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 The Sins of our Fallen (Complete)

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(Hello! This is just a little solo piece I'm working on for one of my characters, as it's an important brick in the foundations of his development. I figured I would attempt a style of writing I haven't. So there will be transition from present to past. Enjoy!)

"What is your name?" A fearsome voice said, one that rang of honesty and leadership. The Greek demigod found himself surrounded by Romans that had come out from the trees. They were all geared up, armed with imperial gold weapons. Dimitri was outnumbered, and it wouldn't be worth fighting, even if he had the chance.

"Dimitri Midnight." The demigod replied, his tone rang of absentmindedness. His eyes didn't look up from the ground, where he could see some of the blood on him dripping to the ground. From the look of him, you could tell something had went on. The demigod had blood on him from his boots to his face. His clothes were torn, and he had a very much unhinged look in his eyes.

"Where is Truman?" The confident voice asked once more, clearly a leader for the Romans. He wasn't phased by Dimitri's appearance, nor the atmosphere of weather that was a clear indication of an incoming rain storm.

Dimitri didn't answer. His eyes lifted from the ground, to give a look at the Roman. The people that surrounded him were plentiful, at least a dozen.

"I asked you a question. We won't hesitate to put you down if we think you're a threat to demigods." The Roman forcefully put his arm on Dimitri's shoulder. The twisted look in Dimitri's eyes intensified, his breath suddenly stopped and everything was silent. Dimitri's fist balled, but in an instant raised to attack the person questioning him.

None of this would have happened if he'd just taken the right path.


It was a new day for Dimitri, and an eventful one at that. Today was a day that he had sought ever since he'd set foot into Camp Half-Blood; he was finally going home. He'd felt strong and stable enough now to be on his own in the world, traits that had been given to him from friend and foe alike. He'd learned a lot, from peaceful and war-like friends and foes. He had grown to survive that which he once feared so deeply, and was now ready to face a path he'd suppressed for a long time.

His trip down south was unfamiliar, an ebbing reminder that he didn't really know his own home-state, only his own home property. But he had his route, and his sense of direction was not misleading him. Many vivid memories of his past started appearing in his head; little areas he recognized seeing when he was first taken to camp. He was still a child, but he felt so much older than he was when he first learned what he was. Back then it was unreal, and he could hardly face the fact alone without a paralyzing sense of fear. All this time later, and things were different. He'd seen enough to accept what the world was. He'd seen demigods at war with their very nature and minds, and even with each-other. He'd seen life and limb alike lost, even with people he considered his close friends.

With each inch closer to his old home, Midnight farm, Dimitri could feel an emotion that had long since been locked away within him. He felt nervousness to see his mom and dad again, and to see the reactions on their faces. He could feel his feet now lifting into a run, excitement kicking into him as he stepped on it. It felt like an eternity had passed since he'd seen his parents. The demigod was finally ready though, turned from a child into a man.

Dimitri didn't stop moving, he was in a deep haste. His normal appreciation for nature had been overlooked for months now, and it was only more overlooked now. The beautiful autumn leaves were now ignored fully by the demigod, his task was now solidified in his head. His run was kept up, despite his boots, until one thing took his determination from him. Dimitri stopped dead in his track, now frozen at the sight in to the left of him. There was golden dust, withering in the wind.

There was a moment of hesitation in the demigod, he realized that there were monsters here. That wasn't the danger, monsters roamed everywhere. The worry was that something was out here with the ability to kill monsters. There was something out here that had celestial bronze, or other means to harm monsters. Dimitri was unsure of what step was to take next, he could be ready for a monster, but he couldn't be ready for something that could kill a monster.


Dimitri landed a blow against the Roman leader, though it only narrowly hit him in the jaw while avoiding his helmet. The Roman attempted to recover, but Dimitri had his arms around him and was pulling the Roman down using his own weight. When the pair fell to the ground Dimitri let out a lash of emotions, pulling them all into an attack. He directly punched the Roman in his mouth, but before he could do anything else he felt a blunt blow to the back of his head.

Before another moment passed he had arms on him, holding him to the ground. Relentlessly, Dimitri struggled and fought against the multiple people restraining him. He looked like a madman, with blood-lust in his eyes. The blood on his person didn't make him look any better. No matter how much he shook, tossed, and turned, the group of Roman's wouldn't let him free. Dimitri scowled curse after curse.

"You have a lot of nerve." The Roman said, already having rose to his feet. He wiped what blood was on his face from it, and looked down on the former threat. "Alright, Dimitri. It's becoming clear to me that you're nothing but a danger to me and my soldiers." The man's voice was still calm, his tone condescending.

