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 The Girl with the Body that Never Burns

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PostSubject: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime11/18/2015, 2:12 am

Back in July, I have Blaze all of my Drachmas and he bought a Demi-Titan slot and gave it to me. So, here she is!

Basil Heilyn


Date of Birth—
December 21, 1997

Place of Birth—
New York City, New York, USA

Last Residence—
New York City, New York, USA

Asteria, Titan of Shooting Stars, Nocturnal Oracles, and Necromancy.

Navid Heilyn was born to Aasera and Cadell Heilyn in the inner city of New York. His father died when he was seven years old due to complications of an infected leg wound. After his father’s death, Navid and his mother became impoverished. He dropped out of school at a very young age to help his mother work. He saw very little of his mother for the next five years, as she was so often away at work. His mother eventually succumbed to exhaustion and admitted defeat. He spent the rest of his life in poverty, squatting in an abandoned apartment building in New York City. In 1990, he met and married a woman named Louisa. Together, they had a son named Ravis, but she abandoned their family shortly after giving birth. In 1996, a building two blocks away burned to the ground. Three people died and eight were critically injured, including a woman named Amy Rivers. Navid graciously opened up his home to the woman, sharing what little he had with her while she recovered. Amy Rivers, who (unbeknownst to Navid at the time) was the Titan Asteria in disguise, fell in love with Navid, and conceived a child. The child, named Basil, was born on December 21, 1997, on the night of the Winter Solstice. Asteria bound by the laws of the Gods, was forced to abandon her child and vanished without a trace mere hours after giving birth. Four years after Basil was born, he conceived another child with a prostitute. It was another girl whom he named Opal.

Grandmother (paternal)—
Aasera Heilyn (formerly Yusif) was born and raised in Iran. She immigrated to America in the late 40’s when she was twenty-six years old. In America, she met Cadell Heilyn. The two fell in love, got married and eventually had a son named Navid. The two opened up and ran a small hardware shop together. The shop was moderately successful and, although they were not wealthy, they had enough money to sustain themselves without having to worry for the future. On May 11, 1959, Cadell scratched his leg on a rusty nail protruding from the wall of the shop. The wound quickly became infected with Tetanus. He spent twenty-one days in the hospital, hovering between life and death, before the infection took his life. The hospital bills sent the broken family spiraling into debt and poverty. Aasera was forced to get three full-time, minimum wage jobs in an attempt to pay off the debt. She was allowed no time to mourn the loss of her husband, lest she loose her jobs. She kept up a very valiant fight for the next five years, until she became too exhausted to continue and gave up. Admitting defeat was deeply humiliating for her and she seldom smiled after that. After her husband’s death, Aasera spent all of her free time teaching her son and her grandchildren about her culture and heritage. She died at age 90.

Grandfather (paternal)—
Cadell Heilyn was born on a small farm in Merid, Wales. He immigrated to the United Stated of America in the early 30’s when he was just nine years old years old. In the USA, he met and married Aasera Yusif and had a son named Navid. The two opened up a small hardware shop together, and were moderately successful. Cadell died when Navid was seven, due to a leg wound that became infected.

Basil’s older brother was called Ravis. He began drinking and smoking from a very, very young age and joined a gang when he was 11. At age 21, he suffered a psychotic break and killed his younger sister, Opal, in a fit of rage. Basil killed him when she discovered what he had done.

Basil’s younger sister was named Opal. Opal and Basil were very close. Basil sacrificed everything trying to protect her sister from the horrors of the real world. She even got herself a job to pay for Opal’s education, despite not having an education herself. When Opal was only 6 years old, she was killed by her older brother, Ravis.

At age 13, Basil fell in love with a boy in her neighborhood and conceived a daughter, although he left town not long after receiving the news. She have birth at age 14, and named the little girl Opal, after her younger sister. However, she ultimately made the decision to give Opal up, in hopes that the little girl would live a better life. It is a decision that she still regrets to this day.

