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 Kronos's Revenge

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PostSubject: Kronos's Revenge   Kronos's Revenge Icon_minitime2/13/2016, 4:35 am

Yayyyy, this is another PJO fanfic which I am attempting futilely to make. But enjoy it anyway! Takes place between The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero. You may ask why I destroyed so many things and killed so many significant characters that would appear in TLH, but things will be cleared up if I ever make it to the next chapters

The following takes place six months after the Battle of Manhattan. I kept it, but eventually, Lethe, who had sided with Kronos during the Third Titanomachy, erased it from my memory and apparently everyone else at New Camp Half-Blood. I only found it recently in a box in my mom's apartment's attic, tattered after three years. Keep on reading.



The Titan War tore North America apart. Immediately following the Battle of Manhattan (actually a few weeks after), riots consumed the continent. Hundreds of cities fell into the state of anarchy, chaos ensued, and Camp Half-Blood was in turmoil.

If you haven't read my first 5 stories, then, hello. My name is Percy Jackson. I'm 16 years old, and this is the story of how America was destroyed for six months, then recovered in one week.

I'm a demigod. What does that mean? Basically, you're half-mortal and half-god. One of your parents are Greek gods. I supposed I mentioned Greek gods do exist?

Anyway, the Second Titanomachy which lasted for a year, or otherwise called the Titan War, The Second Olympian War or the Wrath of Khan Kronos had sent a shock across America. During Typhon's rampage, he ravaged most of the continent, destroyed hundreds of cities and killed hundred thousands of people in his wake. And some of you said it couldn't send such a huge panic. Well, it did. You lost.

But then we realized the riots were the least of the threats.

After the Olympian's decisive victory in the Battle of Manhattan, Hecate defected against Kronos and the Titan Army. Enraged, the mangled soul of Kronos ordered Hecate to be destroyed. (I don't know how, she's immortal, so he might have to deprive her of her soul). Hecate fled, and went into hiding. And the Mist dissipated because of her disappearance.

And now, monsters ravage the world, plummeting the Earth into a new era of chaos as monsters swarm the streets, slaughtering mortals. The gods became overpowered and closed down Olympus. With the gods powerless, demigods were to be hunted to the point of extinction.

Kronos, hosting the last fragment of his soul inside a demigod named Mark, who was Kronos's son, marched upon Camp Half-Blood.

Lemme narrate the story of what happened on those faithful two days.

The beginning of our new school year was supposed to be pleasant. But with the hurricane that swept America, no one had a smile on their faces. Even me and Annabeth had to pretend that we were frightened of the destruction, albeit deep inside, we were cheering after Kronos's presumed death.

"Greetings, freshmen and sophomores!" announced the principal. No one bothered to smile or clap. "And another pleasant school year has started."

Silence. No one chattered.

"Oh—well then, let us begin with the first introduction for our freshmen. Sophomores are not required to listen to this section. So, as usual, classes are sorted through—" said the principal, but at that point, I stopped listening and rested my back against the fold chair. I held my hand with Annabeth, who was still listening to the principal's long speech. She wore a regular Yankees cap (which I had a hard time distinguishing from her magical Yankees invisibility baseball cap), which she tucked her hair into. She wore faded jeans, along with a blue t-shirt underneath a thin Gillet. She wore Nike sneakers while I wore Reeboks. My own outfit was slightly different from hers: jeans, dark green t-shirt and leather jacket.

I thought about our time together. First time she met me, and she said 'You drool while you sleep'. Very friendly introduction indeed. But we've gone through countless adventures together, all of them infinitely dangerous. Then a week ago, we officially became a couple when she kissed me. Twice.


I yelped and jumped in my seat, almost landed face-first on the floor. In the midst of a quiet crowd, a sneeze would've made hundreds of heads turn toward the noise. Leave alone yelping. All the heads in the audience snapped toward me. Annabeth prevented me from falling, but she was surprised herself.

"Are you okay, son?" asked the principal. My future step-dad Paul Blofis looked at me, frowning from the teachers' seat. He was a teacher at this school and his job was both being my dad, and being my teacher. In a way, it was weird.

"What are you doing, Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth leaned closer and murmured out of earshot.

"I heard someone calling my name." I replied, gasping.

