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He's a


Adan L.

Name~ We should know this by now, right? The guy's been here since he was fifteen! Okay, fine, this guy's name is Adan Chayton Lightfoot. His name was his grandfather's idea. His grandfather, Benjamin, gave Adan's mother the idea when she first found out that she was pregnant. The name Adan is both of Hebrew and Spanish descent, meaning "Son of Adam: Man of the red earth". His middle name, Chayton means "falcon" and is Sioux Native American (Benjamin's roots).
Gender~ Adan has been a male since the day he was born, and identifies himself as one. He is attracted only to females which makes him heterosexual (though sometimes he secretly questions himself). Romantically, Adan is seen as demiromantic.
Mortal Parent~ Bree Lightfoot was 25 years young when she gave birth to Adan, and died soon after because of complications during labor. She was a firefighter and a single mother for two years what with Adan being her second child. Her mother was Naomi Lightfoot, a Cheyenne Native American woman, and her father was Benjamin Lightfoot, a Cheyenne/Sioux Native American man. They were both very understanding, though often called Bree out on her pregnancies. Bree was a responsible woman though she was very gullible an over-trusting. Adan and his sister heavily resemble Bree, as hinted at later on in the appearance section. She was not a very delicate woman: Bree was a firefighter that stood at 6 feet, 3 inches, was broad shouldered, and very muscular. Some say that she resembled Andreia Brazier. Both children have little to no memory of her whatsoever.
Other Family~ Aubrey Waynoka Lightfoot is Adan's only known living mortal relative. She is currently twenty years of age, turning twenty-one in this upcoming January, and six-foot-1-inch. She has a very stern look about her to match her personality: a straight nose, piercing guilt-assigning eyes, and a stiff walk as if she expects only the worst to happen at all times. She and Adan share the same brown hair, though her's is almost significantly lighter, and the same strong jaw and cheekbones. Thanks to Aubrey's strictness however, Adan behaves better than he should.

God Parent~ Hephaestus, god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry and the art of sculpture. Hephaestus had come in contact with Bree by chance in a way most would find romantic and sweet. Others might call it creepy but whatever. Check it out in the history later on.
Date of Birth~ Adan was born on the 11th day of May in the year 1996, a day before Mother's Day. Sad, ain't it? He was born at 8:42 PM and, after his mother died three minutes later, was put up for adoption along with his two year old sister.
Place of Birth~ Adan was born in Avera Sacred Heart Hospital located in Yankton, South Dakota. It was the nearest hospital Bree and her "fiance" could reach.
Hometown/Last Residence~ Though his hometown is Yankton, Adan was last seen in Raleigh, North Carolina where he hid out with his sister in the Nickel Point Brewery with Aubrey.
Race/ethnicity~ Adan is Cheyenne Native American through and through, since gods don't exactly have DNA. Since his grandfather was a mixture of Cheyenne and Sioux, you could technically say that he is 75% Cheyenne and 25% Sioux.
Accent: Adan can use so many accents to his advantage since he's been nearly everywhere in the Midwestern and Eastern United States. He's speaks now with a central North Carolinian drawl mixed with that of a Long Islander's. His voice is deep and he mumbles a lot, so mixed with his accent his words are very hard to understand unless he wants you to.
Skin Tone: Adan has a warm earthy color that reminds him of clay, which would give him a kind of glow no matter what his overtone is. His overtone is actually bronze, so this gives him naturally russet skin all together.
Eye Color: Adan's eyes change color with the seasons. In the winter and early spring, his eyes are pale grey that contrasts greatly with his reddish skin. In the hotter months, they convert to a dark brown to which the pupil is nearly camouflaged.
Hair Color: Adan has very dark brown hair that is very lustrous in a way he can't understand. He seriously does nothing to it except wake up and it makes him angry.
Hair Length: WELL ADAN'S HAIR USED TO BE LONGER UNTIL A CERTAIN GINGER CAME ALONG Adan has short hair that is tapered on the sides and longer in the middle by about 5 inches. So basically an undercut. If he were to let it grow longer again (which he will do when he's goes to college) it has the capability to grow past his shoulders and stop at the bottom of his rib cage. His hair length is very important to him but some people want to chop it off but anyway.
Height: Adan has had a growth spurt since he first came to camp at 15. Originally six feet even, Adan has stopped growing at six feet and five inches. The tall trait runs in his mortal family.
Weight: Adan has remained at a solid 186 lbs due to his healthy diet and physical activity.
Body Type: He is muscular, meaning broad shoulders, thick arms, very defined legs, and a toned torso. Adan isn't shaped like a bodybuilder, but more like someone who does a lot to keep busy and was forced to lift more than his body weight a few times.
