Penelope Fisher smells like squid, pass it on.

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Penelope Fisher smells like squid, pass it on.

Post by PennyFisher on 10/1/2015, 3:31 pm

Name: Penelope Jane Fisher (preferably just 'Penny')

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red, wildly curly

Height: 5'0

Body Type: Pear-shaped

Skin Color: Pale, severely freckled

God Parent: Amphitrite

Mortal Parent: Jack Fisher (deceased)

Country of Origin: Ireland

Pets: Peaches (A pigeon that refuses to leave her alone.)

Talents: Singing, Ukulele, Really Awful Puns

Weapon**: Baseball bat, lead pipe, empty bottle, etc. (Whatever she can grip to hit with.)

Personality: Bubbly, very chipper, prone to frustration and anger when challenged. (i.e., absolutely no chill)

Flaws: ADHD, Dyslexic, Discalculate, and a terrible listener. Penny is too quick to anger and 'a good ol' fashioned WHOLLOP' in tense situations. Tragic events are often taken too lightly, and she swears like a sailor. (Will be censored with #$%$#! and so forth.)

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Limited communication with aquatic mammals, seafaring instinct, good sense of direction at sea, etc.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): VERY limited aquakenesis. No more than 1-2 cups of water, or as much as she could cup in her hands.

Life Before Camp*: Penny grew up on Deenish Kerry, in Kerry, Ireland. Her father was a fisherman who disappeared in a storm, pronounced dead--she was raised by her older sister Saoirse, who now owns a small pub on the docks. Penelope grew up wandering the moors, swimming in frigid water off the coast of their 12-man populated island (which I verified as the population of Deenish in 2011, via the UK's listed census.) and helping her sister run the bar. As she is the daughter of a minor god, separated from a main continent by a few miles of freezing black water, monster activity was minimal.

RP Example*: "That's ... that's a right shame, lad. But it weren't no problem for us, we got by. You can get by just the same." She crouched down beside the child, patting his back a little awkwardly. With a slight frown, she looked out at the surface of the lake. "It's ... probably gonna be fine. I mean aside from the horse-guy and the blokes brandishin' swords at us. I'm ... I'm actually kinda tryin' to get over that guy who was on fire, actually." She let out a belly-laugh, momentarily forgetting the situation. 'I guess you could say that lad was ... pretty hot!"

Any notes about your characters: Dropping the formality, Penny has absolutely no chill. She's pleasant and polite when she needs to be, and likes to joke around, but when she gets angry, she gets ANGRY. Some say it must be the red hair. Some say it must be the caffeine. Both are probably true.


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Re: Penelope Fisher smells like squid, pass it on.

Post by Kwacken on 10/2/2015, 1:38 pm


Good start, most what I have are nitpicks

Weapon - She'll need a weapon with celestial bronze to help kill monsters. Scrap fighting can only go so far.

No "etc" to the abilities, only what is listed, please.

Powers - How many posts can she control the water? How many posts does it take for her to regain strength to do it again? (And I would allow around 10 gallons.)

How did she get to camp?
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