and you bite your friends like chocolate {private}

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and you bite your friends like chocolate {private}

Post by beanie on 5/5/2015, 8:52 pm

No we're never gunna' quit it, no we're never gunna' quit it no

If there was anything London had learned while at camp, it was that people won't normally go to the mess hall to eat. Sure, that was why she was there, since she was munching on an apple while she watched all of the campers go through their day. Some Nike kids were betting with the Ares kids, tossing drachmas on the table. Some Hypnos kids were sleeping, allowing the Hermes kids the opportunity of drawing mustaches on them.

Everything was just so ew. It annoyed London to no end. There was no one to share this annoyance with, since Eva was off somewhere, along with Mary. As for Arian, she wouldn't be that fun to complain to. So that's why London was just allowed to glare while eating her apple.

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