Appearance: Yes, something Adan couldn't care less about. Okay, that's a lie but I'll save that for the flaws portion. Body-wise, Adan is typically seen as intimidating. His tall, wide, and the guy is covered in tattoos and piercings. The tattoos that are visible include the black-and-white fire-themed sleeve on his left arm and the Greek and Cheyenne symbols for "Son", "Trouble" and "Brother" on his right forearm. The ones that cannot be seen with his regular choice of clothing is the broken sword on his right shoulder blade, his sister's name in cursive decorated with black roses on his collarbone, the graphic 3-D image of animal claws "prying" through the side of his ribcage, and the hand print on the right side of his chest. Adan also has small gauges in both ears, a woven ring on his labret, two eyebrow rings, two lip rings, and one nose ring.
Clothing-wise, Adan pays little mind to his appearance. He wears a lot of dark colored jeans that are sometimes ripped and worn, and are also too long for him and often rolled up to his ankle. He wears non-brand tan work boots the majority of the time, except when he's wearing dirty red high top Chuck Taylor's. As for shirts, he chooses to wear regular crew neck t-shirts and the occasional crew thermal. His shirts range from dark green, navy blue, grey, black, and brown and are usually stained with grease/oil from a project. Sometimes he wears his magical camouflage hoodie just in case he needs to go fight-mode at a given moment. With everything combined, Adan looks like a punk greaser.
**He is also missing a portion of his left leg from about mid-thigh down do to having to get it amputated after an accident. The accident was happened during a spar in the arenas when a kick ended up snapping his already stressed tendon back, resulting in either amputation of lack of use.
Weapon: Adan received a set of knives when he was five years old from his sister, who found them stashed away in a backpack full of things from their old home and kept them secret until she thought he was old enough. The knives are over a century old and have a very complicated history behind them, though the tale remains untold. He replaced the iron blades with Celestial bronze ones.
Armor: YO REMEMBER THAT CAMO HOODIE MENTIONED ABOVE? Guess who tricked it out? This guy. The Mist works in this magical way - it can be morphed to look or feel a certain way. The hoodie is actually a set of old-fashioned Greek-style armor that transforms with a pull of the drawstrings. Adan doesn't wear it all the time, so when he does it means it's time to get serious. The armor includes folding grieves, a cuirass with a pterugus, and a plumed Hoplite helmet. The armor is made of Celestial bronze, except the plume (brown donkey hair) and pterugus (black leather).
Pet(s): Adan actually gets along with most animals, but has yet to get one for himself. He's too busy to really pay attention to them anyways, so he's cool being petless. Maybe he'll build a metal Phoenix. Or, hell, a unicorn named Pete. You never know with this guy.
Skills/Talents: Building things, forging, making situations awkward, nailing first impressions, playing pranks, making others laugh, great poker face, wearing tight shirts, juggling. Adan has also realized that he is great at the piano and decent with an electric guitar. He doesn't reflect on his musical ability often as he sees it as a guilty pleasure.
Flaws: Adan's overall fatal flaw is non other than Self Doubt. He tends to talk himself out of a lot of opportunities and takes insults to his appearance to the heart, also making him a bit sensitive. His self doubt can ruin his chances of both making friends and even surviving in battle.
Other flaws of Adan's are his nervousness, over-protectiveness, and his inability to focus on things longer than a second. His nervousness bred from his lack of human contact growing up, as he was practically raised by his sister and only spoke to others when stealing from their stores. Now when he has the chance to meet new people he becomes utterly flustered around them, which turns most of his meetings awkward (he tends to say a lot of stupid phrases man). The over-protectiveness was just something he was born with. He's not afraid to stand up for somebody who appears weaker than him...which is a flaw in itself since protecting a person that SEEMS weak is just stupid unless they really are. The last person he thought was weak cost him his leg.
Strengths: NONE. Kidding. Adan's pretty good at building things, and by pretty good I mean hella great. As long as he has his plans mapped out, the kid can nearly create anything. Adan is also great at sketching, since he enjoys sketching out his projects before executing them. He can understand people most of the time, mostly emotionally, and will back off if a subject seems sensitive. Believe it or not, making friends is a strength.
Weaknesses: Yikes...First off, Adan finds it difficult to hold a conversation. If you're friends with him you'd probably be used to offensive banter for a few minutes then tinkering silence the next. Adan also hates hurting feelings, so if he does then he will go to all lengths to correct himself. He has a weakness for others crying, children (especially orphans), and tragic backstories. On a less serious note, Adan also cannot resist chocolate.