"Mr…erm—Jackson, yes, Mr Jackson, what's wrong?" the principal repeated his question.

"I'm fine, sir." I replied, sitting down at my seat.

"You sure you don't need to go down to the nurse's office?" he asked, his voice full of concern, although it boomed through the speakers like a bomb. I liked Goode High School because of two things: one, Paul is one of the teachers, so if I forget my homework or so from him, he would check it personally at home; and two, principal Jenner was a really nice guy.

"I'm fine, Mr Jenner." I called out to him. With a pleasant grin, the principal looked down at the papers and continued his speech.

When I sat back down on my seat and focused forward, Annabeth's hand shot out and blocked my mouth before I could yelp again, as I saw the gloomy vision of Grover in front of me. My satyr friend has been with me since I was 12. We have a sorta empathy link, so if he dies, I die, and reverse. From the top, he wore a beanie, which wasn't like him at all. His goatee had already grown to look like one of the monks from China. His skin was tanned after a week. I figured the satyr must've gone on a tanning spree. He wore an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, although he wasn't a demigod.

"Grover!" I cried. "What are you doing?"

"Sorry Percccy!" he bloated. "I didn't know you were at school right now!"

"You think?" I replied, my voice was a mutter. "Call me back in five."

"Wait no, Perc-" his voice was cut off as I wave my hand in front of me and the Iris-message dissipated.

"Seaweed Brain, what are you doing?" Annabeth asked, releasing my hand from her grip.

"To the hall." I said, before standing up. The principal didn't notice me, as he was deep in his speech. I quietly crept through the columns of chairs, until I was by the door, with my girlfriend by my side. Paul must've noticed us, because he was blocking us by the door.

"Where are you two going?"

"Camp calls. No time to explain."

Paul sighed, as he took out his teachers' key and unlocked the gym door. Me and Annabeth exited, as Paul closed the door behind him.

"Percy!" Grover's voice broke out from behind me, and I turned around.

"I-I'm here. What's the commotion?" I asked, my hands tucked inside my pocket. Ever since I saw Paul kill a monster in the Battle of Manhattan, I've grown to trust him. And I think if I asked him to leave, it would be a no. So he stood by us as Grover continued.

"The Council—I mean the Cabins Counselors had gathered. Chiron has an emergency announcement to make. They're calling you and Annabeth in." he explained, his tone urgent.

"What announcement?" Annabeth interrupted.

"It looks like the Counselors are preparing for another war. The Council of Cloven Elders had rejected the possibility of another conflict, and it appears I'm the only one on the Counselors' side." Grover bloated.

A third war? Wasn't the Titan War enough? I complained in my head.

"Right now?" Annabeth continued.

"No. Tomorrow. A bunch of other foreign Cabin Leaders are forced to fly back to Camp. The Counselor for the Morpheus Cabin won't be back till high noon tomorrow. So we're calling in as many as possible." Grover recalled. "Get here as quick as possible?"

"Okay." Annabeth finished the conversation. Grover dissipated the Iris-message. Me and Annabeth exchanged nervous looks.

"So, I suppose you're going to have to abandon your first day of school, and join this battle?" Paul asked abruptly.

"I suppose." I shrugged. "I mean, it's war."

"Fair enough. Go to the front door. I'll go get the car keys in my office."

Annabeth shrugged. I guess that's a cue for I suppose. Paul nodded, before darting off to the teachers' office up the second floor. Meanwhile, me and Wise Girl made our way toward the door. We walked at a calm pace, because we knew either way, Paul was gonna come out later than we would. Although there's an elevator that is linked to the garage beneath the structure of the school, Paul's gonna take at least ten minutes to do all of that.

As we reached the front door, Annabeth pushed it open wide. The air felt warm, the wind blew against our faces. Apollo was riding the sun normally above our heads. It was barely nine A.M. Even when most people in New York City had already been at work, traffic here never rests. Many citizens suffer from insomnia primarily because of the heavy traffic, flooding the streets even at the dead of night. The only time we found the city quiet was a few weeks ago, during the opening of the Battle of Manhattan. And the quietness didn't last for long.

"So, what do you reckon this is gonna be about?" I asked.

