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 Hunting Tactics (Morgan)

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PostSubject: Hunting Tactics (Morgan)    5/12/2015, 8:55 am

Emily moved quietly through the Hunting Grounds, she was crouched low to make herself harder and much more difficult to spot. She wondered where Aria might be. She did not know, but Em knew that the older, much more wiser and much more experienced Hunter could be just about anywhere.
Em held one of her daggers out, ready to fight in case Aria jumped out on her in an ambush. She pushed her long black hair out of her ink black eyes. She ignored the pain in her right leg, the Hunter tried to push it completely out of her mind. The injury was an old one and served to be a constant reminder of her past, there was no way it will ever fully heal. But, it didn't stop her from being a Hunter.

It did however, leave Em some what slower than the other Hunters and thus the one the monsters tended to target as she could not move as fast or as swift as the other Hunters. In training bouts against the other Hunters, Em tended to lose because the others knew of her leg and thus it was a rather large vulnerability, since Emily tried to keep it safe from harm, as being kicked or punched in her right leg was agonising.
She ducked under a tree branch, pausing to glance around for any signs of Aria.
The other Hunter could be just about anywhere.
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Hunting Tactics (Morgan)
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