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 Let us go (Leo)

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PostSubject: Let us go (Leo)   4/24/2015, 9:49 am

Well, the warning sign outside the forge happened to be kind of stating the obvious. It was very hot in here, Vicky was secretly relieved by the fact that she chose not to wear a jumper. She had been spending much of her time at Camp Half-blood researching about the Greeko-Roman War. All of it was for her book which she happened to be almost half way through writing now.
She probably would have finished it, if she had not taken affront to what she wrote so far and destroyed it. Thus Vicky started over with all of her notes, as well as the various books she acquired whilst on this epic task of this.

Vicky looked around the forge, oddly it appeared deserted but who could tell if any of the sons or daughters Hephaestus were lurking in here? She made certain not to touch anything, just in case she broke something or set off some form of trap. Though other campers possess access to the forge, it paid to simply leave the objects of the children of Hephaestus alone.
Something about the forge came across as almost disturbingly familiar, like once an event important to her occurred here. Vicky searched her mind for the reason why, yet she simply couldn't. It frustrated her when she encountered such things in her life. Her memory loss happened to be extreme, she literally could not remember anything, Camp Half-blood was her home, simply because she didn't remember where she came from.

She searched around the forge, the place seemed to be deserted. That was a disappointment, considering the tall sixteen year old happened to be looking for a particular individual. Through her research, Vicky reached the conclusion that she needed to ask him something for her book but also because she found a dusty old tome, a book which might be important to the Hephaestus. Vicky couldn't get into it because of a lock mechanism and the fact that printed on the front of it was the symbol of Hephaestus. As far as she knew it might just be a record of expenses, someone's diary or the location of different forges, logically and wisely she curbed her curiosity, electing to not open it without using a demigod with Hephaestus' blood. Vicky pushed her glasses further up her nose, her hazel eyes flicking around the room restlessly. Her hair fell loose down her neck for a change, the soft light brown locks brushing the pale skin of her neck gently. Vicky wore a faded grey t-shirt with the words printed on the front that read THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY BOOKS, pale blue demin shorts and grey trainers. Hung over her left shoulder, Vicky wore a light brown leather satchel in which lay the book which she had found.
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Let us go (Leo)
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