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 Bulletproof Picasso {boo spoilers}

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PostSubject: Bulletproof Picasso {boo spoilers}   Bulletproof Picasso {boo spoilers} Icon_minitime6/17/2015, 2:38 pm

BOO Spoilers. Yeah, I'm talking to you, unnamed RP stalker.

Vinny was tired as all hell. She'd stayed up all night for some stupid night photography of New York and the typical star shots. It didn't help that Prom, the entire reason she was at this camp for a month, had been two days ago. She still had to get everyone's pictures printed off and handed out, and she had no idea how that would be organized. Gods, sometimes she missed the strict order of Camp Jupiter. This was one of those times.

The daughter of Somnus had somehow found the energy to wake up after only about an hour of sleep. It was pretty hard, though. Especially when she'd been loaned a bunk in the Hypnos cabin. She'd hardly even remembered getting dressed, and halfway through the walk to the beach, she'd realized her Sleeping with Sirens tank was backwards. After turning it around, she'd checked to see if any other wardrobe malfunctions had occurred. Thankfully, her frayed denim shorts weren't backwards, and her Chucks were on the right feet. That would've been kind of awkward to adjust in public. Especially the shorts.

As she (finally) made it to the lake, she gave a small sigh and checked the clipboard hooked to her backpack. Thirty minutes for pictures of the water, then a five minute walking time, should get her to breakfast at eight. Then, she'd have exactly twenty minutes to hand out the already printed pictures, two minutes to grab something quick to eat, and three minutes to walk to the Big House, where she'd stay until lunch, printing photos. Right. Time to get started, then.

She tucked her freshly dyed green-blue hair under her beanie, securing it in a ponytail, and began to set up her camera. Hopefully no one would get in her shot.

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Bulletproof Picasso {boo spoilers}
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