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Jack Tipton - Ares, God of War - WIP

Post by Jack Tipton on 4/25/2015, 2:32 am

Name: Jack Tipton


Gender: Male

Eyes: Green

Hair: Wavy Brown

Height: 5'3

Body Type: Fit

Skin Color: Caucasian

God Parent: Ares

Mortal Parent: Sarah Tipton.

Country of Origin: USA

Pets: A turtle named Bruce.

Talents: Video games

Weapon**: An auto mail arm with a celestial bronze hidden blade attached.

Personality: Shy around new people. Loves to fight. Loves turtles. Enjoys walking in the forest. When someone gets hurt, he worries and tries to help but if theirs nothing he can do, he moves on. Loves hanging out with his friends. Is always interested in something mysterious. Can't not go on any kind of adventure. Has difficulty saying no.

Flaws: Competitive
                  Doesn't say no often.
                  Doesn't have very good eyesight (Needs contacts).
                  Short tempered.    

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Has good skills in fighting, fast thinker. Naturally has muscled and is very athletically capable.

Life Before Camp*: Struggled with anger issues and not fighting people. Had a few friends but none were very close. Wished of a better life and more exciting. He was adventuring in the forest closest to his house. When one day he say an impossible thing, or so he thought. A harpy was in the trees, and he mistook it for a person. He started saying "Are you okay? Do you need help getting down?" The harpy say him and immediately swooped down and almost knocked him unconscious. Being the Son of Ares (which he hadn't figured out yet) he grabbed a sharp stick nearby and killed the beast next time it swooped down. He thought he was going crazy and even questioned his contacts. He went home to his mother and she took him to camp half blood.
RP Example*: Jack woke up in the infirmary and questioned where he was. He said out loud to the closest person nearby "Where am I". They replied "In the infirmary of course! I almost forgot! You're a new blood!" and started to explain the camp.

Jack Tipton

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