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[ Check Needed ] N E W // C H A L L E N G E R Tumblr_mpzoivbazC1re1fn0o1_500

< B A S I C S >
N A M E//
Lowell Karamat
( lit. Miraculous Young Wolf )

G E N D E R//

M O R T A L - P A R E N T//
Bernard Karamat
Bernard is highly regarded as the mayor of Belleville, a small, low-populated city found in the premises of New York. As a 'duty' that Bernard worked so hard for, he values the town's development above all-- sometimes even above his own family. Lowell understands this part about him, and deeply looks up to his father due to his great commitment to the job, instead of agonizing about the fact that his father's never there for him.

G O D L Y - P A R E N T//
Arete, Goddess of Virtues, Valor, and Excellence.
Depicted as a fair woman of high bearing, always dressed in white,  Arete is Lowell's mother-- the one he got his godly side from. Lowell has always thought of her as a lovely, elegant and loving of a mother, though he hasn't personally seen her yet. Sometimes he'd wonder why she left him alone with his father, but not to the point where it could interfere with his life.

D A T E - & - P L A C E / OF / B I R T H//
5th of September, 2000 - Belleville, New York

P L A C E - B E F O R E - C A M P//
Belleville, New York

R A C E//
American, of French Descent

A C C E N T//
Lowell has never successfully replicated the British accent-- he's been trying to ever since first grade, but it seems that his tongue only wants to mutter words like an American would. Always cheerful and friendly, his tone always reflects that of a child's-- without the crying, of course.

S K I N - T O N E//
Lowell's skin tone could be best described as light. Not too dark, yet not too pale, it makes his smile glow even brighter.

E Y E - C O L O R//
Lowell's eyes are somewhat grey.

H A I R//
Smooth, silky brown hair adorns this teenager even more. Lowell usually doesn't tend to his hair; he just cuts it when it gets a little too long, and leaves his hair messy most of the time.

H E I G H T//
Lowell isn't too tall or too short for a boy around his age, he's aboutt 67 inches, or 5'6.

W E I G H T//
126 pounds.

B O D Y - T Y P E//
Lowell's not particularly good in any kind of sport except chess, but his body's fit. At least he tries to exercise once in a while so he doesn't get fat. Being fat would be a bother; it's a long way from his house in Belleville to his school in the center parts of New York, and a fat body really won't help him. Lowell's got a mesomorph body, a naturally fit body that gains and loses fat easily.

A P P E A R A N C E//
Lowell could be best described as kind of ordinary. He views himself as a guy with ordinary looks, messy hair, average weight and height for someone his age, and a somewhat cheerful air around him; though many have said that he's got quite the good looks. There are, of course, many people that's just way more attractive than him it's crazy. Later he would find out that most of these 'crazily attractive people' are offsprings of the Goddess of Beauty. He would stand in his place blankly.

He likes to dress casually-- a dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation. You could see him with white t-shirts with black captions such as "I rock," or "You suck," and still look ordinary. He likes to wear short jeans along with his black t-shirt, as well as flipflops.

< P A R A P H E R N A L I A >
W E A P O N//
Lowell's totally not cut out for weapons; the only thing that he has which also qualifies for a weapon are his darts. They're sharp and Lowell has pretty good aim, so though not exactly the best for a weapon, darts are all he has.

A R M O R//
Armor? The only thing that he wears is a white t-shirt and short jeans, he's not an armor person.

P E T//
None noted.

< P E R S O N A L  >
P E R S O N A L I T Y//
Lowell is a very outgoing and playful person. He easily makes friends as he's a sociable person, and his friendly attitude helps him, too. He's also among the very few people that has a good connection with almost everyone in the school, including the teachers. His goofy personality is also somewhat a benefit; he won't tremble in the face of anything and is brave in any kind of situation, save for his fears and weaknesses.

F L A W S//
As outgoing as he can be, this has turned Lowell to be a somewhat goofy person. Living his life without a care for the world, this could be problem when he's in a team with other people. Though he's extremely friendly and sociable, he just doesn't fit the criteria of teamwork. Since he wants to do everything his way, perfectly executed for his own right, he just doesn't work well in a team. To summarize, Lowell's flaws are that he's:
1) Too goofy of a person
2) Doesn't work well in a team

His most fatal flaw, however, is that he's careless. He never seeks out the worst in a person; he only sees the best. He's never prepared for a worst-case scenario, he's just -not- the type to have something bad happen to him, excluding his busy father and his missing mother. He's just not prepared for something like a battle, it's not even funny.