Basil is mostly Persian with some Welsh (and just a pinch of Irish and Swedish sprinkled in just for good measure, way in the back of her heritage) but she is closer to her grandmother’s culture.

Despite having been born and raised in America, Basil speaks with a distinct Iranian dialect as Persian was her first language, and the language she spoke most often at home.

Despite being the daughter of the Greek Titan Asteria, she considers herself to be a Muslim and practices her faith regularly. However, she only wears a hijab on special occasions as a symbol of her confusion about her divine Greek heritage and her Islamic faith.

Basil is demisexual and panromantic, meaning that she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to people unless there she has a strong emotional attachment to them. However, she feels romantically attracted to anyone, regardless of sex or gender.

Skin Tone—
Basil has very dark, coffee colored skin.

Eye Color—
Basil has a rare genetic disorder called Central Heterochromia Iridum, meaning that her eyes are two different colors. Her eyes are green and gold, with an amber ring around her pupil. Her left eye is more unique in that it has a large amber smudge  covering a portion of her iris.

Hair Color and Length—
Basil has long, dark brown hair that reaches her waist. Her hair has an ever so slight curl to it that she absolutely hates. She dyed two bubblegum pink streaks and a bright blue streak in her hair because she doesn’t want to look like somebody who’s lived their whole lives in poverty.


106 lbs.

Body Type—
She’s not even skinny, she’s just plain scrawny. She grew up malnourished and now she’s can’t put on any weight for the life of her. She’ll always have her ribs showing and her hips poking out. Coupled with the scars that cover her body, she has some serious body issues.

Basil considers herself to be very plain. Although she has the potential to be very beautiful, she doesn’t care enough about her appearances to put in the effort. She doesn’t wear make-up and she doesn’t do more than run a brush through her hair not only because she doesn’t care, but because she doesn’t know how. Nobody ever told her how to braid her hair or put on mascara so she doesn’t. Every once and a while she’ll ask an Aphrodite kid to re-dye her hair for her, but that’s about as far as she goes in terms of primping. She owns one pair of tennis shoes, two pairs of jeans, four solid colored shirts, a sweatshirt, and two hijabs, so she’s often seen wearing the same outfit for several days in a row. She makes it a point not to look at herself in the mirror because of her body image issues.

Basil fights with a Celestial Bronze baseball bat. It’s simple, inelegant, and straight to the point, much like herself. It’s the weapon she’s most familiar with, seeing as she grew up using a baseball bat to defend herself in the back alleyways of the Big Apple.

Basil’s idea of armor consist of a biking helmet and elbow and knee pads. She prefers maneuverability over protection and she’s too ignorant to understand why real armor would be beneficial in a sword fight. She figures that she’s tough and can take a hit or two. She does, in fact, own a set of standard armor. It's currently gathering dust under her bunk, seeing as she'll only use it during capture the flag and other such events/battles.

Basil owns a Rottweiler named Avory. She rescued the dog a number of years back when some boys were trying to drown her in the Hudson River. The dog is fiercely loyal and goes literally everywhere with her, including grocery stores (she pretends Avory is a service dog. She even went as far as to make her a fake service dog vest.) Avory is very well trained and can perform a wide range of tricks and tasks.  She’s also a very clever dog, and has no problem figuring out puzzles.

Skills and Talents—
1. Sewing: Basil is a master seamstress. She had to learn how to fix her own clothes and often times would make them herself using whatever materials she had.

2. Food: Basil can make anything taste good, not matter how old or spoiled it is. She knows how to cook things in such a manner that kills bacteria. She has a very strong stomach (after years of eating rotting fruit and maggot-filled meat). She knows what plants are edible and what plants are poisonous. She knows where to get free food, and what stores will let you root through their trash cans.

3. Street Smarts: Having been either homeless or a squatter for all of her life, she is incredibly street smart. She knows the inns and outs of the ghettoes and back alley: where the gang territories are, what stores are easy to rob, what stores will let you root through their trash cans, where to sleep when it gets cold, how to make your own weapons… ect.

