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Post by Rick Sanchez on 1/29/2016, 1:47 am

After the breaking up, Aiden immediately regret his decision. He was angry because he felt deserted. He briefly wept, for about a few minutes. But now he got over it, and he needed to get away from Camp. Today he wore athletic clothings, comprises of: running jeans, a jumper over a white tank top and Nike sneakers (Nike would be proud). He had his earphones plugged into his iWatch and he strolled down the hallway of the mall. He had quit his sparring training today. His head looked downwards, his hood over his head. He wore his sunglasses, which made him unrecognizable on first sight.

Aiden walked withTwo Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth drumming in his ears. He didn't look at anyone approaching, he only glanced up enough to watch out not to crash into anyone. But he was careless. Aiden increased his pace and ran into someone, hurtling the both of them to the ground. "Ow!" he cried. "Watch wh-" he was halfway through cursing when a familiar face struck him.
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