Children of the Corn

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Children of the Corn

Post by HaleyTheRandom on 9/13/2015, 4:15 pm

The truth? Evangaline was here in White Eagle, Kansas for no reason. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon, the sun still bright. More of the truth: Evie had came to Kansas for a break, and ended up in a ghost town only gods new how. Her favorite tank-top from Rebel circus read: Bad influence, but damn fun. Ripped skinny jeans and black lace up boots completed the outfit, all of it black, making the daughter of Venus look gothic in a way as her eyes were practically covered in black eyeliner as well. The only thing not dark about her appearance? Strikingly blonde hair with bright green stripes running through it.

All in all, her break wasn't even a break. That was why she had already killed a dracaena on her way here. Also why she had been driven into a ghost town as a means of escape. None the less, out of breath, her imperial gold blade at her side, she would come to a stop at what appeared to be a old brick court house. Her bag full of supplies was over he shoulder as she sat down on the old steps.
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Re: Children of the Corn

Post by Lindsey Callaghan on 9/13/2015, 4:30 pm

Jenny was completely and utterly lost. She had no idea where she happened to be any more except somewhere in the United States, which meant to her just about anywhere. Her trip home to Canada had to be cancelled due to several monster attacks. The legacy of Rome must have had terrible luck or perhaps the monsters just particularly disliked her, as she encountered far too many for her liking.
In an effort to shake off the monsters, Jenny caught various different trains, hitch hiked, road on trains for free and plenty of walking. Oh... Far too much walking, her feet ached.

Jenny sighed as she walked into an empty town, this meant free stuff since anything left behind must not be wanted? Right? She wore baggy combat trousers with the left knee ripped, worn black leather boots, a faded camp Jupiter t-shirt and over that a dull leather jacket liberated from a store. Incidentally she would need to seek forgiveness later but at the moment survival called. She slipped her rucksack off her shoulders so that she could take a quick swig of water from her bottle before slinging it back over her shoulders as she advanced into town, her hand resting on the hilt of her gladius. Her blue eyes flicked around the empty streets, wary and she brushed a stray strand of black hair that escaped the hold of her ponytail from her eyes.
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