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PostSubject: Greensleeves   Greensleeves Icon_minitime7/15/2015, 2:00 am

Nobody asked her why she was going to the hills at night, all by herself. Nobody asked her why she wore a hoodie and a beanie in the midst of summer heat. Nobody asked her why she’d stopped to see the campers singing, watched them in the corner but had no intentions in joining, and went to the darkness of night when a camper spotted her and gestured at her to join them.

Most of them that day thought that she was just another weird camper at Camp Half Blood, and she was perfectly okay with it.

Her footsteps echoed as she ventured through the silent path. Going to the hill at night would be classified as a hard task for many people, but Terra had been going to the hill at night for so many times that she knew all the easiest paths like the back of her hand. She had her pocket flashlight with her, too, which helped a lot. It was a very crucial item, indeed, and every night venturer should know that.

She wiped away the sweat from her forehead as she walked nearer to the top. It really was hot. She tucked the book she brought with her inside one of her hoodie pockets (the book was small enough) and began to roll her right sleeve, showing a big, long scar she’d gotten from the first war she’d participated in. She sighed and unrolled back the sleeve, continuing her nightly journey.

She soon found herself sitting on the same spot she had sat yesterday, and yesterday’s yesterday, and yesterday’s yesterday’s yesterday. Humming Greensleeves, she looked up to the sky and smiled as the glimmering moon and stars greeted her.

I made a sketch of Terra: https://i.servimg.com/u/f18/17/69/35/48/img_2011.jpg

And here's a version of Greensleeves I believe you would like.
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PostSubject: Re: Greensleeves   Greensleeves Icon_minitime7/17/2015, 6:05 pm

It hadn't been pleasant to leave Lindsey's side at the nightly bonfire, but Falko was concerned about her cousin. After a quick kiss, she had left the daughter of Nemesis, pretending to her friends she had to change into warmer clothes.
It was hard to keep track of Terra's petite silhouette as it seemingly melted into shadows but Falko carried on, ready to activate her powers at a moment's notice if something threatened her. It seemed like ages stumbling around in the darkness, but finally Terra stopped atop a hill, gazed up at the stars and allowed a smile on her face as she hummed a tune. After a few moments, Falko recognized the melody of Greensleeves.

"Hey," she said a couple of seconds after Terra finished the song. Stepping out of the darkness, Falko walked closer to her cousin. The night didn't show much of her: maybe her hair, which she had curled and chalk-died lavender for the day, perhaps her periwinkle dress, black jacket, dark leather boots, or the glimmer of her spiky bracelets. Maybe none of that, in which case Terra would recognize her through her voice. Falko searched her face in the dark, squinting. "Are you okay?"


Click on the gifs

Greensleeves Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o2_540
Greensleeves Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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