Never Perfect, Always Awesome [open]

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Never Perfect, Always Awesome [open]

Post by The Cheshire Cat on 12/24/2015, 6:20 am

It had been weeks since Terra had been anywhere except the campgrounds, today was a nice change of pave for her in all honesty. With Christmas right around the corner and all her shopping done for her close friends she had decided on visiting a local café and finishing up a few more Pokémon Battles with some friends of hers she had met online over the years. After finishing a battle with a gym leader, Terra set her 3DS down and went back to her phone to tell Alice and Nerissa she was going to be a little late to their holiday screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Neri, who was more than ok with this, told the demigod they wouldn't start the movie without her and to enjoy being outside of camp for Christmas this year instead of panicking with her family like years past. Alice replied similarly but told her that she wouldn't wait forever, since a queen waits for only as long as she chooses. It was odd. Terra had no real friends who were 'normal' even as far as demigods went but somehow Alice talking about when she was queen was totally normal to her own mind. Setting down her phone Terra sipped at her peppermint coffee and simply enjoyed being out in the fresh winter air of New York City.
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