4. Stealing: Basil is clever and nimble and knows how to pick someone’s pocket without them knowing. She also knows how to break into and hijack a car, and how to open a door without tripping the security alarm.

5. Art: Basil’s passion is graffiti art. She loves to work with spray paint.

6. Singing: Basil has always been a talented singer, ever since she was born.

1. Coin Collecting: New York City is filled with millions of people from all over the world. Basil loves to collect coins from other countries that she finds all over the city. Aasera taught her how to collect coins and gave Basil her collection when she died.

2. Rock Collecting: In certain cultures, people place rocks on gravestones each time they visit, instead of flowers. Basil adopted this tradition and collects smooth rocks and pebbles to place on her grandmother and sister’s graves next time she visits the cemetery.

3. Book Collecting: Despite the fact that she can barely read, Basil collects every book she comes across and stashes them in a safe, secret location with the hopes that someday she’ll be able to read them. It doesn’t matter what language the book is in, Basil is determined to learn them all.

4. Graffiti Art

5. Metal sculpture (using her powers)

1. Children and Animals: Basil has a kind heart and a patient, nurturing nature. She’s very good with animals and small children.

2. Love of Learning: Despite the fact that she was never able to go to school to get an education, Basil loves to learn. She is very curious and wants to know about everything.

3. Perspective: Having lived through so much in her life, Basil is very wise and is good at giving counsel and advice.

4. Bravery: Or perhaps stupidity or ignorance, Basil isn’t afraid of danger and has no problem going headfirst into any situation.

5. Persistent: Or perhaps stubborn. Basil always finishes what she starts. She never gives up, no matter how impossible it seems.

6. Clever: Basil is very intelligent and has a knack for thinking outside of the box.

7. Sharing/Sacrifice: People who are impoverished often share what little they have with one another. Basil is no different. She has no concept of “yours” and “mine”. Anything that’s hers is everybody else’s as well. She’s also very self sacrificing, willing to give up everything she has for someone else.

8. Gratitude: Having grown up with so little, everything she has she sees as a great blessing.

9. Loyal: She is very loyal towards the people she loves. She won’t give up on them ever. She won’t betray them and she won’t leave them behind.

1. Stubbornness: Basil has a hard time admitting defeat.

2. Uneducated: Basil never went to school and therefore doesn’t understand how the world works.

3. Impulsive: Having grown up homeless, Basil doesn’t understand the idea of saving things for the future. Growing up in poverty, there was no “in the future” there was only “now”. Because she doesn’t know how long things are going to last, she makes decisions impulsively, with no regard for the future.

4. Forgiveness: Basil is quick to judge and slow to forgive.

5. Apologizing: In the Lower Class, “I’m sorry” means “I’m sorry I did it this time.” as opposed to “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again”.  She doesn’t understand that apologizing means that she needs to change.

Favorite Food—
Pancakes. To Basil, pancakes are a symbol of happiness. She always wanted a normal, middle class life with pancakes for breakfast every day. Navid made it a point to make her the perfect pancakes every year on her birthday.

Favorite Color—
Blue and yellow. Blue and yellow remind her of the stars and the night sky.

Favorite animal—
The giraffe. She saw a picture of them once and immediately fell in love with them. They were just so ridiculous that she couldn’t help but love them. She once said that they reminded her of herself because they were freaks. She once tried to sneak into the zoo without paying (she never had enough money to pay) to see the giraffes, but she only got to the monkeys before she got caught.

Favorite Holiday—
Christmas. Christmas lights always look prettier at night. Everybody is so much friendlier around Christmas, too. Her happiest memories are of Christmas.

1. Food: Basil LOVES to eat. Food was hard to come by sometimes, so when there’s food, Basil eats it. She also hoards food because she doesn’t know when she’s going to be able to eat again.

2. Being warm: She spent so many nights out on the street in the middle of winter, that now any chance she has to be somewhere warm is a blessing.

3. Feeling safe: She almost never felt safe and secure out on the streets. She likes feeling like she has nothing to worry about.

4. The rain: The rain makes everything feel clean and news. She loves being able to watch the rain from inside somewhere warm. She especially loves rainbows.

