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Kitty Fields | Hecate

Post by ComicElla. on 5/23/2015, 12:10 am


Name: Kitty Fields, but my friends call me Kit.

Age: 18.

Gender: Female.

Eyes: Hazel.

Hair: White.

Height: 5'3", or 5 foot 3 inches.

Body Type: Short and lean.

Skin Color: Pale white.

God Parent: Hecate, goddess of magic, witchcraft, necromancy, and ghosts.

Mortal Parent: Soni Fields.

Country of Origin: The United States of America.

Pets: Only the haunting spirits of dead animals. Creepy.

Talents: I'm very witty. I'm also a pun master, declared by myself.

Weapon**: A Celestial Bronze Staff that extends into a shield.
Like this (will stretch the page):

Personality: I'm a girl with a jokester kinda personality. I make everything a joke, kinda like a young Will Smith. I've got some pretty good jokes stored upstairs and I'm ready to put them out at any given moment. I have my dark moments as well, don't get me wrong. I've made a couple of unfunny death jokes in my time and I don't regret them. I've been dead before, I deserve to joke about it.


Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): I can see and interact with ghosts (i.e. shaking hands, speaking).

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):

Life Before Camp*: Before camp, I was dead. Well, not "rise-from-the-

RP Example*:

Any notes about your characters:

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