Another flaw that he didn't consider very important was his inability to use weapons of any kind , in any kind of way. Cutting up vegetables were an impossible task for him, let alone battling a monster. Maybe with better practice, he would be able to handle at least a knife to save his life.

L I K E S - & - D I S L I K E S//
Lowell likes everything. White doorknobs, ducks, cheese, a hamburger, you name it. He's never picky about food or clothes. He views himself as a being who 'only lives once', and he's out there to enjoy everything there is about his life. Activities specifically, though, he likes chess, eating, music though he's only a subpar piano player, politics from the influence of his father, if he could fly, cooking, almost everything, though he isn't exactly good on all of those things.

F E A R S//
Lowell's fear is the fear of people leaving him. As a boy who grew up without a mother and a caring enough father, Lowell's fear is kind of normal. It's not to the extent where he doesn't want to make friends in fear that he'll lose them; however, he'd do physically anything for a person for the sake of not leaving him forever.

P O W E R S - A B I L I T I E S//
Lowell can't do sports, save for chess and darts. Both are recognized as competitive sport, however, they do not exert much energy from Lowell, precisely why he likes them. He's not exceptionally good at them or anything, but he is better than most people at chess and darts.

Seven Heavenly Virtues
From a young age, Lowell has been able to 'induce' positivity; virtues in himself. Lowell, too, has always been able to control his feelings and never let them get the best of him. He's not aware of this 'power', as it's a 'part' of him, and it's not something he can conciously use or flail around in a tantrum. It is also impossible for Lowell to passively or actively induce himself with more than one virtue until further training. The 'virtues' that he can induce in himself are as listed:

To be generous and self-sacrificial. Love, in the sense of an unlimited loving kindness towards all others, is held to be the ultimate perfection of the human spirit. Thus, being divinely infused into the soul. Regardless of what emotions it stirs up, love is necessary for salvation, and with it no one can be lost.

One's mind and wisdom is abstained from sexual conduct. Cleanliness through cultivated good health and hygiene and be maintained by refraining from intoxicants. To embrace moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought-through education and betterment. The ability to refrain from being distracted and influenced by hostility, temptation or corruption.

A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work; decisive work ethic, steadfastness in belief, fortitude, and the capability of not giving up. Monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness. Upholding one's convictions at all times, especially when no one else is watching, hence performing integrity.

Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. It is a spirit of self-examination; a hermeneutic of suspicion toward yourself and charity toward people you disagree with. To undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved. Reverence for those who have wisdom and those who selflessly teach in love. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self. Being faithful to promises, no matter how big or small they may be. Refraining from despair and the ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation.

Compassion for friendship of others. Empathy and trust without prejudice or resentment. Unselfish love and voluntary kindness without bias or spite. Having positive outlooks and cheerful demeanor; to inspire kindness in others.

Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts and injustice peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. Accepting the grace to forgive and to show mercy upon sinners. Creating a sense of peaceful stability and community rather than suffering, hostility, and antagonism.

Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, moderation, zero-sum and deferred gratification. To be honorable with justice. Prudence to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time.

With these powers, he has been able to overcome every situation he's been, though not every situation has been resolved. With a strong mental ability, he may, at times, render a 'controlling' ability useless once per thread. A controlling ability includes sexual drive inducement, memory control, mind manipulation, things like that. If faced with two people trying to control him at once, though, his passive ability might not be ripe enough to defend against them.

Through practice, it will eventually be available for Lowell to actually control this power, which include inducing these virtues in others.

S O C I A L - S T A T U S//
A New Camper. Still having problems getting to know other people, even with his friendly attitude.

Y E A R // R O U N D E R

Y E A R S - A T - C A M P//
Day 1

L I F E - B E F O R E - C A M P//
Lowell's early life was a little bit more special than the people around him-- not in a good way. His mother deserted the family when he entered the young age of 3 months, and he's been living alone with his father ever since. It didn't help that his father was the mayor of the little city-- 'town', you might call it-- Belleville that he was living in. His father, Bernard, had errands to do everyday, and Bernard was only focused on the development of the city. It was his dream that Belleville became as succesful as Lebanon; the most succesful small town in all of the world-- no, instead, it was his life goal. Lowell wasn't too happy that his father wasn't around him much to tend for him, but he was happy that his father was working for such a great cause.

