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The most fearsome of all the creatures and species of all time. Their gorgeous physique and hypnotic gaze make them sought after lovers for all, most notable were the royalty who would hold contests almost to see who had the most attractive vampire. This wasn't just one sided though. A true vampire drinks scarlet red blood but a royal drinks blood from a mortal they claim. These mortals are often labeled as anything from Gifts, Pets and Slave to a pet name a vampire may give them if they wish to treat them better than most. The most notable royalty amongst any of the kingdoms was that of the house Everstar, the only recorded line of vampires to have lived since the land bridge of Scove was formed and they laid claim to the land. Everstar was a household name that every one in all of Grimmdale, no matter race or region, knew as the true kinds and queens of their land. It was said that sometime, around the tie of the death of King Wint'thas after the battle of the tribes, that the once large kingdom split into five.

The Humans rushed to claim the open fields of Samia ,near the southern part of Grimmdale, the elves claimed the darkest part of the forest they could find, also known as the Lycerian Forest, dwarves did what anyone else would have suspected and headed for the high fells of Ragnor near the very tip of the land in hopes of living away from the large crowds. It wasn't until the largest of the three races had claimed their places did the Anamorphs choose where they were to live. As race of Animalia, these creatures were often sought after for their skill in combat as well as a labor force amongst the race of man living in Samia. The Anamorphs never set on a place to lay claim but rather enjoyed wandering with small villages and traveling wherever their free minds would take them. The vampires remained where they were rightfully found, at the center island in the growing city of Fairkeep surrounded by the lake so rightfully named the Sea of Scarlet, her rivers running as red as blood without a single drop of it in the waters. For centuries there was relative peace amongst the races, the vampire not traveling far from Fairkeep unless a meeting called for it. But after the Battle of Gohm the vampires and Anamorphs were even more of an outcast than before and were often shunned from society. In doing so, Anamorphs and vampires set up their own council of elders, to which once a calandrical year they would meet with the elders of the humans elves and dwarves. Our story begins after the wars and failed diplomacy between races and with an unlikely Anamorph. Night has fallen on the city as the vampires wake and the Anamorphs begin their nightly prowl through the city.

With none of the holidays nearing anytime soon Nahila Leeta scoured the streets for some thing to do in regards to even being awake at this time of night, of course it didn't help that her ancestors were nocturnal. With her feline eyes darting around in the night as her paws made no sound walking on the pavement. The pads of her feet were starting to cool as she stopped in front of a store window, usually scheduled to open about this time but had not yet flipped the sign from close to open. It was curious, the farther and farther a holiday got the later and later night stores opened. If this kept up there would most definitely be a conversation between the King and his council in regards to Fairkeep. Turning round the Anamorph began walking along the street again with her tail swishing behind her casually. It was warmer in the summer years and in turn it lead to breathable clothing, more so for Anamorphs who had fur or feathers. Nahila was dressed to keep cool and bolt if necessary, with a pair of fabric leggings as well as a half top and underthings to keep what needed to be in place exactly there; in place. Pushing some of her blonde and black hair behind one of her pointed ears she continued her walk through the quant streets of Fairkeep, saying good evening to those who she often passed her during her other evening walks. With moon high arriving shortly she wondered if there would be any of the older vampires in the streets to mingle with her brothers and sisters that lived here. Vampires and Anamorphs were some of the only creatures who actually got along so well they would often inhabit cities and villages together, making small societies. Nahila was never one for traveling with vampires but she often liked talking with them and had wondered if tonight would be another night full of conversation between the young vixin and a vampire from years before she was born.

That was when she saw him. It was uncommon to see a royal vampire in their own region or kingdom but seeing the crown prince of Grimmdale was something to forever behold. Nahila felt her heart race a little at the site of him with his guard, who looked rather annoyed to have to follow the prince through the village. Letting a small laugh escape through her pointed teeth the girl smiled to herself and proceeded to walk closer to them, noticing how confused the prince was upon seeing the different patterns in some fruit and she had decided that it would be best to help and avoid the prince picking something deadly at market. As she approached the man she noticed that one of her friends Assin was working the stall and smiled as she exchanged a typical Anamorphic greeting with her, gripping her one ear as she did to the other on Nahila’s person. It was odd to outsiders, and the prince definitely seemed to notice, but it was sort of a sign of them being different from everyone else in Grimmdale including the vampires who simply looked like more attractive humanii.

“Many greetings to you sister,” Assin said as her feline ears and tail twitched slightly, getting the same response from Nahila who had turned then to the crown prince of her lands.