"Let me go. Right now." Dimitri warned, no mercy in his voice. It was ironic, as he was at their mercy. "Let me go, or else."

"I want your side of the story. You clearly aren't who we're looking for, but you clearly know something. I'll ask you again. Where is Truman?" The Roman continued on, his hands folded behind his back.

Dimitri's gaze was unnerving to a degree. He could feel his body shaking, from some sort of overload. He had much anger leftover, among other emotions. He looked up at the sky. The rain would be here soon.


Dimitri stood there for much longer than he usually would when making a choice. There was no one around for him to effect with a choice, and it left him with uncertainty. In the end, he didn't feel safe knowing that something was out there. He looked to the path that was to his right, it was where home was. He made the choice to take the path was on his left. He said a prayer to his family under his breath; he couldn't even remember the last time he had done that.

He took off into the forest. His heart yearned to see home now, he was full of old feelings that he'd thought were gone forever. He was close though, just one hike away. Dimitri drew his knife, and continued a walk through the trees. As much as he was hoping to find some signs or trail of what he was looking for, Dimitri was no tracker. He felt that he was walking in circles, and there was a lingering sense of desire to give up on the chase and go home.

Loops and loops continued, and the demigod found nothing. Until after so long, he caught sight of something. At first glance, he didn't think anything of it, the animal looked like a typical rabbit. Then, after his double take he noticed its color. Black? That wasn't usual around these parts, and Dimitri was certain that its head wasn't shaped right. Instead of a normal skull, it looked as though its head was just a large sphere. He couldn't catch a glimpse at its teeth, but he imagined they might be more sharp than the average rabbit.

Dimitri took off after it. He felt a sense of odd joy, maybe it was possible that these rabbits were being hunted by a larger predator. The thought comforted him for another moment, until he caught site of a figure. The striking resemblance jolted him, the black shaggy hair and bony figure caused his memory to jolt back to a night that wasn't all too long ago. A man who had jeopardized Dimitri, and put one of his closest friends in the way of death.

The sight left him in shock, the rabbit had ran behind the boy, as though it was hiding behind its mother. The boy turned to face Dimitri, a smile on his face, despite the dirt that was smeared on his skin. The boy truly looked as though he had mastered some sort of primitive art. "I thought I left you to die." Dimitri growled.

The boy shrugged, and rubbed his hands together as though he was excited. "You did. And I told you that you would be nothing but food, did I not?" He let out in his sickly and raspy voice. "It wasn't hard to find out who you were, Dimitri. After all, you tell just about everyone who you are. Where you came from. How are all the demigods from the hill? Did you have fun, killing my family?" He spoke, and Dimitri was suddenly uneasy. This boy was clearly unhinged in all of the forms, and he'd come here just to find Dimitri.


"Let me go!" Dimitri yelled, he was now enraged above all other emotions. The fact that he was being treated this way, it made fires burn in his chest. Then the first raindrop hit his nose, his one weapon that had been with him whenever he needed it. A breath left him that seemed to last a life time. He made his choice, that he was getting out of this dead, rather than staying in this alive.

"Take him down to the truck. We'll have him receive judgement there." The leader said, clearly not interested in wasting any more time on Dimitri. He needed the water to build up just a little bit more. Dimitri needed to stall, he was not willing to show up a prisoner in Camp Jupiter.

"Talk to Dominika Orlov! She will vouch for me." Dimitri said, though his tone indicated nothing but rage. Some Romans exchanged looks, and Dimitri made his move. All the water he could will came sloshing from the ground, small puddles, and sky. It was enough to knock the group holding him down over him. "I will come back for you." Dimitri promised the leader. Within the next split second, Dimitri had run off back towards what was once home.


To say that Dimitri was tense would be an understatement. The boy had talked to Dimitri as though he'd killed his family, and Dimitri was aware that the boy was referring to the monsters he'd worked with others to kill some time ago. Dimitri had a plethora of pent up rage towards this boy. It was his fault that Dominika was missing a leg, and possibly his fault that Dimitri had ended up in bear traps in the past. Despite this anger, Dimitri still felt more uneasy than anything. He had a feeling that in this boy's mind, he was here to get revenge. An eye for an eye style.

"Listen, things don't need to go down like this." Dimitri spoke up, one hand reaching forward to convey a sense of peace. Dimitri hadn't attempted to negotiate over fighting in a long time, and whether or not he actually believed his own words was now far beyond him. Dimitri walked forward, almost as though he was his old self once more. His pace was slow, he wanted to maintain things.

"Really? And what do you think can happen exactly?" The boy mused, a twisted smile on his face.