5. Movies, T.V., and Plays: They were always a distraction for her. She likes to leave the T.V. on in the background while she works because the noise makes her feel less lonely.

6. The night: This should be obvious. Her mother is Titan of the Stars after all. She loves the stars, the city lights, and everything that comes with the night.

7. Anything soft: She absolutely adores anything soft. Blankets and stuffed animals are her favorite things ever.

8. The stars: She knows all the stars by name.

9. Animals: She loves animals, that’s all there is to it. She’ll rescue and care for any animal she sees.

10. Learning: She loves knowledge and she loves to learn.

11. Stories: She loves any and all kinds of stories, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, TV, books, or verbal, it doesn’t matter.

1. Money: Basil is worried that if she ever has too much money, she’ll forget all about her past life living in poverty, and she’ll become conceited and take everything for granted.

2. Snow: The snow is cold and miserable.

3. The dark: She loves the night, but she’s afraid of the dark.

4. Orange: Orange is a stupid color, obnoxious color.

5. Yelling: She doesn’t mind fighting, but she hates it when people raise their voice.

6. Racism, Sexism, and General Prejudice: Just because she’s a Muslim doesn’t mean she’s a terrorist. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s weak. Just because she’s poor and homeless doesn’t mean she’s somehow less than human. She hates it when people judge her unfairly.

7. Animal abuse: She can’t stand it. She’ll beat the ever living crap out of anybody she sees hurting an animal.

8. Endings: She hates endings. She hates goodbyes. She hates it when people leaves. She especially hates death.

9. Guns: Basil has seen too many gunfights, too many drive-bys, police shootings, ect. Too much death.

1. The Dark: It’s incredibly ironic. It’s not so much the dark that she’s afraid of, as it is the unknown. She’s afraid of what lurks out in the dark. She’s afraid that the darkness is going to take away everything she loves.

2. Being Alone: Basil has always been surrounded by her family. She’s terrified of being alone. She doesn’t mind being by herself sometimes, but she doesn’t like the idea have not having anybody she can rely on.

3. Being Abandoned: Stems from her fear of being alone.

4. Rats: Rats carry disease. Rats can kill.

5. Hurting Someone She Loves: She killed her own brother. She doesn’t want to do that ever again.

6. Loosing Control: She knows what it feels like to be completely helpless. It’s a feeling she never wants to experience ever again.

7. Dying: She’s worried she’s going to Hell for the things that she’s done.

8. Herself: More than anything else, she’s afraid of herself. She knows what she’s capable of. She’s a monster and she knows it.

1. Self-loathing: She can’t stand to look at herself in the mirror because she hates the person that looks back at her.  That person in a monster, a killer.

2. Guilt: Basil carries around this constant feeling of guilt because of what she’s done. She feels guilty about killing her brother, about being unable to protect her sister, about abandoning her daughter, about accidentally hurting her father, and so much more.

3. Entitlement: Basil is extremely bitter about everything she and her father have suffered through. She feels like the world owes her some kind of compensation.

4. Trust-Issues: Basil is very slow to trust.

5. Body Image Issues: As previously mentioned, Basil is scrawny and malnourished. There are scars covering her body from various fights. This is the other reason why she hates looking in the mirror.

6. Uneducated: Basil never went to school. Although her father and grandmother taught her a little bit, Basil is practically illiterate (however, she can read and write perfectly in Persian.) She can only do very basic addition and subtraction and knows next to nothing about how the world works.

7. Impaired vision: Basil is farsighted by was never able to get glasses because she could never afford them.

8. Uneven: Basil’s face is slightly uneven, her left eye and eyebrow being ever so slightly higher than the right.

At heart, Basil is a sweet, light, and fun loving girl. She’s very social: she loves being around people, talking to them and hearing their stories. She LOVES stories and she loves to learn about absolutely everything. She’s always asking questions about absolutely everything, and she loves thinking about really deep topics that makes most people’s heads hurt. She sees the world around her with wonder and naivety and the curiosity of a three year old. She believes in treating every person she meets with respect and equality. She’s very open and giving and always one to speak her mind. She’s very concerned with social justice issues, however she never does anything about them because she believes that her lower class/impoverished status prevents her from doing anything great. She chooses to see the best in people almost to the point of being naïve. However, she’s not naïve, she’s seen the monsters that human beings really are. But she chooses to see the best in them because if she didn’t she’s probably hang herself.