Lowell was academically excellent, and he got admitted to one of the best elementary schools in New York; Brooklyn School of Inquiry, ranking 6th in all of New York. In truth, Lowell's grades weren't that 'amazing'. There were many who did better than him, but for his mental capability alone-- his ability to perceive in a way in which others can't see in such a young age, an interesting way on viewing his studies and the world itself-- got him admitted. Lowell was a cheerful person, and he made friends easily in his new school. He wasn't exactly the sporty type, and he wasn't that popular among girls in contrast to the sporty boys, but he did a great job studying there. He was usually late due to the distance between his home and the school, and this made him really popular--not in a good way-- among the teachers. As the teachers got to know Lowell, though, they held him dear for who he is; smart and capable.

Lowell never really got to know her mother-- So he asked his father, who replied sourly. "Just be thankful that you have me." It wasn't exactly the best reply, but Lowell knew that what his father was saying is true. It also must've been hard for him, getting left and all. Lowell decided never to ask about his mother again. But when his 13th birthday approached, his life would change forever.

\\ Que Narration. //

It was a Saturday night-- a special one. The 5th of September, 2013, Lowell's thirteenth birthday. Bernard didn't exactly celebrate it as his son's rich friends would, but he did give Lowell gifts that he would learn to treasure forever. It was an L-shaped necklace that glowed golden; the color of superiority.
"Oh, you did not, dad."
"Yes I did, son. It is your thirteenth birthday and I haven't even given you a present since your fourth one. Enjoy it, and don't lose it!"
"I'm so happy, dad!"
Out of comfort and love, Lowell hugged his father. He hadn't done that in years. . He loved every moment of his birthday. Earlier at school, he got a surprise from his friends. They gave him gifts, too, but no gift could ever replace the one he got from his dad. Yeah, presents from his dad were that rare. Just when he thought the day couldn't get any better, he heard knocking sounds on the door. It was his cousin Margaret! She came to visit him.

Margaret is Lowell's cousin from Bernard's sister, Rosie. They shared the same fate, Bernard lost his wife, and Rosie, her husband. Sometimes, even the citizens would say that being the mayor is really unlucky. You can't leave work, but everything else leaves you then. Even your love. Lowell and Margaret used to get angry and throw rocks to the people who said that.

They got into trouble a lot.

Though as far as he was concerned, Margaret never showed up to any of Lowell's birthday. He was happy that she finally had the thought to visit him on his birthday, so that it would make him happy, blah blah blah. They still slept on the same bed; it was a king-sized one, enough to fit both of them. They chatted with each other until midnight, so fun that they had lost track of time.
"Hey what time is it Lowell?"
"I dunno, I swear we passed years and years chatting."
"Be serious. It's been like. . six hours.
Wait, SIX HOURS?! It's already past midnight!"
"We should get to sleep."
"Yeah, no kidding, Cap'n Obvious."

As usual, Lowell couldn't get a nice rest. Since his birth, Lowell has always had nightmares when he sleeps. One time it was about a cow trying to crush him flat. One time it was about his mother leaving him. Gradually, the dreams started to get worse and worse, leading to him being admitted to a doctor. Though, that did nothing. The doctor found everything perfectly normal for Lowell after being there for about a week-- the doctor finally gave up on the case.

Today, it seems as if the nightmare has gotten stronger; as if pulling him in, trying to trap him in the nightmare forever. The scariest dream ever is sometimes not so scary. The scariest dreams are ones you don't want to wake up from. Like meeting your mother. On his thirteenth birthday, Lowell met his mother.
"Mother, is that you?"
In front of him stood a beautiful woman wearing all black-- from a glance.
"Indeed, my darling. Come closer."
The woman-- whoever she was, she didn't do well hiding her creepy grin. As Lowell got closer, her seemingly beautiful face seemed to get more and more ugly. He ran from the woman.
"But where are you going, my dear?
It was then that the dream felt so vivid. The lwoman's elongating hair had tied Lowell's feet to the ground, and she was gradually getting closer.