“To what do the fair people of Grimmdale owe the pleasure of having his highness amongst the common?” Nahila asked giving a small and yet respectable bow as her bushy tail dipped between her legs and her ears flattened against her head. Like her ancestors before her it was common to be submissive like such in front of higher.

“I am looking to inquire something new for my home but have no idea what is safe and my guardsman is not knowing in fruit from Samia. Would you by chance know of what is safe and what is not?” The vampire asked with slight bashfulness.

Nodding her head and turning to Assin the two began what looked like the beginnings of war. Hisses and growls sounded softly as the two bickered in their native tongue about pricing and quality one could assume. The prince and guardsman both looked between the girls as Nahila slammed her clawed hands on the counter and pointed to a batch of fruit that looked as if it was spoiled. Assign continued to argue as she bagged the fruits and held it in front of her waiting for coin. Now this was something that she had few of but since it was for one of the royal family the young Anamorph decided to spend some coin and in turn handed over a single gold coin, the only one she had in fact. Holding the bag out for the crown prince after purchasing the food she smiled a kind and sharp-toothed smile as he took it and looked at the rotten looking food.

“Those are Baba fruit. Trust me, they taste way better than they look your highness,” Nahila said before giving another and turning to walk away from the stall as well as the two palace vamps.

She could have been nicer, especially since it was the crown prince of Grimmdale but there were reasons to her frankness, one of which was due to a rogue Blood who had killed her father and taken her mother as his prize and then proceeded to leave a young Anamorph homeless and without a link to any of her family. Pulling her hair high and tying it in on itself the girl continued to walk through the evening, eventually running into Rueathanglas and striking up a conversation with the magi of water about life in Lycium with the other magi and even a few of the royals from other nations. Glas was respectable as far as other magi went and took his studies very seriously so he wasn’t too shocked to find out that there was nothing interesting to tell her. Frowning ever so slightly the fox began walking again and this time her friend accompanied her as well. So few magi still followed the old practices and that was even considering that there were so few magi in all of the land as is. With a flick of her tail the immortal turned to Glas and began wondering why he was even in town still, the holidays had all passed and there were still three more years of winter.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Glas, but why are you here exactly? Holidays are over and there are no high holidays coming up anytime soon. Shouldn’t you be a Lycium now?” She asked, her animal curiosity getting the better of her in the end of it all.

Glas, who smiled kindly to his little Anamorph friend, seemed to have been expecting a question of this sort with his grey hybrid eyes glowing softly in the night, ”Magi Lilith has given me some time off in order to sort of regain my vampiric nature was how she worded it. I have been so in depth with my studies that I was apparently freaking out some of the students and staff.”

Nahila giggled softly to herself. She had known Glas for his entire life and it was true that he would become infatuated with learning to the point of not doing much of anything else other than eating and the occasional sleeping. When he was no more than about thirty or so, the young vampire locked himself in his room for a year or two straight to learn about the history of Grimmdale and her races. His mother was getting so worried that she sent a post for Nahila and when the Anamorph arrived she literally kicked in the door to his room, finding a slightly startled young Hybrid with hundreds of books thrown about. Lord Uridan was shocked and sent his wife, Trislee, to get the door taken off his room so as to prevent this in the future, it wasn’t until he was three hundred that he finally got his door back on it’s frame.

The two parted ways not long after they began walking but it was still nice to see her old friend again after all these years. Lycium was about a three or four days journey from Fairkeep and by horse it wasn’t all too bad but on foot even the most experienced travelers grew exhausted quickly. Nahila wasn’t going to be the one amongst the lines of Queen’s Daggers to fall victim to ill planned traveling so she tended to stay in the city and surrounding area. With Glas now gone it left the Queen’s Dagger with plenty of time to go and train in the palace with one or two of the other Daggers.

Now, some would think this life was easy and all you did was some advanced swordplay for combat but what is a dagger exactly? A dagger in physical terms is basically a shortened sword for easy access and means of killing. A true Dagger though, that was a weapon in physical form. Nahila trained every day from nearly dawn till late after on many different weapons and styles.

PLEASE READ THIS STUFF HERE!This is not a complete first chapter yet so please critique respectively. Also, if any of you would like to have one of your characters from CHB or even yourself put into this story either PM me and I will give you a small form to fill out so I know how to put them in or let me know here after you critique the writing I have done. Please also keep in mind that this is a world which I made up on a whim so things are still getting smoothed out (don't kill it yet Kenny you can later).
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Warrior Born
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