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 Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan

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PostSubject: Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan   Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan Icon_minitime5/8/2015, 2:09 pm

Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXUsD5FjMTSNyP5dwNHg1wJG6xGbqxEJ2vjVzes2_9QOyTMxs9rQHaley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan MV5BMjI1NTU1MDk5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODQzMTI2MDE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan Que-chica-es-mas-linda-laura-marano-maia-mitchell-705060

Name: My full name is Haley Marie Asher. (Hay-lee Ma-re Ash-er). The meaning of my name is quite jumbled up. Haley, the way that it is spelled, means Hero. Marie means rebellious or derived from the see and my surname, Asher, means happy or prosperous. My father chose a simple name for me, getting my first name from the comet. Marie was just another simple thing that he decided that he liked. My surname, neither of us had to much say so in.

Gender: I identify of the female gender.

Mortal Parent: My biological father is William James Asher. He is a simple man of not so many words. He currently works at a oil changing station 15 minutes from our house. No matter how many words my father does or does not speak, our relationship is not at all great. When we do speak it is him saying “Haley do this,” or “Haley, do that.” When that isn’t happening we tend to argue over the most stupid things, leading to a more larger debate, usually ending with groundings and I hate you’s.
Siblings: I have a sister named Ana (Ah-nah). She is currently 17 years of age and looks almost exactly like me except for the fact that she has blonde hair and is 3 inch’s taller. I love her with all of my heart. Back in our hometown, or anywhere really, we could be seen causing havoc together.

God Parent: My god parent is the Roman goddess, Trivia; Goddess of crossroads, magic, The Mist and ghosts.

Legacy of: I am the legacy of the Roman god, Vulcan; God of forge’s, blacksmith’s and fire. I inherited this legacy from my great-grandfather. So.. thanks gramps?

Date of Birth: May 10th, 2000.

Place of Birth: Like most children with Underworld like parents, I was born in the Underworld.

Hometown/Last Residence: My hometown is Wilmington, North Carolina. It is along the coast of the state and I have lived there my whole life. The vast majority of the locals know me and my sister here. During tourist season, me and Ana would help the non-locals.

Race/ethnicity: I am 25% Cherokee Indian. The rest of me is mostly American/English. The reason that I say mostly is due to the fact that I have Irish and Apache Indian in me, but I am unsure if the percentage would svn count because they are so small.

Accent: I speak with a southern accent, usually leaving out the t and th sounds when I speak, as well as the g’s at the end of words with ing. I say y’all a lot and you can also here me saying those “southern sayings”

Skin Tone: My skin is a light tan color

Eye Color: Dark Hazel.

Hair Color: I am a natural brunette

Hair Length: My hair falls just about two inches above my waist in natural waves.
Height: I am a total of 5 foot, five inches.

Weight: I weigh 121 pounds, to be precise.

Body Type: I suppose you could say the inverted triangle. I mean, I have long legs, so there is sort of the athletic look to me.

Appearance: My face is roundish and is complimented by my average shaped lips, though the bottom one is just a bit fuller. I have Hazelnut shaped eyes that are colored Hazel. My hair is usually left to do it’s own thing, but on occasion I will do something with it such as straighten it or perhaps put it up into a high set ponytail. Make-up is typically something that does not concern me, however I almost never go without Mascara or my chap-stick. Gods, I love that stuff. I am typically seen wearing a hoodie, black tank-top or t-shirt, skinny jeans and my cowgirl boots. I always wear a clear wrist band, as well as extra hair bow on my left wrist. On the right I wear my weapon bracelet, which a explanation is coming about. I also have a leather necklace with a black key charm on it as a symbol of my mothers. Other than that, my ears are pierced. That’s all for now.

Weapon: I have a braclet in the form of a snake. It turns into a whip made of Imperial gold. I love to fight with it as well as my Stygian Iron sword.

Armor: Standard camp armor made of metal.

Pet(s): I own a 3 year old blue pit-bull. His name is Beast... which suits him. He knows all of our basic commands and what not. I acquired him for my 12th birthday as a gift from my sister.

Skills/Talents: •Cooking: I know it sounds strange, but I can cook very well. I cook a wide variety of things. I’ve been helping out in the kitchen science I was five.
•Graffiti: A part of my wreaking havoc with my sister included doing street art everywhere on the side of random buildings. I’ve been doing if for 4 years know and I think I’ve become pretty good at it.
•Writing: I am a avid writer and love to write about anything and everything. Anything from short-stories, to poems, to novels. I write almost all of it.
•Surfing: Living by a vast space of water, how could I not learn how to do this. Some people may say that she sport is dying off, but I love it.

Flaws: •A physical flaw would be my wide nose. It’s pudgy and I hate it but over the years I think i’ve come to the conclusion that it suits me. Aside from that I have pudgy cheeks, making for wide, cheeky grins that actual suit me way better than some other things.
•Language: I have the language of a highly educated sailor. This means that I can curse constantly, yet know a wide variety of large words.
•Rebellious: Yes, I am indeed a little rebel. I don’t listen to authority AT ALL. I hate it and I choose to stay away from people in such said positions.
•Hot-headed: Okay, so everyone has flaws. One of mine would be that I am very hot-headed. I argue and spar for no apparent reason at times and well, I get into trouble.
•I don’t think before I speak. Yet another thing that gets me into trouble constantly. I say what I want, when I want and how I want to just about anyone.
•Trust: I don’t trust anyone and I guess you could say that I have trouble having relationships of any kind because of it. No, I don’t like it either, but I am who I am.

