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 Left Scale{PRIVATE; me and Mason}

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Left Scale{PRIVATE; me and Mason} Empty
PostSubject: Left Scale{PRIVATE; me and Mason}   Left Scale{PRIVATE; me and Mason} Icon_minitime8/23/2015, 8:38 pm

Kili walked into the hall and glared around at everyone with Fang at her side. She didn't really care who was watching her at this point, seeing as she was going to be well known one way or another. With a hand on her hip and the other hanging at her side she did another scope of the room and left her spot without a word. She grabbed a plate with a Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap and a couple bottles of root beer before heading over to an empty table and sitting with one leg draped over the bench and her other foot next to her on the bench, making her knee bend and allowing a rest for her arm. With a single motion Fang went to go and wander around the room for interesting people. When he returned he sat at the head of the table and stood watch while the daughter of Nemesis glared around the room and fiddled with the buckles on her pants.

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Left Scale{PRIVATE; me and Mason}
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