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 (WIP) Dylan Cordell Son Of Deimos

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PostSubject: (WIP) Dylan Cordell Son Of Deimos   (WIP) Dylan Cordell Son Of Deimos Icon_minitime10/9/2015, 7:09 am

Name: Dylan H Cordell

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Samantha Cordell

God Parent: Deimos - Minor God of Terror

Date of Birth:October 4th, 2001 Current age 14

Place of Birth: Boring, Oregon

Hometown/Last Residence: Franklin County, Maine

Race/ethnicity: Mixed race, mainly Caucasian

Accent: Varies upon meeting people, primarily a well mannered country accent towards the western states rather than the eastern country accent

Skin Tone: Pale, rarely tan

Eye Color: Shifts between dark and light blue depending on mood

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Shoulder length, however tied up most of the time

Height: 5'9

Weight: Roughly between 140-154 LBS

Body Type: His muscles are toned, hes broad shouldered, has no excess fat, not particularly boney, his bone structure is fairly dense.

Appearance: From the outer perspective he looks angry, narrow piercing eyes, straight face, furrowed brows. has a slashing scar on his right cheek and two bullet holes on his body, one above his right hip bone the other on the lower half of the left leg. Tattoos on his hand and chest. Hand has a sword and skull combination, chest is a shield. He tends to wear industrial type clothing. Rough thick pants various colors, long sleeve shirts, boots, occasionally seen with sun glasses. Hair in a pony tail he tries to keep it straight but he has thick semi curly hair.

Weapon: Currently no inherit weapon

Armor: No particular armor against defending from monsters.

Pet(s): No pet's, befriended stray animals, interacted with wild animals in a respective manner through the years

Skills: From his years of life Dylan learned to control his emotions through his own means he has learned various forms of martial arts some examples being Sambo, Jeet Kun Do, Kendo and Military Combative arts, in fact those are what he knows. From befriending people concerning all different types of combative hobbies he has learned to be proficient with a number of  weapons dealing with medium to long range.
Talents: He is naturally gifted with being athletic, combined with his physical fitness he is also a relatively fast learner through trial and error he has become an even more nimble fighter, naturally flexible, and is really instinctual

Personality flaws: Dylan tends to have beeen a Loner through a good portion of his life, He has an introverted nature so he isn't very sociable when it comes to speaking to others, he as a very distrustful nature from his past, due to his heritage and genetics he also has tendencies to have bad habits, and he can be very skeptic.
Physical Flaws: Through his life he has collected some nasty scars on his body, and he doesn't enjoy grooming his nails all that often mostly on his fingernails.

Strengths: When in any particular battle Dylan can analyze situations and solve them, he has a very strategic mind, when pumped he is  nimble in combat with fast reflexes and before or during combat he is able to empty any unnecessary thoughts.

Weaknesses: Dylan tends to be blood thirsty in prolonged combat, when focused on a target he finds it difficult to notice his surroundings due to his absolute focus as he is not a people person he has a lot of difficulties letting others assist and coupled with that he is very strong willed.

Likes: Dylan is attracted to rather humble people as they have his similar way of thinking to some extent. He enjoys his surroundings in nature. His lust for all things physical means he is highly addicted and most times intoxicated with war, and battle situations. He enjoys when he sees his opponents trembling in fear. On his downtime he enjoys reading and music to fill that void of the absence of the thrill. His skin naturally likes all things hot warm water being one example. He enjoys food but is especially interested in exotic foods as it's not routine. When in a more relaxed mode he enjoys sparring with anyone he connects with or even rivals doesn't matter to him so long as it's good. He has a knack for getting himself into any type of  thrilling situations if he so wished to or to spice up his day. He has an affinity for interacting with spirits, to learn their stories and their wisdom, he believes knowledge should be shared.

Dislikes: Dylan is against arrogance he doesn't like people who are overly boastful, it irks him and makes him in a battle challenging mood. He isn't too fond of flying insects as they hang around him a bit too much at times. When people are feeling down and they make everything sound hopeless or cowardly it makes him want to slap that person. People who give up too easily and not push themselves he looks down upon especially when he sees their potential to rise and push through. People who tend to be pushy when others don't want anything to do with what's being pushed on them. Overall to him people kind of suck.

Fears: Dylan fears dying a pointless death, death doesn't bother him unless it's a natural one or one where he doesn't fall in combat he doesn't entirely understand why he is the way he is but some things for him it's just instinct. Regardless of how he is on land, regarding water it's a completely different story he absolutely despises large creatures in deep water due to the fact in one instance that he still doesn't completely understand he thought it was a good idea to be in a shark tank with an instructor the day before his birthday and suddenly the predators around the area began acting up into a frenzy some sea life attempted to attack the cage. One of his darkest secrets of his passed, something involving his family, he doesn't want to be pushed into any kind of action against his will.

Personality: Dylan can at times be a confused child when it comes to the simplest things, he thinks so much in a complex manner that simple solutions and explanations can go over his head, he is withdrawn from most people that he hasn't observed or knows if he can trust or not. Sometimes he can jump into the fray a little too fast, other times he is overly cautious, he is a moody person. Yet he acts honorably to some regard, he has his own inner code, he can also be rather sadistic to his enemies to inspire fear into another's mind when faced with multiple enemies. Overall when not in combat he can be kind, respecting, most see him as a shell but inside is a different story.

Abilities: Dylan tends to give off a light aura, when people are around him some shrink in his presence, others get chills, some get irritated and challenging. It depends on the other person's willpower. He can faintly commune with the spirits of those fallen from combat, in areas ravaged by war or where soldiers rest. Depending on the area and how strong the essence of battle there is would depend on how efficient this ability is. His sense to learn martial skills at a rapid pace, weapons focus or close quarters. The strength of his abilities varies from situations, his mental state, and focus.

Powers: Depending on the area and those around him, he can channel magic towards the enemy or into himself, to enemies he can inspire terror within them, giving off a mental illusion of what that being fears the most or using their weaknesses from their mind to slow them down or overwhelm them momentarily. (degree of effect=bigger or smaller cool down. Higher effect larger cool down) When channeling into himself he calls upon the fallen to help in enhancing his combat or intuitive prowess or can use charm speak to hesitate or intimidate opponents.

Social Status: He hasn't been in schools for too long to really be confined in a social status, if his collective experience of moving, some would call him a freak, bully or a loner. at times he's just been in a class all his own due to people thinking he didn't have very much emotional response, some had teased him of being a zombie because of how "dead" he seemed.

Summer or Year Rounder: From his current situation, he expects to become a year rounder

Years at Camp: This will be Dylan's first year at camp, unsure what this life will bring him

Life Before Camp:

Role-playing Example:

Notes:(I will revise and add to the last parts when I come back, time slipped by and LBC and RP example will take a fair chunk of time to type out. So I will save it for when I come back. Hopefully this incomplete work won't be judged too harshly.)
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(WIP) Dylan Cordell Son Of Deimos
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