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 The Second Dimension

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Heya! This story has been going around in my head for a really long time (since 3rd grade actually) but it has changed a lot since then. I'll stop talking and let you guys read the story for yourselves.

Chapter 1:
"She's here."
It echoed within what I assumed to be a cavern. It was so dark I couldn't even see five feet ahead of me. I was about to tell myself, 'Don't be scared,' when I realized I barely remembered my name.
Lili. Just Lili. I couldn't remember my last name. I couldn't remember much, really. I remembered I was 13, and I was a girl (duh). Besides that, my memory was completely wiped.
A light illuminated the room. I saw a boy at the top of a ledge not too far from me. It seemed he was generating the Light out of thin air. 'I must be having a really weird dream,' I thought.
For some reason, that boy nodded towards the shadows.
Suddenly, I felt a needle insert itself into my neck. I was overcome with drowsiness, and the world went black.

I heard a voice say. I hoped I had woke up back home and what just happened was some crazy dream. I don't know who would be talking to me, though.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was on a bed. The room wasn't anything fancy, really: just a closet, the bed, and a nightstand. I saw a girl sitting on a end of my bed; 14, probably.
"Who are you?" I asked. My head starting pounding, as if talking had triggered some sort reaction that made my head hurt.
"Don't talk. I remember when I first came here. It's better to just rest, trust me." She looked straight at me. She had medium-length brown hair, and blue eyes that sparkled like diamonds. Something told me that was rare. "I'm Katie, by the way. I would ask your name but you shouldn't talk right now. Plus, they already told me."
I would've exclaimed, 'Wait WHAT?!?' if I hadn't been restrained to silence. Or maybe I wouldn't have. I saw a paper and pen on the nightstand and wrote it out instead, giving it to Katie.
"Oh, you don't know?" She giggled. "The twins brought you back here. It's kinda like a job for them. They like to call it the 'Twin Attack'. Or at least Brendan does."
I wrote out 'Who's Brendan? And twins? I never heard anything about that.'
"Oh, Brendan. He's Braydon's twin brother. You know, the one you probably never saw but made you pass out with this syringe. They did the same to me a long time ago. In fact, it's been a long since anyone came here."
"Of course you don't know where you are. Welcome to the Second Dimension."
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The Second Dimension
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