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Everyone has beliefs about the world. Most people accept that they can't all be true.

Most people are wrong.

The truth is hard to face and even harder to understand. Every religion and belief about the world is contained in a separate universe and reality, where those beliefs are true. All of these universes overlap in time, until their following meets an end, at which point it breaks off from the rest.

Usually, this would be no problem. The gods remain happy being worshipped within their own realms, and they gift a few people with knowledge of this and the ability to travel between dimensions in order to fix the occasional seam between realities.

Lately, though, something has been causing more frequent "tears" in between these universes. Ancient mythological creatures have begun to seep into modern times, people have begun to disappear into the past.

Eventually, a ragtag group of four teens are deemed heroes by the gods, and chosen to fight off these creatures and close the tears, as well as discover the reason behind these happenings.

Will this haphazard quad of a grief-stricken girl, her rich ex-boyfriend, a ladies-man who's always up in the clouds, and an innocent new girl be able to save the world, or will history and religions collide as the entire structure of the universe is ripped apart?

Find out in this adventurous fantasy, sure to deliver humor, action, and maybe even a bit of awkwardness.

PLEASE READ AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I've been putting a lot of work into this, and would appreciate some feedback or reads! Kay thanks ily all.
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