"Hopefully not another war with the Titans. I've had enough of Titan Wars." Annabeth replied coldly. I knew why she hated the War. Her old friend, whom Annabeth said he loved him as a brother, was one of the prime casualties. He'd sacrificed himself to destroy Kronos. She didn't want to accept that his death was for nothing. I noticed a tear slithering down her cheek, which I decided that I needed to comfort her. I walked to her and wrapped one arm around her, pulling her closer and lean toward me. She didn't protest.

"Thanks, Percy." she said gratefully.

We separated, immediately followed by the vrooming of a car. Paul's Prius rode out of the tunnel, and he looked like he ran for miles. Annabeth departed before me, and we occupied the back seat.

The car parked in front of the gate to Camp Half-Blood. The letters were in Greek, but since all demigods are part Greek, it automatically translated to Camp Half-Blood.

"Be careful you two. I'll tell Sally about it. She'll understand. Just make sure to Iris-call her tonight. And try to make it back for dinner befo—"

"Dad!" I cried. Rarely do I ever call Paul dad. I had two dads. Poseidon the sea god is my biological father whilst Paul was my step father. Paul is just so embarrassing and overprotective sometimes, exactly like my mom Sally. Probably why they fell in love in the first place, and why they got together.

"Alright, son. Have a safe trip, you two. And Perce, don't forget your homewo—"

"Paul!" I protested.

"Alright alright." Paul smirked, before pressing his foot on the gas and the car drove away.

Both of us waved at him, before the car went out of sight. Then we turned around and walked up the hill toward Camp.

Then an opaque figure appeared in front of us. It exploded in a cloud of mist and fire, which threw the both of us to the ground.

"PERCY JACKSON." The voice bellowed through the mist. I pulled Riptide out of my pants, and tossed the cap away. The pen grew into a full-size Celestial bronze sword.

"Do I know you, O Mist of Unknowingness?" I asked sarcastically. Annabeth raised her dagger, but she wasn't as enthusiastic as I was.

"RAGGHR!" roared the voice. It was humanoid, but I couldn't understand how did it snarl like a monster. Then, the mist dissipated immediately and a figure appeared.

It was a human. Or he. He was circa 16 to 17 like I was, so I'd say he's a demigod. He wore dark trousers, combat boots, along with a dark t-shirt, and trainers. He had a dark complexion, with closely cropped black hair, and a strong build. What bothered me most, is his golden eye. It was bright, and seemed soulless.

"You don't recognize me?" the demigod snarled. He took out his sword, which blazed into flames. Then it continued to fail to surprise us by growing an extra fiery blade from the bottom of its hilt.

"Lemme guess then, O Someone Who Doesn't Even Resembles Kronos." I said sarcastically, although I was certain this guy was Kronos, with the golden eye and fiery attitude. "Leroy?"

"ARGHH!" Kronos snarled. At least I think he was Kronos for now. I realized I just made a catastrophically horrible mistake of teasing him. He snapped his fingers, and suddenly we froze in place. Me and Annabeth lunged at him, but we were moving in slow motion.

"Hah!" Kronos yelled in triumph. He slowly made his way down to the me, where I moved slowly, Riptide slashing through the air, but harmless at this speed. Yep, definitely Kronos. But he wasn't supposed to be this powerful. "Jackson, last time you'd let that brat Castellan end me." Kronos emphasized Castellan with disgust. "From the day I recruited him, something told me I shouldn't hire this brat. He was untrustworthy. But he had a terrible grudge against the gods, which was the only thing I needed. Now he's useless. But, I suppose..." he smirked, as he moved toward Annabeth and grabbed her by her chin.

"You, last time, because of you that Castellan had turned against me. So, shall we make a trade, Jackson?"

No!, I yelled in my mind.

"Very good." Said Kronos, "I will take her soul."

NO!, I kept yelling in my head, my mouth trying to open but failed to.

"In trade for THIS."

Kronos's double bladed sword suddenly turned into a scythe. He smashed the scythe down the ground, which began to open cracks and then, a dark mist rose from it. Before I could question what it was, I looked both in joy and horror at the person that materialized in front of me.

The demigod had dirty blond hair, with a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and faded jeans. He wore Adidas sneakers (which was an insult to Nike), and most notable was a scar which ran across his face. The claws of a dragon's result.