Despite her natural bubbliness, she chooses to shut her self off from the world. Not because she’s trying to protect herself, but because she grew up believing that she was somehow less than human: because she’s a girl, because she’s a Muslim, because she’s impoverished. She grew up with the mindset of “we” versus “them”. She doesn’t interact with other people because she believe that to them, she’s trash.

Basil has lived more in nearly twenty years than most people do in seventy. She’s seen more horrors and overcome more challenges than most people would ever dream of. She sees no reason to feel bitter about her past. To her, that’s just how life is. It’s hard, and it’s terrible, and it’s not going to get any better so you’d better just make the best of what you have. She lives for “now” and she doesn’t waste time dealing her past. The problem is that she never properly dealt with the issues she faced, so often times her past comes back to haunt her in the form of nightmares and flashbacks. The way she was taught, in her society, to deal with problems is to not talk about them. She pushes them away and bottles up her feeling and pretend like they happened to somebody else, not her. As a result, she’s become sort of twisted up inside. She’s not broken, she’s just tired.

Basil is a girl who never gave up on her fairy tales until her fairy tales gave up on her. She loved the world, but the world beat that love out of her.

1. Temporal Sense: Because the stars have been used to tell time for centuries, Basil has the ability to know the exact time and date down the millisecond without looking at a clock.

2. Spatial Sense: The stars have also been used, historically, to tell location. As a result, Basil knows exactly where she is at all times.

3. Immunity to bright lights: Hell, she could stare at the sun all day if she wanted to, and it wouldn’t do a thing.

4. The Stars: She knows the names of every single star in the night sky by heart, as well as what constellation they belong to.

5. Immunity to UV rays: Basil can’t sunburn. After all, the sun is just another star.

6. Immunity to Fire and Heat: Stars are just big balls of burning gas. Although she can’t control fire, she’s immune to its effects. This was the first power of hers to surface. She became known as the Girl with the Body that Never Burns in the neighbor hood she grew up in.

1. Earth Manipulation: Basil has the ability to control rocks, dust and iron (iron being the easiest to control) seeing as falling stars are meteors and meteorites which are comprised of rocks and metals (although most meteors are made up of iron, which is why iron is the easiest to control.) This is the weakest of all her powers.

a) Burrowing/Tunneling: Basil has the ability to create a 6’x3’ underground tunnel to walk in. This power is incredibly taxing and can only be done twice per topic and up to 100 meters on a good day. This usually takes only one post to perform and she must wait at least 15 posts before doing it again.

b) Earth/Metal bending: Basil can use earth and metal as a form of attack. She can control a chunk of rock up to 5’x5’. Metal (specifically iron) has always been easier for her to control, and she can control a chuck of iron about the size of a dumpster. The rock/iron has to be within a 25’ radius of her to control it. The maximum distance the object can be thrown/hurled is 50’. This power can be used up to forty times per topic (depending on the size of the object being manipulated.) This power only lasts one post but can be used every other post. The maximum velocity she can hurl rocks/metal at is 1,000 miles per hour (700 mph slower than the average bullet.) However, this can only be done with rocks that are no greater than ½ an inch in diameter (about the size of a 50. Caliber bullet.) The bigger the rock, the slower it travels. A 5’ x5’ chunk of rock will only be moving at 10 mph or so. It’s much more efficient for her to simply use smaller rocks/scraps of metal as projectiles.

c) Earthquake: Basil’s most taxing earth-based power, and it’s very hit or miss. Basil can cause the ground in a 50’ radius to shake in an earthquake that measures up to a 5.5 on the Richter Scale. She’s only ever pulled this off once in her life and it was so taxing that she was unconscious for a week and it just about killed her. This power can only be used once per topic and lasts between two and three posts depending on the duration of the earthquake.

