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 Posh. The Story.

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He stood there at the edges of the doors, watching as the train rolled by, moving slower and slower as it pulled into the station. The noise increasing as the brakes of the train were applied, creating a sound that could only be compared to screechning. The platform came into view as the train moved along it, steadily getting slower and slower. He had his hand in his pocket, fumbling with his phone, getting it out and checking for a message every few seconds, before putting it back down, to then repeat, whilst with his other hand he brushed his hair back. The nerves were getting to him. It wasn't something which should make him nervous, yet every single time it did. The feeling never changed, it was always nerve-wrecking for him. The train had come to a stop. Others were behind him, all waiting to jump off and get about their afternoons, all waiting impatiently. The doors slid open, and he immediately stepped off, into the crowd of people all waiting there to get onto the train. He was pushed from behind as the others weren't so patient, his phone nearly slipping out of his hand. He turned back with a scowl, but couldn't tell who it was, there were already too many people, so he quickly carried on his way.
He had to push his way through the crowds of people waiting for the train, but then it opened up a bit, and there was a steady line of people all walking along together, towards the steps to the bridge over the other platforms in the station. It was like a steady procession of ants all moving together. He filled into the back of it, and moved up the steps on the left. Crossing the bridge, he looked at his phone again, still no new messages, he looked to his left and watched as the trains moved into the station whilst others went out. The noise was loud, one could hear the screeching of brakes from the train, announcements being made about the train times, and people chattering to each other or on the phone. Business calls, talking to friends, talking to loved ones, the train to London arriving, everything at once. Yet, he wasn't focusing on any of that, he had one nerve wrecking focus on his mind, and he had to get to it.
Walking down the steps at the other end of the bridge, there was an even bigger crowd, all the people huddled around the notices, all of the train times displayed for all over the country; trains to London, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Plymouth, Sheffield, and so on. Without saying a word to anyone, he moved through the people and to the exit. The people became fewer here, as all were either further out, or behind him in the station. So, he walked quickly through to the exit. The first real rays of sunshine since being on the train began to hit him. At the same time, so did the horns from cars, and the sounds of engines going. Right in front of him was a line of taxis, he walked quickly passed them, and over to the other side. He was underneath a roof for the moment, but then all of sudden he stepped out into the light. He stopped from a moment, a smile on his face and looked up into the sky, only a few solitary clouds moved across the beautiful blue sky, it was like a clear sea, showing how the summer really was here. However, his nerves brought his attention back to the ground, and he looked at the road in front of him, there were only a few cars moving across it, but also a few buses on the opposite side of the road.
When a gap arose, he darted across the road quite quickly. Then, he looked around, he was nervous, it wasn't here yet, that made him sad, he became more nervous at the same time, the butterflies flew around his stomach, "Where..." He mumbled to himself. Then, out of nowhere, he heard a voice, "Oi, dickhead." And with those words, his mood changed. He would recognise that voice anywhere, and that was entirely why he was here. His mood immediately picked up, yet the butterflies didn't go, rather they became even more active, sending him crazy. He put the phone down in his pocket and turned to the left, where the voice came from. And then he saw her, the most beautiful girl, causing a huge smile to form on his face. There she stood, in her skirt and metallica t-shirt, that didn't surprise him at all. Everything from the boots she wore, to her favourite t-shirt, to the smile on her face, or the way her hair moved in the gentle breeze, she was beautiful. He looked at her in awe, which was suddenly broken by her saying, "Took your time getting here."
"I tried to get here as quickly as I could." He replied to her laughing, stepping closer to her, the smile never leaving his face, then, when he was within arms reach, he put his arm around her, smiled at her and said, "I really missed you.", before immediately leaning in to kiss her, which she responded to, putting her arms around him. When the kiss broke, she leaned back and said, "I missed you too.", then she rested her head on his chest. To them, this moment could have lasted an eternity, and to him, he wanted it to last, he was beyond happy seeing her, it was the sole reason he'd traveled here. However, he knew she wouldn't want to stay in this position too long, as people were walking past, and he could feel in her the anxiety as people saw them, so he stepped back, causing her to stand upright again, and he took her hand in his, holding tight, as if he never wanted to let go of her again. "So, m'lady, where are we going today?"
"I don't know, you forced me out of bed, you decide." She told him.
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Posh. The Story.
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