Luke. But how? Luke was reborn. It would be impossible to salvage his soul.

"And, to fulfill the deal." Said Kronos, before slashing at Annabeth. All my senses told me to lung at Kronos at high speed. But I was stuck in slow motion. I dropped Riptide, which began to float mid-air. And Kronos's scythe struck Annabeth. Instead of being pierced, Annabeth exploded in a cloud of mist into nothingness.

"NOOO!" I yelled in despair, which somehow broke the charm. The environment around me sped up and my speed returned to normal. I lunged at Kronos, and the Titan didn't have time to react as a sword slashed him on the ribs. The blast threw him a few meters away, his scythe skittering away from him. He attempted to grab the scythe, but I slashed it away with Riptide. Kronos backed against a tree.

"Hah, Jackson, you can't defeat me. I am more powerful than ever. Enjoy the last days of the world of the gods. While it lasts." I was about to finish him mercilessly, when his golden eyes blazed. A dark cloud flew out of his mouth and dissipated, the scythe exploding into mist as well. And the kid in front of me sat beneath the tree, unconscious, with a large wound near his ribs.

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"Please seated."

Chiron's sad voice rang out, and all of the Cabin Counselors sat down at the table. The Council Room was redesigned after the Battle of Manhattan. There was an orange flag hanging on the wall, with the picture of a galloping pegasus. On top of it was the head of a wild boar, crossed by two Celestial bronze swords. There was an emergency stack of weapons loaded inside a cart, which stood in the corner. Filled inside were Celestial bronze weapons of all kind: swords, axes, bows, arrows, quivers, even a few guns, etc. If the Council ever gets attacked, we would take the supply and defend. Or when the armory runs out of weapons, we take from it. There was also a clock hanging on the wall, with both the hour hand and the minute hand Poseidon's trident. I loved it, so I ordered the Hephaestus demigod who made it to make me a duplicate.

Today, I wore dark jeans, along with the standard Camp Half-Blood orange t-shirt, combat boots, and a watch (which was also a duplicate of the clock on the wall). I sat at the end of the table, which had three seats, but since there are no Zeus or Hades demigods (Nico disappeared, according to my sources), I was the sole occupant. After I forced the god into an oath to claim their children and build them cabins, we had to expand the table so that the minor gods' cabin counselors get a seat.

"As you are informed of…" he said, his voice bitter. "…the Counselor of the Athena Cabin…is gone. Annabeth Chase is no longer with us. She was murdered by Kronos yesterday, who had somehow made it to the border of Camp after sustaining mortal wounds when, Luke," he said, and gestured. From the 11th seat to my left, a tall demigod stood up. He had a lean build, with dirty blond hair, and what distinguishes Luke Castellan is the notable scar across his face, earned from his battle with a dragon.

"when Luke had killed him a few weeks ago. Tell us, Luke," Chiron said gently. "how did you escape the Underworld? Or, better, how did you get back after rebirth?"

Murmurs filled the place. Chattering broke out, and Chiron had to raise a hand until others went quiet.

"Chiron, I don't know! I don't even know where I am!" he protested. "I don't know anybody in these people! I mean, I was doing a lecture on sparring, when suddenly my vision became dark, and when I woke up, I saw him!" he said, pointing his finger accusingly at me.

All the heads in the room tilted and turned to me, but I was speechless.

"Now, now, Luke. Like you, Percy didn't know what happened either. He is just as confused as we are. So please seated."

Luke sighed, sitting down in his chair.

"Luke's resurrection is no longer our prime concern. What worries me most, is this."

Before anyone could said anything, Chiron pulled out from beneath the desk a circular device with adjusters on its side. And I quickly recognized Annabeth's hologram projector, designed by Daedalus, which would show the picture of any location should light touches it.

Chiron clicked the machinery for a while, until the coordinates were set and he wired it into a projector. A large hologram appeared in the middle of the table. But some still had to squint their eyes or lean closer.

We were looking at the Northern State Parkway, one of the big highways of Long Island. At first glance, it seemed like nothing was unusual. Then upon a closer look I saw smoke billowing. Conflagration was spreading through the area, as an army march through the streets. Mortal police and SWAT was having a resistance, but it was futile and hardly did any damage to the monsters. The assault rifles and pistols failed to pierce the monsters' thick skins. They march through the streets, in the direction of…Camp Half-Blood.

