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New Kid 1295a

Name:Dylan Harris
Mortal Parent:Beth Harris
God Parent:Ares
Date of Birth:Feb 13 1996
Place of Birth:Boston Massachusetts USA
Hometown/Last Residence:Boston
Skin Tone:Tan
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Medium But it has a flip that is going right
Weight:130 lbs
Body Type:Thin but muscular
Appearance:Has black glasses and has a tiny scar under his lip
Armor: A red and black leather armor with a hoodie
Pet(s):A German Shepherd
Skills/Talents:Fighting, War tactics, Strategy, Parkour, and Martial arts
Flaws:Shy,Clumsy,and Boastful
Strengths:Charming,Positive all the time,Great in bad situations
Weaknesses:Hard time making friends,Behavior problem
Likes:ANYTHING NERDY,War,History
Dislikes:Math , Cats, School
Fears:Spiders, Death, Losing someone special
Personality:Very nice, don't get him mad, Will help you if you have a problem
Powers:Super strong,Can take a hit  or will absorb pain and use it against the enemy but after awhile, will get hurt
Social Status:Nerdy
Summer or Year Rounder:Year Rounder
Years at Camp:None just arrived
Life Before Camp:Get in trouble alot and got in many fights.Moved schools alot and got in fights in every single one of them. Was bullied alot and picked on and tried standing up for himself. He was a loner most of the time and didn't have many friends.
Role-playing Example: Dylan was tired after he had practiced his hand to hand combat,when he reached his cabin he went to sleep right away.A couple hours later Dylan awoken feeling very sore, so he headed to the Medical room to be checked out, afterwards he drank nectar and he was back on his feet. After Dylan was feeling better, he wanted to have time to himself to relax, so he headed to the beach.Dylan sat on the beach watching the Naiads swim around and giggle, but he didn't even attempt to flirt with them.A while later Dylan gotten bored and headed back to the Ares cabin, the sun had gone down and everyone was tired, so he decided he would go to bed.
Notes:Huge nerd and will protect friends
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I feel awful. I saw this. I forgot to reply to it.

You need five flaws for a detailed form, one of which has to be appearance based in nature.

You need to expand your personality and life before camp for a detailed form.
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