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PostSubject: Alex Armstead   Alex Armstead Icon_minitime10/28/2015, 6:32 pm

Name: Alex Armstead
Gender: Androgynous (she/her)
Mortal Parent: Jake Armstead
God Parent: Aphrodite

Date of Birth: 5/16/2000
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Sturgeon Bay
Hometown/Last Residence: WI, Sturgeon Bay
Race/ethnicity: Hispanic
Accent: Wisconsin

Skin Tone: vitiligo
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: dark brown

Hair Length: shoulder length
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Type: ectomorph
Appearance: Average height for her age, medium body, slightly under weight, thin hair typically tied in a messy bun, green eyes, has vitiligo on her arms and torso.

Weapon: a spear
Armor: greek, breast plate, shoulder plates, helmet
Pet(s): horse
Skills/Talents: climbing, painting, caring (very soothing and trustworthy)
Flaws: Insecure, sensitive, thin skin (not literally), persuaded easily

Strengths: climbing, memory, stregth, intellegence

Weaknesses: anxiety, thin skin, not very fast, stubborn

Likes: fruits, attention, kind people, jokes, nature, alternative and techno music, reptiles, oddities, dinsosaurs
Dislikes: Biases, hatred, feeling helpless, idiots, anyone who is better than her, bossy people
Fears: vomitting, loosing control, loosing loved ones, the dark, monsters, fighting somethign bigger than her

Personality: Alex is hard core. She radiates confidence (at least, she looks like it), she is not someone to offend (you'll end up getting hit), she's very compassionate towards others, inside she's very insecure and suffers from anxiety (which hampers her in battle occaisionally), she's good at hiding her feelings, she's open about her feelings (especially if she doesn't lie you), she loves her body, loves that she has vilitigo skin, she's a humanist, total tree hugger

Abilities: can detect crushes/love
Powers: none (yet)
Social Status: social butterfly

Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder
Years at Camp: she just joined
Life Before Camp: straight A's in school, ran away from home (instructed by her father) when monsters got too bad, she kicked any monster's butt that dared mess with her, she some what enjoys kicking butt, but sometimes it did shake her up. She learned to hunt and survive on her own

Role-playing Example: The sun bore down on her, its heat taking a piggy back ride on her back. Sopping with sweat, she heaved herself over the hill. Squinting, she saw the border line. "Perfect," she said. "Let's get this started." She slid down the hill, the passive grass staing her clothes. Brushing off the dirt, she trudged on, wondering what this new life would bring her.

Notes: Ironaically, she's aromantic/asexual and romance/sex-repulsed. She often feels isolated and like a reject child of Aphrodite.
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PostSubject: Re: Alex Armstead   Alex Armstead Icon_minitime10/29/2015, 3:25 pm

If you're using the detailed form to earn drachmas, you're gonna need to add about 650 more words to hit the word minimum. I'll be judging this like a regular form for now, however, unless you want to get the award.

For gender, I would think androgynous would belong in the Appearance section; gender is more for if the character IDs as female, male, nonbinary, etc.

Is her spear Celestial bronze?

Is her horse located at CHB or at home?

Elaborate more on her sensitivity versus her insecurity. You say she's very outwardly confident in her personality section -- so what is she sensitive about internally?

- I'm assuming you mean she's open about her feelings if she feels like she knows you well?

- You need to have 5 complete sentences here, so please alter this to make this so.
- Also, why and when did she run away from home? Why did her dad let her do this?
- I doubt she'd be able to kick "any monster's butt" since she wouldn't have the proper weapons or training to beat them thoroughly.
- How did she get to camp?

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Alex Armstead
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