They were heading here.

"They are marching toward our Camp." I murmured.

"Yes, Percy. The monster army. Thousands of them. I don't know how they managed to regroup and formulate an attack. But they did. And they're going to assault our Camp."

"Why don't they attack Mount Olympus?" asked the Counselor of the Aphrodite cabin Drew Tanaka. "Don't they know that we're not there?"

"Drew, the gods are still in Olympus. All of the 12. But Hades might respond if they call him in for battle." Chiron explained. "The monsters would vaporize before they could even step onto Fifth Avenue. It is improbably, and without their leader Kronos, it is practically impossible. Our Camp, however, is much more vulnerable comparing to Olympus itself."

"But what about Thalia's Tree? Isn't it generating a forcefield?" I asked, my eyes still focus on the commotion on the Northern State Parkway.

"The Camp itself is inside the forcefield, yes, but not the tree. It is the only thing outside of the border. Half of its trunk is outside. So they could easily burn it, once they get pass Peleus, which would not be too difficult, and lower the forcefield, which would leave our Camp vulnerable and nearly defenseless. Once that happens, Camp Half-Blood would be lost. We would be overran. It would be all over." said Chiron.

Chattering broke out. Everybody was audibly terrified. This was their home. The only safe place for demigods. And it was about to get destroyed.

"So what do we do?" asked Luke.

"We fight back. Last year we repelled the attack on Mount Olympus. We can win this!" cried Clarisse.

"No, we can't. Look at how many of them there are. Besides, there's not much of a battlefield outside of Camp. We can't protect Thalia's Tree. We—" I said. "We have to defend Camp. Salvage as many as we can. There's nothing we can do."

Chiron nodded. "Percy is right. If we fight back, we'll be slaughtered. Our only way for at least some of us to survive, is to flee."

"But there will be a resistance, right?" asked the Deimos cabin Counselor, who I can't even remember the name. I think it was Jack or something.

"Yes. We'll have to fight. We don't have enough time to flee. All of us. They'll be here in approximately two hours, and we cannot evacuate 150 people before they arrive."

"So, is that it? We're going to fight, and we're going to flee with only half of us alive? What's the point of fighting!?" yelled Clarisse in protest.

"At least that's how we can save a portion of our demigods. Otherwise none of us will make it through tonight." said Chiron grimly.

"Grr." Clarisse grunted.

"Enough. I want everybody return to their Cabin and gather their brothers and sisters. Then report to the Big House. We are at war." said Chiron, ending the meeting.
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The monsters arrived sooner than I calculated. They swept the street and destroyed all mortal resistance, forcing them to flee. And about an hour later, the army stopped before Camp Half-Blood.

The campers had set up defenses all around Camp. Thalia's Tree was heavily guarded, with at least 50 campers taking position. Peleus stood guard as well. Clarisse led the Ares cabin in defending the tree. The cabins were taken care of by the Minor Gods cabins, which comprised of at least 30 Campers. The Big House was defended by Chiron, siding with the Athena Cabin and Hermes Cabin, acting as leaders. Other Olympian cabins like Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Demeter, etc was in the tree defending squad . The rest of Camp became virtually unguarded. But they were unessential. In the meantime, me and the Apollo cabin helped in evacuation. Thanks to the help of 15 Hermes demigods, we brought back to Camp 17 sedans, 8 trucks and 9 SUVs. Still, that wasn't enough to bring the vast population of demigods out of Camp.

I was helping a poor Psyche kid up the truck when Lou Ellen rushed to my side, wearing full battle armor and a javelin on her back. "Percy! Chiron just called you. He said Kronos was leading the monsters army. He has called forth a ceasefire to negotiate. Chiron went forward for diplomacy, but Kronos said he wanted you. Otherwise he won't negotiate and engage into battle immediately. You have to hurry!" she explained it all in a long speech. I nodded, and snatched the battle armor I laid on a weapon cart, and pulled Riptide out of my pocket, tossed the cap away and rushed to Half-Blood Hill.