Likes: Chocolate. Machines, woodworking, metalworking, isolation, the smell of charcoal, rebels, people who stick up for themselves, people who allow themselves to be protected when needed, short-distance walks, climbing, lifting weights, practicing in the arena, forging weapons, helping people, working alone/partnering up, spontaneity, Gatorade, alcohol.
Dislikes: Loud human-made noises (why are you yelling there is no need for that), any other sweet food, planning ahead, bossiness, neat-freaks, judgmental people, large groups, large crowds, cold food, COLD WEATHER NEVER AGAIN, snow, pencil tapping, strong perfumes/cologne, angry old ladies (long story).
Fears: Failing at something important, losing a loved one, mutilation.
Personality: Adan has been mostly on the calmer side as he got older. He still enjoys to tell really bad jokes and pull pranks on people, though the pranks are a lot less harmful than before. He tends to be very awkward around people he doesn't know or has a crush on and will immediately quicken his speech and/or tell the most corniest joke that comes to mind. He is much more friendly and open towards children and adults, as he has a respect for them that he himself can't quite explain. He is more timid around middle-aged people and senior citizens as they seem to be more judging towards his appearance. Adan has an especially soft spot for babies that he won't quite admit because it gets embarrassing. When upset or angry, Adan tends to lash out at the nearest person before isolating himself until he feels better. He doesn't often get upset and only certain things upset him (feeling like he's being attacked, taunting instead of teasing, and physical violence are a few of his triggers). Nonetheless, he's a generally happy and patient guy that loves to fix things and see how they work. This goes for people too.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Fireproof: Because his father is Hephaestus, Adan's body is entirely fire/heatproof. This is shown when he is in the forges touching scalding metals with his bare hands or fighting through a chimera's fire-breath. Adan cannot feel the heat, but instead the pressure that increases as the heat does. The hotter something is, the more pressure is felt. Not only this, but his body is only fireproof to a certain extent. For example, getting hit by lava on the climbing wall would cause his body to go into shock though he'd feel it as a limb going to sleep but all over. Or, standing beneath a jet would completely turn him into crispy little ashes.
I can fix it/I'm gonna wreck it!: By touching an object, Adan can sense how it works, how it is held together, and how much force it would take to destroy it or keep it together. With this knowledge, Adan can successfully dismantle or fix it as if looking at instructions. You know, if he has the parts at hand.
Zero to Hero: Adan has slightly increased strength due to being made for blacksmith purposes. While the average man can bench-press about 215 lbs, Adan can comfortably do 250 lbs. 300 lbs is when it gets harder, and his limit is about 315 lbs.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
Opposites Attract: A power Adan is still trying to get a handle on, this gives him the ability to attract metals to him wherever he may be as if he were a magnet. The smallest object he can attract is a sewing needle (ouch) and the largest object would have to be the size of water bottle. The objects stay attached to him for a maximum of two posts before falling to the ground (unless he is holding the object in his hand). Until he fully masters this power, it will continue to drain him 20%. Currently he does it by accident and one purpose, he can only attract sewing needles for some reason.
Social Status: What is a social status? Does avoiding human contact count?
Summer or Year Rounder: Year-Rounder, though he occasionally visits his sister.
Years at Camp: 3
Life Before Camp:
Before you ask, yes, Adan was a horrible child. In his defense, he and his older sister were in a too-nice orphanage for most of their childhood and felt like they never had to listen to anyone or anything. As soon as Adan's mother was declared dead and no other relatives were discovered as living, he and Aubrey were sent to an adoption center near the hospital he was born in. There, they learned the tricks of the trade such as how to schmooze people into getting them outside food, tricking the kids and adults, and many more things good little kids no not to do. They were horrible when put together.
One day when Adan was eight, the time came when a family wanted to adopt him, but not his sister. He panicked and instead of bargaining with the family, he and his sister through a fit and wrecked the interview so that they could stay together. It worked. The family was out of there quicker than you could say monkey wrench. Their actions were so bad that the agency had even decided that this behavior was ruining their reputation, and sent the Lightfoot children away to another agency. Again, a family only wanted to adopt one of the children instead of both. Being kicked out and sent away to different agencies all over South Dakota became a trend for the siblings before Adan even turned nine. Then on one of the nights when they were to be sent away, each to different agencies, Aubrey woke Adan up and told him to gather his things. Into the night the two children escaped from the center. The agency didn't even notice they were gone until the morning, and you can bet that signs were posted all over.
Adan and Aubrey tried their best to stay under the radar, but it was hard when their images flashed across every screen and flag pole and milk carton around the state. They almost got arrested and sent back a few times due to carelessness, such as robbing convenience stores or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now not only were these kids runaways, but they were now criminals. They had to watch their backs, constantly change their clothes and appearance. They could never stay in one place for longer than a few days, or else someone would catch up with them. And in Raleigh, North Carolina someone did.
