Detric Joseph Brachetti {DJ}

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Detric Joseph Brachetti {DJ}

Post by percabeth1643 on 9/25/2015, 3:46 pm

Name: Detric Joseph {DJ} Brachetti
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Wavy Black
Height: 6'0
Body Type: Lean
Skin Color: Medium Olive
God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: Arturo Brachetti
Country of Origin: Italy
Pets: None
Talents: Acting
Skills: Sword fighting, combat-focused magic
Weapon: Celestial Rapier
Personality: Withdrawn to the point of rudeness, DJ can be fun to hang with, but you've got to be a pretty chill person. What almost no one knows is that his withdrawn-ness is a product of his childhood. In reality, he's desperately lonely and starved for love. He's also selfish, but that's not to say he's without virtue. He's incredibly brave, and fought very hard when Gaia tried to take over, dual wielding a sword and his magic with a deadly finesse.
Flaws: Withdrawn, clingy, and selfish
Abilities: Magic{Combat with a little necromancy}
Powers: None
Life Before CHB: Some might think growing up with a famous Italian magician might be fun. Traveling new places, the attention, the money, ect. But trust him, it's not. For one thing, it took him all too often from his beloved home, and his dad might have given him the best of everything, but that's not what he wanted. He just wanted his father to pay attention to him for once, instead of always being told to sit down, shut up, and not draw attention to himself. Finally, he'd had enough, and ran away from the hotel his father was preforming at when he was 13. Wandering around the Big Apple, he say a guy that somehow seemed weird to him, and something inside him said he should follow. Whether it was instinct or pure luck, he follow that guy, who happened to be a satyr, all the way to CHB. He was claimed at the campfire that night, and has lived at camp ever since then.
RP Example: DJ was running through the trees, trying to find the blue flag. His scabbard bumped against his side with every step, and he was making far too much noise. Thank the gods for silence spells. But wait! Up there, just through the trees, by Zeus' Fist, was the flag. DJ gave an extra burst of speed, determined to win this game.
Any notes about your characters: I know it said no famous people, but is the kid of a magician that's not too well known in the US okay? Also, fun fact: It's not about my character, but this is actually what my parents would have named me if I was a guy. I don't think they like children.


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Re: Detric Joseph Brachetti {DJ}

Post by Kwacken on 9/25/2015, 4:08 pm

Flaws: Withdrawn, clingy, and selfish
Abilities: Magic{Combat with a little necromancy}
Powers: None

Withdrawn and clingy are kind of oxymorons as far as flaws are concerned, please flesh that out a little more in the personality section.

Magic is considered a power, not an ability, and I need to have specific limitations on what can be done.

I need what type of spells can be done, what these spells do, how many number of posts the effects of the spells last and a cooldown (how many posts are required for him to regain his energy in order to be able to perform the spell again.)
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