High Flying [me and morgan]

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High Flying [me and morgan]

Post by The Cheshire Cat on 1/21/2016, 8:42 am

With Malik being a little worse for wear after his younger sister just schooled his @ss in the arena the son of Thanatos did what any sensible demigod would do; go hide in the stables with his favorite pegasi. Piper was standing in the stall and looked as bored as Malik was most day, then again that was mostly due to the amount of attention his Vitiligo spots were getting. His scythe nicely tucked away and folded in it's sling on his back the demigod smiled at his friend and produced a sugar cube from his pocket. Seeing as most afternoons were spent with James and his siblings the teen felt bad that he and Piper hadn't been seeing each other as often and had decided on spoiling her today. Opening the stall doors he motioned for her to follow him and when they reached the warm son Malik took a brush and began to groom her as she seemed to enjoy the warmth of the rays. Humming some Latin songs his adopted mother taught him the acrobat relaxed and rolled his eyes as his wrist began to twitch and spaz before it stopped as fast as it had started.

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