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 Serena- daughter of Calliope

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PostSubject: Serena- daughter of Calliope   Serena- daughter  of Calliope Icon_minitime12/7/2015, 11:22 pm

Name: Serena White


Gender: female

Eyes: carmel

Hair: dark brown


Body Type: fit

Skin Color: tan

God Parent: Calliope

Mortal Parent: Kary White

Country of Origin: Austin Texas, USA

Pets: cat named Snow

Talents: writing, singing

Weapon: Celestial bronze dagger set

Personality: Serena is easy going unless something close to her heart is brought up. She tries to cover her emotions with jokes that people usually take to be mean. While she loves people she finds crowds overwhelming. She is very very friendly, but because of this she has many shallow friends and has a hard time trusting at first. Her most noticeable traits are her loyalty, brutal honesty, and humor.

Flaws: Prideful, clumsy, allergic to most animals, and is violent when pushed.

Abilities: Can memorize and recite any poem after reading it once

Powers: none

Life Before Camp: She had a nice life. She wasn't very wealthy living with her father who was an unsuccessful author, but she didn't mind as she spent most of her time writing. She had a popular anonymous blog, and had won many poetry competitions. On the week of her 11th birthday she had her first monster attack. A satyr had to escort her to camp. Although she never met her mom personally she felt she had seen her in every cloud, flower, person, book, or emotion that had inspired her. Which in a way was true. When she worked up the nerve to contact her father she found he had already moved on, He hadn't known she was a demigod, and was not exactly warm to the idea. While he invited her to come back he did not sound welcoming.

RP Example: I run down the hill, holding up my belt. I can see the others pairing up. If I get paired with Celeste again I will actually die. I try to pick up my pace but lose my footing in the dewy grass. I tumble down the hill, my daggers, luckily sheathed, jab into my knee. I roll to a stop a few feet away from everyone. A shadow looms over me. I look up to see the bright red hair of Celeste.
"looks like you're my partner buddy."

Any notes about your characters: Loves milk. Will pet any animal she is allergic to.
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Serena- daughter of Calliope
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