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"Carve your name into the shining stars," Lilitu sang softly, sweeping the remaining soiled hay out the stable door. She went out and fetched a clean bale of hay, clutching it in her arms as she waddled back towards the stall, dumping it at the doorway. She brushed her chest off quickly and started leveling out the hay, pegasus nickering happily. Ever since Lilitu Siavash has arrived at Camp Half Blood, she had spent most of her time in the stables, cleaning out the hay, grooming and saddling up the horses and pegasi for other campers. She continued singing 'The Nights' by Avicii, sweeping away the dirty hay into a pile at the end of the corridor. She waltzed to the other end of the way, eyes closed as her voice rose strong across the riding ring.
"One day my father, he told me 'Son, don't let it slip away,'
When I was just a kid I heard him say-
'When you get older, your wild heart will live for younger days,
Think of me if ever you're afraid..."
she continued singing, hanging the broom up and fetching some grooming equipment. She sang as she groomed the quiet mare, and she heard footsteps nearing her stable. She sang still, despite her nervous nature, and as the person neared her door they started skipping. Lilitu, confused, moved to the stable door, catching the person smiling widely as they skipped to the end, entering another stall and humming happily to a horse or pegasus.
"Weird," she told the pegasus, but shrugged and continued. This happened a few more times, whenever someone was walking by her, they'd instantly pick up and skip, and one time she even saw a horse skipping after it's camper, neighing happily.
She had almost finished shining the black winged horses coat, when a golden sheen appeared on the pegasus' wings, and she looked up to see a basket of fruit over a star, and another camper skipped by and yelled out, seeing the symbol-
"Euphrosyne's child!" and skipped off, leaving Lilitu shell-shocked, shining brush hanging loose in her hand. Almost as an affirmation, she could feel the brush changing, and when she looked down at it it had become a basket of fruits.
"Gods, help me."

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