2. Light Manipulation: The ability to create, shape, and manipulate visible light.

a) Invisibility: Basil can bend light so that she appears invisible. This includes her clothes, seeing as she’s bending light around her body instead of physically turning invisible. This is a power she has rehearsed many, many times and lasts up to 6 posts. It can be used three times per topic and has a cool down of 20 posts

b) Light Attacks: Using light, as a pure form of energy and heat, as an attack. The heat of the attack depends on how bright it is. The brighter the light, the more energy being emitted and turned to heat on contact. The maximum brightness she can produce is about 3,000 lumens (which is about the brightness of projector.) This translates to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

1. Light Sphere: She can create a soccer ball sized sphere of light to fire at an opponent. Can be used 20x per topic and can be used every other post. It only lasts a single post.

2. Light Beam: She can create a beam of light (up to 5” in diameter) to fire at an opponent. A continuous beam lasts for 15 seconds (up to two posts.)The attack and be done 15x a topic and has a cool down time of three posts. She can also make the beam come out of her eyes/mouth, simply for the sake of looking like Godzilla/superman.

c) Create/Increase/Decrease Light: Basil can create a sphere of light the size of a golf ball to illuminate the darkness. She can also increase the brightness of any light source until it’s as bright as burning magnesium (or until the lightbulb explodes, which usually happens first.) She can also decrease the brightness of a light source until it’s totally dark.

3. Stellar Manipulation: These are Basil’s most powerful attacks.

a) Stellar Wave: Basil can release a wave of stellar energy with enough force to knock an unsuspecting victim off other their feet (the wave exerts about 5,000 newtons of force, which is about the same as a really solid punch.) Travels outward in a 20’ diameter, getting weaker the farther away it goes. Can be done 7x per topic. It lasts only a single post, and has a cool down time of 5 posts.

b) Healing using Stellar Energy/radiation: One of the most powerful things Basil can do. The most she can heal is a hairline fracture of up to 3” long, or a deep cut/stab wound of up to 4” in length and 1.5” in depth. This power can be used only once per topic and usually only lasts a single post.

4. Necromancy: Powers involving the Dead. Basil can raise up the dead for the purposes of either information or protection. She can easily commune with the spirits of the deceased for information. She can summon up to 10 skeletons at one time to fight for her/protect her. The skeletons aren’t terribly strong, but they are rather annoying. They have a nasty habit of putting themselves back together, Iron Giant-style, if destroyed (they can only do this twice before they are destroyed permanently). The skeletons begin to disintegrate after nine posts or so. This power can be used up to three times per topic (depending on how many skeletons are summoned at a single time) and has a cool down time of fifteen posts.

Camp Status—
Year Rounder. However, she spends most of her time outside of camp, in the city, returning only to sleep or when it gets too cold.

Years at Camp—
Having arrived in camp shortly after murdering her brother, to date Basil has been at camp for nearly four years.

Life Before Camp—
Basil was born on December 21st, 1997. From a very early age, she proved to be a very compassionate individual. Although she had the opportunity to go to school, she dropped out shortly after starting the first grade, to work and earn money for their family. Her younger sister, Opal, was born a few years later. Basil almost immediately because Opal’s mother-figure. The two sisters were incredibly close. Basil gave up practically everything she had for her sister; all of the money she earned working odd-jobs went to Opal’s education. (She insisted her younger sister get an education, and even had a jar full of change labeled “Opal’s College Fund.)

On November 6, 2010, Basil gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Opal, after her younger sister. Opal (Basil’s sister) was overjoyed with the addition of a new family member, as was Basil’s father and grandmother (although it saddened them greatly that it had to happen under such tragic circumstances.) However, after spending the night with her daughter in her arms, she decided that she couldn’t allow her daughter to be brought up in the same circumstances she was brought up in. And, although the decision nearly killed her, she decided to give her daughter up. The decision still plagues her and she often wonders whether or not she made the right call. She likes to make plush toys out of bits of fabric she finds and give them to other homeless kids every year on November 6th.