Adan was fourteen when Aubrey was arrested and sent to juvenile hall. He still felt guilty about it, having watched the whole thing go down from the inside of the brewery. She heard something, went to check it out, and surprise! Feds. Adan couldn't stay too long to watch. He sprinted faster than he ever did before, breaking away from the cops, finding out he could hop fences the hard way. He stopped from exhaustion when he almost hit Durham, and practically collapsed on the spot.
When he woke up, there was a gritty old barber staring down at him. Adan remembered his first words to this day: "Y'need a hair cut. Why's it so long? Ya look like a hippie." Strangely enough, he wasn't in a barber shop. He was in a public library sitting next to a stranger with really bad leg hair and a barber's smock on. He was going to scream or run or call for help when the barber shut him up and threatened to call the cops on Adan if he even tried. He somehow knew who Adan was (which scared him) and told him to follow him or else (which scared him even more). Adan left with the barber and traveled with him, relying on his knowledge of stealth along with the barber's to stay safe on their way to...somewhere. Barber Man (his name was Ash) taught him how to listen closely to his surroundings and blend in with them. Along the way, Adan ran into his first monster. Running to avoid it costed him to run in front of a vehicle, which hit him and instantly damaged some of his nerves and causing a permanent limp. The monster, all thanks to Ash, was killed. Ash earned a spoil of war. Adan earned a slap upside the head from running.
The attacks continued up until they reached Manhatten, when an empousa attacked and costed Ash his life. Adan fought with his last bit of strength to kill the monster, feeling himself go overboard even when she was decreased to dust. His hands continuously pounded at the pavement until he felt his bones would break. He stopped after realizing that he had a darker side to him. Then he did what he did best and ran.
He was lucky to get hired at Carraba's when he was only fifteen. Italian food wasn't his forte, but Adan could handle taking orders and waiting tables. He met a few friends there, namely a Japanese boy named Raiden and a German girl named Eli. They became inseparable until Raiden suddenly disappeared when he got a girlfriend, then Eli disappeared without a warning. Adan was on his own now.
That is, until Raiden arrived out of the blue from wherever he'd been with his lady friend. Adan didn't have the chance to be snarky, as Raiden had already tugged him out of the restaurant and started rambling about a camp. When he arrived, Adan was immediately claimed. To this day he isn't quite sure how Raiden knew he was a demigod, even if he was one himself. Maybe he was psychic like Raven, or maybe that weird hairy guy with him hel...oh.
Role-playing Example:
"Drink up." Aubrey tossed Adan an unopened can of beer, taking a long drink from a can herself. Adan watched her with fascination, then looked down at the can in his hands. It was freezing and condensation had gathered along the outside, making it slippery and if he didn't death grip the can then he would drop it. He felt guilty about drinking something they stole that they didn't necessarily need. Aubrey stopped focusing on her drink to look at Adan, then scowled in disapproval. Adan's stomach dropped. "Well? You're thirteen, aren't you? Take a swig and stop acting like a little [censored]."
"Don't call me that." Adan mumbled beneath his breath, taking this time to glare at his sister. She mimicked him but didn't say any more, watching him like a hawk as he cracked open the beverage. It smelled like apple cider and a hint of something stronger that he guessed was the alcohol. He put his nose to the opening and sniffed deeply, then started choking when some of it flew up his nose. Aubrey went up in snorting laughter.
"Are you gonna drink it or not? Don't be wastin' a good drink because you're a scaredy cat. Chug it down!"
Adan held the can to his lips, then tilted it back. At first it tasted like soda, all carbonated and fluffy, then the actual taste hit him. It did taste like cider, but with a stronger taste. It made his chest feel warm, then warmer when he sipped it again and again until the can was drained. Aubrey giggled and stood up, clapping him hard on the shoulder.
"Atta boy! How do you feel?" The fifteen year old asked, opening up another can and drinking it herself. Adan smacked his lips together over and over, recalling the taste.
"Like you're a real bad influence." He smiled, and Aubrey almost choked on her beer laughing again. She was more happy than usual with this drink, and Adan decided that he liked it. She didn't smile often, and when she did it reminded him of what their mother would have looked like. Then he started to feel sad. "Hand me another."
*Adan is portrayed by Tenzing Norgay Trainor or Jaden Rain when young, and Alex Meraz or Martin Sensmeier as a teenager/young adult.
*Aubrey was released early on good behavior and now lives in New York to be near Adan.
*His missing leg was replaced by a metal prosthetic that he built himself. If works like a normal leg, except it can be removed.


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