"You're sick. I can help you." Dimitri had a conflict in him, he didn't truly believe for a second that this boy could be saved. The only cure for what he was going through was a one-way ticket to Hades. "I can take you back to Camp. You have brothers and sisters, right? We can help you." Dimitri spoke subtly, as though he was trying to attract a deer. His grip on the situation was much less than he believed, however.

"Family? Yes, I did have family. Until you and your kind came and destroyed them. And now you're going to see exactly what it feels like to lose your family." The grin on the boy's face was more twisted than Dimitri could imagine, this person somehow looked overjoyed with his thoughts.

At the threat, Dimitri's heart sank like a boulder falling off of a cliff. "They- they'll come back. Your family will come back, right? Hades is only temporary for th-" Dimitri was grasping as straws at this point. He wanted nothing more than to end this insane threat to people everywhere. But so long as this person knew the whereabouts of his parents, he couldn't risk it.

The boy broke into a twisted laughter, and fell down onto his butt. He began petting the monster-rabbit as he began to laugh hysterically. "It's funny, watching someone like you try to understand someone like me. The people like me, we-"

Dimitri had wasted absolutely no time, the second the boy was on the ground Dimitri charged forward. His boot made direct contact with the boy's jaw, effectively cutting off his words. "Where are my parents?!" Dimitri exclaimed, his knife now pointed at the boy's throat. His deepest desire at the moment was to end this twisted thing.

Before another moment passed, Dimitri could feel sharp and intense pain in his leg. He fell backwards, letting out a pained grunt. The boy stood from his position, with a smug look on his face. "Let's discuss more at your place. Meetcha there." The boy said, before disappearing into the forest.


The demigod was full of many feelings and yet a sense of hollowness too. Every fiber of his being ached with loss and loneliness, regret and remorse, and sadness and sorrow. He could hardly keep his legs up, yet at the same time he felt no pain in them. He felt like a machine that was desperately in need of repair. He felt like a car with a dead engine, busted transmission, and four flat tires. He was on a line he couldn't comprehend, between giving up and moving on.

He hadn't slept in a long time, though he didn't feel the sleep deprivation in the slightest. Each step closer to home with a dread within him that collapsed his own being, and every step away from the group of Roman's was an anger that clashed with his other emotions in a fiery battle. Each step was its own task, each breath was a question as to if life was worth trying for now.

The demigod stopped dead in his tracks, somehow not falling over in his wake. He felt the desire to turn around. The Romans couldn't take anything from him that hadn't already been taken from him. Dimitri's fists balled, and he reached for his knife. If Dimitri died trying, he might finally have peaceful rest.

But before Dimitri could call out to taunt the somewhat distant Romans, the demigod suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm. And the sight he saw brought out all of the rage in him.


Dimitri rolled onto his back, quickly yanking at what had gotten a hold of his leg. It was the rabbit from before, whose teeth were far too wide to beleive. It reminded Dimitri of the bear traps, though he had absolutely no time to dwell. Dimitri quickly stabbed the small rabbit, and willed water from a nearby puddle onto his leg to make it easier to stand. Dimitri stood, taking on the pain and running towards the direction of the place he sought most.


Everything was familiar and had warm memories to it. Specific trees and rocks, trails, views. Every inch of his surroundings were now known to him from when he was younger. And all of the warmth in it was jeopardized now. Dimitri ran faster, into a full sprint. And through all of the foliage and scenery, he finally spotted the one line property, and on it, a house. A house that he'd sought to see for so long now, that he oh-so craved to be in one last time.

"Mom! Dad!" Dimitri yelled, his fright now at a peak. He was petrified, yet moving faster and faster. His heart beat, and his mind now ignored all of the warm memories of the places he passed. The barn, the crops, the fields, none of it mattered now. Dimitri didn't stop to look around the property, all of his instincts pushed him to go into his house. He slammed his body into the door, the lock was probably a little beaten after the impact. He called out for his parents again, once in the house. They didn't answer.

Dimitri's mind now flared from thought to thought as he paced from room to room. Was there any way his parents had both been out of the house at the moment. A breath of true relief escaped Dimitri at that thought, until his turn in the next room revealed blood. There were a few of those small rabbits, and one very large one, the size of a big dog. They were eating meat, and at that very moment, Dimitri quite literally lost his mind when it clicked in his head what the meat was.


It was him. The one who had torn everything from him. The one the Romans had called Truman. A knife was now plunged into Dimitri's arm, one that wasn't even made of a divine metal. The pain was sharp, but dull in comparison to the emotional trauma he was faced with. The boy went to speak, but Dimitri yanked him down face first into the ground by the skull. A loud thud was heard, but Dimitri was ruthless.