One year later, another blow struck her life. Her older brother, Ravis, suffered from a mental break and killed her younger sister. That night, under the light of the stars, Basil avenged her sister’s death and killed her brother in cold blood. She was so horrified by what she had done that she attempted to kill herself. When her attempt failed, she ran away from home in order to protect her father and her grandmother. She left a suicide note for them to find, so they would believe she had killed herself and wouldn’t come looking for her. Twice now, she’s seen her father out on the streets looking old and grief stricken from loosing all three of his children. The guilt of her choice plagues her constant. She’s promised herself that someday, when she’s successfully escaped poverty, she’s going to find her father and rescue him, too.

Basil began developing her powers from a very early age. When she was only a few months old she sneezed and sent a beam of light shooting from her mouth. Surprisingly, she had relatively few run-ins with monsters considering her status as a demi-titan. It wasn’t until she ran away from home that the monster attacks become much more frequent. But even then, she had no problems handling herself. One day, several weeks after running away from home, she was spotted fighting a manticore by two half-bloods who were walking back to camp after a date. The demi-gods offered to take Basil back to camp and, although she was reluctant at first, she eventually relented and followed the young couple back to camp. When she was first introduced to Chiron (who was in his wheelchair disguise at the time) her first response was: “So, who are you, exactly? Professor X?” She still often refers to Chiron as Professor X, Camp Half Blood as the X Mansion, and half-bloods as Mutants.

RP Example—
“Baba! Baba!” Basil called out as she rushed into the small apartment that their family was currently squatting in.

Navid looked up from counter where he was preparing dinner for that night. “What is it sheereen-am?” he asked. The young girl was carrying a odd bundle that was soaking wet and almost appeared to move. “What have you got there?” he frowned, noticing that she was wet also. “And why are you all wet?”

“I saw some boys putting a puppy in a bag and they kicked it into the Hudson! So I jumped in after it!” Basil exclaimed, gesturing wildly. She knelt on the floor and unwrapped her tattered coat, revealing a shivering, shaking, puppy dog.

“How awful!” Aasera cried as she rushed to the side of the small dog.

“Did you beat ‘em up?” Opal asked.

“Opal!” Navid chided. “We do not ‘beat people up’! Violence isn’t the answer,”

“Yeah, but did you beat ‘em up?”  Opal asked again.

Basil nodded. “Punched ‘em right in the face!” She said with a grin. She turned to her father and said. “I’ve called her Avory,”

“You can’t keep her,” Navid shook his head.

“I have to! Otherwise, what was the point of saving her?” Basil asked.

“What will you feed her?”

“I’ll figure something out,” Basil said with an indignant huff.

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PostSubject: Re: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime11/18/2015, 1:53 pm

You say in her DOB section she was born in '97, but then say she was born in '96 in her LBC?

Family section:
- I acknowledge that tragic backstories are often very interesting, but tone down how dark a certain part of this is. Seriously. (You probably know what I'm referring to.)

You state she's a child of Nyx in her Religion section?

If you can find evidence of Asteria living in the Underworld, I'll let you keep the SI for her baseball bat.

For her armor, does she have a standard camp set? There's no way she'd ever be able to play CTF or be in an actual battle in just a bike helmet and elbow/knee pads.

- We only allow up to 10 powers, so you'll need to scrap some of those.
- Also, your limits should be formatted like so: She can do this x times per topic, the power lasts y posts per topic, and she must wait z posts between uses.
- Not sure if we allow light solidification anymore? I'll check but just be aware you might need to scrap those too, just in case.
- For her healing power, how long can the hairline fracture be at most? What's the worst flesh wound can she heal?
- 20 skeletons per summon is too much, take that down to 10.

