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 Hanging around

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PostSubject: Hanging around   6/22/2015, 10:44 pm

Aizen was standing on a tree outside of the Coliseum waiting to go inside to train a little because he was becoming rusty. He saw two demigods walk ot of the doors of the battlefield taking that as a cue he faded away from his spot on the tree appearing in the middle of the Coliseum with his Imperial Gold sword in hand read to start hacking at Automatons. He looked around and saw two robots the same height as him ready to try and tear him to shreads. Aizen did not know if they had a mind of their own but when he held his sword out they rushed at him for the kill. Aizen did not move a inch as a wrecking balll made of pure light appeared above the robots attempting to fall on them both. Fortently one of them avoided the ball leaviing the other one crushed. The ball was 6 ft wide and 5 ft tall easiky taking out the robot.

To caught up in his thoughts he failed to see the second robot arriving at him swinging its battle axe. When the battle axe was only inches away from his body he jumped in the air over it two spear spikes appearing below the palms of his feet as they pierced the head of the robot taking out its core mainframe. He smirked saying " 1 for Aizen 0 for robots ". He took off his black V neck and layed on the rweckage he made from the robot parts.
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PostSubject: Let's Fight, Scrub (OPEN!!!)   9/15/2017, 3:45 pm

Talia was in a deep state of focus as she hacked the hay-filled dummy with the sharp edge of her imperial gold spear. As a daughter of Bellona, she took her training very seriously (even though she took everything seriously). She trained hours ever day, putting her in a great fighting shape and alert. It wasn't just fighting with a spear, but swords, daggers, axes, shields, and other type of conditioning. She ran three miles a day (sometime only two when she didn't have the time), could lift well into two hundred pounds, and could hold her breath underwater for five minutes. Talia remembers someone telling her about a mortal who could hold there breath for seventeen minutes after conditioning for it. Talia wanted to break that record and she was no daughter of Neptune.

Talia cut the head of the dummy as she moved to sharpen the tip of her spear, which sadly had gotten dull with use. With a small dagger, she hand sharpened it as a trickle of sweat rolled down her hair, but was ultimately ignored.
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Hanging around
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