The boy desperately tried to catch his desperate wind, but Dimitri didn't think. He climbed above the boy, placing both of his hands on the boys throat, placing as much pressure down as he could. The boy struggled to make any sounds, but it was clear that there was no longer any oxygen entering his body. The boy flailed, pushing every small ounce of his spirit into fighting Dimitri off. Several of those small rabbits appeared from the side, rallying onto Dimitri's wounded arm and biting. Even with the immense pain, it was not hard for the demigod to continue what he was doing. He stayed, despite the ruining of his arm, until every last spec of life had been drained from the boy.

Even afterwards, he didn't stop. He continued to put force and pressure on him, Dimitri's gaze was unhinged and terrifying. Even now, he didn't stop to take care of the rabbits or knife in his arm. It was a surprising arrow that hit a rabbit, before the rest attempted to scattered. A Roman solider gave chase to the last few remaining. And despite Dimitri being surrounded once more, all that he was able to do was strangle a lifeless body.

He had no feeling in his right arm any longer.


All Dimitri could see was red. A violent fiery rage awoken within him, a product of his inability to comprehend what had happened. Everything in the world that he had loved was now dead or gone, and the lesson of life seemed abundantly clear to him now. A lesson he'd never truly embraced. He didn't know where his parents' bodies were, but he could tell from the horror in front of him that they might not even have bodies to find anymore.

Dimitri's knife dropped from his hand. His vision was quite literally red, all he could see was red. He felt no more blood pumping through his veins. In its place, vengeance, disgust, rage, and utter hatred took over. Emotions once foreign to the demigod now were practically his puppeteer.

With his knife on the ground, Dimitri stepped forward. He didn't want these monsters to be given a fast way to Hades. He yearned to know that they would wait in hell, bruised and in pain so bad that not even death would save them from it. Despite the huge teeth, Dimitri made poor judgement and stepped forward.

The rest was not pretty.


Dimitri's hands continued to strangle the boy, though he was long gone at this point. The Roman leader placed his hand on Dimitri's shoulder, though this time it didn't seem as though it was to capture. Dimitri immediately threw his weight into the Roman, and the soldiers around him quickly took defensive stances. Except for their leader, who remained at an at-ease stance.

"If you'd just said Dominika's name sooner, this whole thing could have been over sooner." The leader said, his voice was now somewhat more understanding of the demigod.

Dimitri had no reply. He looked at the Roman, the same twisted gaze still locked in his eyes. There was silence among the entirety of demigods, until Dimitri pulled out his knife once more. The leader pulled his weapon, as the rest of the soldiers had. But Dimitri had no interest in them. He approached Truman's lifeless corpse.

"What are... what are you doing?" The Roman leader asked, skeptical of Dimitri's sanity at this point.

Dimitri's mind was only capable of twisted things at this moment. He craved so badly to cut this boy to pieces and feed him to monsters, as he had done to Dimitri's world. "I have to be sure." Dimitri replied with pure defiance. Before the Roman had come up with his response, Dimitri's knife was lodged in the skill of the boy. Dimitri looked back up to the Roman. "Don't bring him back to Camp Half-Blood for burial." Dimitri said in a demanding tone.

All there was between the group was silence. No one could quite understand what had happened, but it was certain to Dimitri that his world would never be the same again. All of the colors of the rainbow were now black and white to him, and he no longer desired to see a more colorful day.

"Your arm could be infected. Badly." The Roman said, as though he was looking for reason to keep Dimitri around.

"Trust me, you don't want me around. You don't." Dimitri left the threat where it was, and turned around. He'd finally seen home, and now all he wanted was to see Hades.


By the time Dimitri was done with the rabbits, his clothes were tattered and he was a bloody mess. When all was said and done, he'd found his parents. He couldn't count how long he'd clung to their bodies, sobbing into them. Neither of them had both their legs, and Dimitri was fully aware that this was meant to haunt him.

He buried them in their property, he knew it's what they would have wanted. They weren't Greek, they believed in the God that Christians believed in. They believed in burial after death. Dimitri's moment of clarity lasted hours, while he dug them their graves. His functions all died, his will to live had died, and his emotions had all rotted. He knew that if he'd had a means, he would die right here on his property with his parents.

There was not.

After the impossible struggle he'd faced that day, he walked away from his property. He'd made up his mind, that he was going to make this boy suffer more than any person could take. He wanted to ruin the boy's very soul, make an example out of him. Dimitri, absolutely wrought with emotions, set out to get revenge.

Not far into his walk away, Romans came out of nowhere and surrounded him.

"What is your name?" A fearsome voice said.
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The Sins of our Fallen (Complete)
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