling at the moment and none of this was taken by someone else. Thank you have a nice day and leave your review below. <3


My fingertips slip, the air slipping from
my grasp,
as I try to  pull myself,
back into insanity, but I cant,
I am sinki
ng, drowning in something, I
do not wish to escape,
the feeling of sinking but floating,
all the s
the brush of warmth, cold
emotion that overwhelms me
g me deeper
as the air leaves my lungs
the warmth biting at me
my eyes slowly open,
the bright shine of darkness, still
ing me
the warmth of cold fingertips
like ice,
as I follow into insanity
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Insanity (free verse)
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