Strengths: •Swimming: I learned how to swim when I was six and have actually been on a swim team before my time at camp.
•Sword fighting: I’m pretty good at sparring, if I do say so myself. Hit me up if you have the urge to be turned into a pulp.

Weaknesses: Small spaces, a s stated before. And.. I think that’s all I can think of.

Likes: •Food: I am a junk food junkie and you can almost always see me munching on random things, especially if it’s Doritos or anything sour.
•Dogs: In my opinion, dogs make excellent pets as well as companions. They make great pillows and friends and always know how to cheer you up.
•The smell of burning wood: So living at the beach, it was usually always warm, but that didn’t stop me from building fires out of wood. I love the smell of burning wood, especially if it is pine.

Dislikes: •The smell of burned food: Okay, so having my fair share of time in the kitchen, I have smelt and seen some pretty bad catastrophes. However, I would have to say burned food is one of the worst. Especially if you get the cooking oil in the burner. It stinks to high heaven.
•Insects: I hate bugs. Hate ‘em like crazy. Especially flies. All they do is buzz around and land on you for no reason. It annoys me to no end.

Fears: •Small spaces: Yes I am claustrophobic. I hate tight spaces and if you ever thing about putting me in a corner I will retaliate so fast it will make your damn head spin.
•Dying while young: I know this sounds weird, but I have dreams and things that I wish to do with my life. So a fear that I have is that life getting cut short and not being able to accomplish my personal goals and dreams.

Personality: I'm the kind of girl that's the common goofball, but yet knows how to beat you into a pulp at the same. I'm ususally seen hanging out with males, more than female's, due to the fact I think guys are less drama. I'm the sort of girl that's the crazy one you hear about saying random things. The girl that always has a smile on her face no matter what she goes through and tries to cheer other's up. I'm athletic and enjoy to swim, bike and run. I enjoy sparing and a good debate, as well as voicing my opinion. I can attempt to flirt, but it goes horribly wrong the majority if the time. Even though I do not trust people, I am the kind of person that you can trust with anything. If you need me, come and talk to me.

Abilities: I have the ability to see and talk to ghosts, but I can not control them. This is thanks to Trivia, of course.
Thanks to Vulcan I can sense any tool in a 15 foot radius and tell you what it is. Eg. Hammer.

Powers: Thanks to my mother, I have a power known as Minor Mist Manipulation, or as I like to call it, Triple M. This means that I can control small parts of the Mist. For example, I can make myself seem 3 feet closer, or further from you. I can also manipulate articles of clothing, hair color, and the looks of one’s face. I have been working on memory manipulation caused by the Mist, but it mainly just causes you to lose your track of though. I can control the Mist for up to 4 posts with a cool down of 8. A way that you can not be affected by the confusion of memories is if you had already began to do the action that I am planning to thwart.

Social Status: I am not actual friends with that many people, but almost everyone here know’s me. Some from my arguments, some for my personality and some because I did their homework.

Summer or Year Rounder: I stay at camp all year round, thank you.

Years at Camp: I’ve been at camp for two years now. I find it quite addicting, yet amazing.

Life Before Camp: Life before camp wasn’t all that great for me, but I managed to have fun and make it work.
Just like any other mortal I started school at the age of 5. I was alright at making friends all my life, as well as making other’s smile and laugh. People would look at me like I was crazy, due to the fact that I acted that way. But hey, it kept the people who weren't fun away.
At the age of 12 I was at school one day, 4 month’s before my birthday. Walking home I seen what I thought to be a large dog. It stopped to turn and look at me, and I realized that it was not a dog, but a wolf, that I had seen. Sending a text to my sister that I had found a animal in need, I followed the furry figure down alleyways and other such things. Finally, when the wolf reached it’s destination it turned on me and… spoke to me in a way. It told me of my heritage, of what I was, how I was tied to Rome by a eternal bond, and last but not least, that I needed to prove myself to her. I knew it sounded silly, but I believed it. I’ve always felt that I was different, that something was wrong with me other than ADHD and Dyslexia.
I spent a total of 5 months with Lupa, coming to the camp 1 month after my 13th birthday. I was claimed roughly 6 months afterward. At first people were scared of me, my mother being who she is. They thought that I was dark and would blow them to smithereens in a seconds notice. However, I finally stated that was not true and actually started to make friends again.
Every science I have had a great time at camp and learned how to control my powers more and more each day.

Role-playing Example:
Haley sighed, walking through the forest. It had been a long day of intense sparring, training and conversations with friends. The brunette walked light footed through the twigs and leafs dressed in her usual black T, skinny jeans and boots, she left her hair fall naturally around her shoulders as the sun shone high in the sky. She wasn't looking for trouble, but it would add some excitement to her day. Taking her phone out of her back pocket, the girl responded to a few text messages, laughing in the process. Suddenly, she felt herself bump into something, looking up she realized it was one of the Newest member's of the camp.
"Oh dear, gods! I'm so sorry!" she told the girl.
"No problem," the girl said laughing, extending her hand. "Jasmine Willamson, daughter of Mar's.
Haley shook it out of politeness. "Nice to meet you. Haley, daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan."
The girls continued to talk in the forest for a few moments. Perhaps it was a start of a new friendship.


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She listens to a lot of different genres of music. Pop and Rock are the main ones, though she is more of a Rock fanatic.

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PostSubject: Re: Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan   Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan Icon_minitime5/8/2015, 4:29 pm

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Haley Marie Asher~ Daughter of Trivia, Legacy of Vulcan
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