But then he woke up, sweat all over his body. What exactly had happened?
"That was one of the maniae," Margaret said, to Lowell's surprise.
"Wh- But wasn't it just a bad dream?"
"Bad dreams are myth. The Mist covers up real happenings so that humans can perceive it without losing their sanity. Though it seems to me you know that it was more than a dream. That spirit was trying to consume you, drive you insane and all that jizz. Why do you think 'Tsunami's happen, duh?"
"Uhh, because the tectonic earthquake und--"
Margaret shaked her head. He's a noob at this.
"Yeah, no. There was this story that a guy named Percy Jackson, Poseidon's son, controlled seawater so much it caused a great storm-- later nucknamed the Tsunami. Though it was for the good of the gods, so they were alright with it. Things like that usually lead to instanteous death."
"Okay, Margaret, wait. And speak in English. jYou're saying bad dreams are myth, and there's a living son of Poseidon. Okay, very funny. You're not pranking me on my birthday by completely completely mistaking one fact for the other. And what's that about the Mist thing? It sounds like a type of face spray. 'Keep your face rejuvenated with the Mist!' That was Madonna's ad. Did you know that Madonna was the one who made face sprays popular?"
Margaret blinked. Well, at least he's taking it better than most people do.
"I don't even know what's wrong or what's right anymore, Lowell, but you've got to get out of this house and come with me to camp. And fast."

The crazy conversation then continued until the next morning, and both of them were too tired to stay awake. They slept the day. And for the first time in thirteen years, Lowell could sleep without nightmares. Though, he could still hardly believe that his cousin was a demigod-- even more, that he was half-mortal, half-god.

Two years later (ooc : precisely the day he's going to get approved), Lowell's father had arranged the papers so that he would live on the 'safest place possible' in the planet for demigods. It seems that Bernard knew all along, and the story is as followa; on Lowell's thirteenth birthday, a satyr had come to pick him up to camp, however was intercepted by Bernard. Bernard quickly understood the situation but couldn't allow his son to go just yet. The satyr gave him two years with his son; even that was a dangerous gamble. Any more than two years, then Lowell would be put in unimagineable danger. Believing the satyr's word for Lowell's safety, he brought him to Long Island Sound.

R P - E X A M P L E//
Lowell wandered into the woods, afraid that a beast would come and attack him. They say manticores have been roaming the area lately. Lowell's only in the company of his harpy-friend, Angie, which isn't helping due to her constant shrieking, as if to say 'Hey, I know, I should freak out more to make this doof scared even more!' But when the shrieking stopped, the atmosphere got even scarier. There was a very loud howl coming from the North, and its eerie echo didn't make it less scary.
"You know those stupid characters in horror movies who always approach the source of the mysterious sounds though they know it's dead scary?"
Angie shrieked.
"I think I understand them now."
Having said that, Lowell and Angie set out to find what manticore these days howls like a dead werewolf-- unless it was one all along.

N O T E S//


( maybe a few grammar mistakes here and there, but there ya go, i'm done and ready to be checked. )

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Do you want a drachma reward for this? You've hit the proper word count. (If you don't, just ignore the italicized questions/corrections.)

"American" is an ethnicity; you'll also need to add race to this (such as he's of British and French descent).

What kind of weapon and armor will he get when he's at camp (since I see he's been at camp for exactly 0 years)?

Add some more to the personality.

- Add two more flaws.
- Add a natural cosmetic flaw. Examples can include bad acne, a lazy eye, large ears/nose, crooked teeth, etc. (These sound normal but should be things the character finds unattractive/is insecure about.

You're missing the strengths/weaknesses and skills/talents sections?

- Is there a way for a controlling ability to overcome his own mental virtue inducement besides having multiple people try, or is it just completely wiped out?
- (Just a note, but when he does learn to control his abilities, especially to actively induce it in others, you'll need to check in with an admin/approver to get limits approved.)

- We only let god parents stay with their child(ren) for up to a week after birth, so you'll need to change that.
- How did Margaret know Lowell had almost been visited/attacked by a maniae?
- Who is Margaret's god parent?

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[ Check Needed ] N E W // C H A L L E N G E R
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