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 Let's Take a Dip [open]

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Let's Take a Dip [open] Empty
PostSubject: Let's Take a Dip [open]   Let's Take a Dip [open] Icon_minitime4/6/2015, 4:53 pm

Andy and Necro walked through the small wooded area to get to the lake and good thing too because the sun was blazing and Necro would have complained for hours if he had to walk in the sun. Upon arrival Andy took off her red and black cover to her bright bikini and set it, along with her flip flops, onto a nearby rock for safe keeping. With a running start the girl jumped into the cool water and Necro barked a few times before following her into the water. It was the best day to go for a dip and she hoped some other campers would join her in her fun so that she could actually possibly make a friend.

As the two swam a few Nymphs decided to join them and they even welcomed the Hellhound with open arms which made Andy very pleased and she could tell Necro was happy, even if he did tell her about a million times that this was the best idea she had had in weeks.
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Let's Take a Dip [open]
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