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 Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.

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PostSubject: Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.    Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.  Icon_minitime4/10/2015, 7:31 am

Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.  Beautiful,girl,dark,hair,green,eyes,beauty,eyes,girl-32bcb7c5a7bf1157b4822ad8d0ab30c9_h

Name: Sofia Micasáá

God Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: George Micas. He was a loving man, most of the time. Then he had the other side that Sofia never wished to see, but mostáunfortunatelyádid. Heátendedáto turn toáalcoholáfor any of his problems, including the memory if Sofia's mother.á
Siblings: Sofia has a mortal sister of which George had 4 years before her birth. When he was married before Aphrodite, the marriage ended in a divorce, but there was a little n that had already been born. Sofia has meet Rosealine before, though the two girls have never been close, due to Rosalines other getting her in the divorce.á

Date of Birth: September, 25th, 2000. Current age of 15.

Place of Birth: Quebec, Canadaá

Hometown: Quebec, Canada

Race/Ethnicity: Sofia is just the least bit french, about 15% and the other 35% in Canadian.

Accent: Sofia has a very light French accent.

Skin Tone: Sofia is very pale, her skin is a very light shade of white.á

Eye Color: Sofia's eyes are the shade of a Bright Green.á

Hair Color: Sofia's hair is a very dark shade of brown.á

Hair Length: It falls just below her shoulder blades. It tends to be a bit naturally wavy.á

Height: Sofia is a full 5 foot 4 inches.á

Weight: Sofia weighs a total of 100 pounds.á

Body Type: Sofia tends to be very thin, often being called the term anorexic.á

Appearance: Sofia is a small figure, her body pale and due to her weight, she is often considered Anorexic. Her dark Brunette hair falls jst below her shoulder blades in a mass of wispy natural waves. Her eyes are a bright green and often give the empression for you to just walk right up to her and begin a conversation. This is the opposite that she would like you to do. Sofia also has a birthmark, not in any particular shape but a blob, on the lift side of her face. It starts right about at her eye, and works it's way up her left temple, ending 1 inch into the hairline. As far as clothes go, Sofia wears the nice ones, just like the vastámajorityáof the other Aphrodite children. However, she tends to by theámajority of Hoodies. She's usually seen in what she likes to call her "safe clothes." Sneakers, jeans and a designer sweater or hoodie. Sofia used to think make up was for all the snobs, but when she turned the age of 11, she started wearing it. A little Mascara and some nutral eyeshadow is all it takes.á

Weapon: Sofia has never been one for fighting, but when she does it is typically with her dagger. Sure it's not the best weapon of choice, but it let's her get in close, allowing for a personal injury to her opponent.á

Armor: Sofia has your basic, standard, metal, camp armor. Due to her frame being so small, she tends to look goofy while wearing it.á

Pet(s): Sofia has a white persian cat named "Fluffball." He is a current 4 years of age.á

Skills/Talents: Due to the fact of her always staying in her room when not needed, Sofia had time to study whatápeopleácall the arts. This includes, painting, sculpting, drawing and reading. It was a struggle to read in plain english, but french was easier, given it was her native language that she had beenátaughtáby her grandfather, and her father wished to speak. However, it still took her a good amount of time to get through a book. When sofia paints, it is usually with water colors. She will spend hours on end, making ever detail as perfect as she can.

Flaws: Sofias flaws include: Anorexia for her physical. Sofia tends to be a major loner, and trust no one but herself. She would rather be alone than with anyone else and is very un-confident of herself, resulting in low self esteem. Sofia is easily frightened, causing her to jump or run at the sight of just about any monster. She also tends to be a very reserved and quite person, resulting in her having almost no friendships.á

Strengths: Her drawing, painting ans sculpting. She also tends to sing a little, always to herself.á

Weaknesses: Sofia tends to be very slow in herámovements, allowing for heráopponentáto strike in an instant. She also is afraid of spiders, a common fear among the Athena children, though she is a member of Aphrodite.á

Likes: Bright colors, especially in her paintings and drawings. Kind people, people who accept her with all flaws included and do not discriminate against her. She also likes to look at nature.á

Dislikes: Bullies, people who do not accept her or anyone else, for that matter. Spiders, pretty much any insect in general besides lady-bugs.á

Fears: Sofia suffers fromáarachnophobia,áthe fear of spiders. She is also scared to die, often thinking that she has not done enough with her life.á

Personality:áSofia is very self-conscious. She is usually a very quiet, reserved figure, and when she feels threatened, she can disappear in an instant. Sofia does, however, have a brave side to her shy persona. Once she gets past the huge fear of messing up and being humiliated, she becomes a strong, determined young lady. This doesn't usually last, though, as Sofia will usually have shrunken out of the spotlight within a few minutes. Sofia tends to be very shy, but can spark up aáconversationáfull of small talk, when needed. Sofia doesn't really eat much, but don't be all thatásurprisedáif sheádecidedáto pig out on food about once a week.á

Powers: Sofia has no powers of note.á

Years at Camp: Sofia has spent a tottal of 3 years at Camp Half Blood.á

Summer or Year Rounder: Sofia prefers to stay at camp all year round.á

Life Before Camp: Sofia's father was a loving man the majority of the time. It was not the simple fact of him wanting to destroy her childhood, but that he wished for the thoughts of Sofia's mother he wished to be out of his mind. So he drank, and when he did, he often turned ver violent against Sofia. She was beaten at least once a week, andáoccasionallyálooked in the linen closet. Due to this, Sofia tended to stay in her room, waiting for her ticking time-bomb of a father to go off as she studied the arts. áAfter taking a severe beating one night, Sofia packed a bag of herápossessions, and ran away. A few days' into her journey, a small group of Demi-gods found her along with a satyr, and lead her to Camp Half-Blood.á

Roleplaying Example: ~Sofia looked at the blank canvas, her sweater to large for her body and hanging over one shoulder was splattered with all of the other colors hat she had painted before. But what to paint now? Suddenly, a idea popped into her head. Taking a pencil, she made stroke after fluid stroke upon the white board. Standing back after about 15 minutes, Sofia seen the begining of her creation, a musical note, surrounded by flower petals and stems. Picking up her color palette, Sofia dabbed at a bright orange, begging to apply the colors.~

Notes: None at the moment.á

Mystery Box Prizes: 5 God parent gift and 3 Monster attacks, 3 God parent visit, 2 Extra weapon, Cost of a HTML layout, 2 free name change

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PostSubject: Re: Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.    Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.  Icon_minitime4/14/2015, 9:48 am

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Sofia Micas~Daughter of Aphrodite.
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