- Did nobody, such as Child Protection Services or the local school district, try to track down Basil after she "dropped out" of the first grade? Like, legally she has to go to school until a certain age.
- If the house she was trapped in as a baby was on fire, wouldn't she still get hurt by falling debris and such?
- We don't allow kids to be claimed outside of camp.
- Also, who sent the demigods to find her? Why?
- How did she find the last group?

Kendall (Ares) Archer (Hecate) Avie (Soter) Stella (Ouranos) Aidan (Pyriphlegethon) Tempest (Aeolus) Bee (Melisseus) Nelly (Apollo) Benji (Thoth) Dana (Odyne) Mason (Hermes) Darwin (Hephaestus) Lucy (Somnus; First Cohort)Dorian (Legacy of Mefitis; Third Cohort)Ellie (Dionysus; Hunter of Artemis)

[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime11/18/2015, 7:24 pm

Sorry, I have the tendency to make things far darker than they need to be. I apologize. I removed the part I thought you were referring to, but there might be something else you want me to change.

Edited powers, and corrected the minor errors that needed correcting.

I did take that into consideration when I wrote the form, however kids in public school systems, especially in an impoverished, lower-class, inner-city area, often times will fly under the radar and slip through the cracks completely unnoticed. Especially, given the fact that she is homeless/squatting in an apartment and has no real address, I think that it's entirely possible for Basil to have slipped out of the school system completely unnoticed. However, if you still want me to change it, I'd be more than happy to.
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PostSubject: Re: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime11/22/2015, 5:35 pm

You're going to have to specify more limits as to the powers, such as how much they burn etc
Your last ability would also be a power, not ability

She had a baby in 2010
Brother went mad year later, so 2011
She came to camp shortly after so still assuming 2011
But she's only been at camp 2 years?
So it could only be 2013 for this character

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Steve Rogers

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PostSubject: Re: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime11/25/2015, 6:26 pm

After doing a whole bunch of research about light and energy and heat, I think I've come up with a suitable limit (hopefully?)

Nevertheless, the form has been edited.
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The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime12/4/2015, 12:24 pm

- What's the highest fire temperature she can withstand?

- Okay. So you're gonna need to increase the limits of her metal/rock bending -- you'll need a longer cooldown between every usage, as well as reduce the number of times per topic she can use this.
- Dumpsters vary in size, so you'll need to be more specific about her size limit.
- Reduce the speed of how fast she can launch the .5in rocks -- we're not letting you launch it 1000mph because there's little way people can dodge or otherwise get around it. Keep it under 100mph.
- Increase the light sphere cooldown and reduce the number of times she can use it per topic.
- How far does the light beam extend at most?
- You need to tell us for how long she can increase/decrease the brightness of something, as well as the time limit to her golfball-sized light sphere. (I would think the latter would count under her original light sphere power anyway? It's basically the same thing, only a lot smaller and capable of less damage.)
- How much weaker does the stellar energy wave get as it hits the maximum range it can go?
- Width of the worst gash she can heal?
- Communicating with the dead would be an ability, not a power.
- Also, reduce how long the skeletons will stay with her to 5-6 posts or under.

- For the school situation: I do understand it would be fairly easy for her to stop going to school, being homeless/with lots of other kids for the schools to worry about, but legally someone has to notice and try to look?
- How frequent were the monster attacks after she ran away from home?
- What kinds of monsters attacked her throughout her life?
- Even if she's a demititan, she's still going to be fairly inexperienced in combat (and maybe using her powers) -- did she defeat the monsters entirely, run away from them, what did she do?

Kendall (Ares) Archer (Hecate) Avie (Soter) Stella (Ouranos) Aidan (Pyriphlegethon) Tempest (Aeolus) Bee (Melisseus) Nelly (Apollo) Benji (Thoth) Dana (Odyne) Mason (Hermes) Darwin (Hephaestus) Lucy (Somnus; First Cohort)Dorian (Legacy of Mefitis; Third Cohort)Ellie (Dionysus; Hunter of Artemis)

[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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PostSubject: Re: The Girl with the Body that Never Burns   The Girl with the Body that Never Burns Icon_minitime

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The Girl with the Body that Never Burns
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