By the time I arrived, I was shock to see how vast the Titan Army was. There were tens of thousands of them. Dracanae, empousai, Hyperborean giants, etc. From afar, I saw the most horrible creatures of Greek mythology: the gigantic Nemean Lion stood in the back, the Clazmonyan Sow. Even the Hydra was visible. They piled up in the streets, and there were no sights of any mortals. Either they fled or are killed.

"Percy Jackson!" from down the hill, Kronos bellowed. He was occupying the form of a tall boy with bright red hair, a lean build and a pale complexion. His eyes were bright golden as usual, which made me feel uncomfortable. How was Kronos occupying all of these bodies without vaporizing them? In his hand was his scythe.

"I see you survived…after I killed your little friend."

"RAGGRH!" Anger boiled up in me and I charged, but Chiron quickly grabbed me before I could jump into the enemy line. Although I had the Curse of Achilles, it would only be a matter of time before some random monster hit me in my Achilles heel and I succumb to my wounds.

"Percy, no! It's a diplomatic mission." Chiron said urgently.

"How pathetic." Kronos snarled. "I wouldn't have had to do this diplomatic mission if that imbecile Titan of Forethought Prometheus didn't defect me after the Titan War. Now.." he said, interlocking his fingers.

"What do you want, Kronos?" I snorted, gripping Riptide harder.

"Like last time, I give you a chance to surrender. Give up, and give us Camp Half-Blood. We shall use it as our military base for the war against the Olympians. With my power, I would seal it from the gods. We will be safe to gather troops. And by the time they are ready, our numbers would be huge and we will destroy the Olympians. Do this, and I promise you shall be spared. Fail to comply, we will march into your precious Camp and destroy it, while slaughtering you puny demigods." Kronos began his speech.

"If you destroy our Camp, you will lose a valuable base of operations." Chiron retorted.

"Do you see how many of us are there? With this numbers, we can rebuild your Camp in a short period of time. Even if its damaged beyond 'your' repair. Either way, we're getting your Camp. The only difference is the deaths and difficulties."

"I believe that if we comply to your terms, after you set up your base of operations, you will hunt us demigods to extinction."

"That is correct. Except, by doing this, I give you puny species a little more precious time to avoid extinction. Demigods, in any way, are fated to be destroyed."

"What if we destroy it beyond 'your repair'?" I retorted.

"How so?"

"The battle will cause a conflagration. Camp will burn to the ground. It will be uninhabitable. The trees act as your defense walls. Once the fire starts, it will no longer be."

"We can plant more trees. I am the Lord of Time. I can speed up the growth."

Kronos picked up a flower from the ground. He snapped his fingers, and in front of my eyes, the flower grew and grew, until it withered and decay into dust.

"See? I can do the same to the trees. Except it might take more time. But it will be worth it."

"Then we have nothing left to discuss." Chiron said, leading me away from Kronos without a word. Kronos smirked, and he turned to his troops, yelling something which I believed meant "PREPARE FOR WAR!"

I wanted to join the battle, but Chiron said that the escaping convoys would be intercepted. He needed me to be with the escaping demigods to open a path to exit. I protested, but reluctantly accepted.

I hurried toward the convoys, and saw the whole commotion. The cars had stopped before the Camp border, because there was a large force of monsters gathered before, blocking their exit. The Apollo cabin were battling them, to push the monsters out and open an exit path. Arrows flew into the night and landed on monsters, forcing them to explode into dusts. It was around 7 PM, dusk, and the night was engulfing the Earth. Apollo campers battled valiantly, but some of them fell, some were devoured by the giant monsters.

Yo boss, need a ride?

I've never felt to glad to hear a pegasus voice. On top of me, Blackjack circled and galloping, until he landed on the ground in front of me. He whinnied, and I climbed on his back.

"To the convoy!"

Blackjack lifted from the ground and darted straight for the ensuing battle. Being a fast pegasus, in just a few minutes time, Blackjack made it to the edge of Camp, where monsters were pushing in. We were at the Climbing Wall, therefore, Long Island Sound wasn't far away.

I raised my hand and called for the water. Being a son of Poseidon, I could control (almost) any kind of liquid. A month ago, I created a tiny doll made out of water, which could actually move. I called him Joe. And now, I was doing my best to summon Big Joe.

And it worked.

From afar, a water tornado appeared, which crashed through the enemy lines. There was a water spiral that connected the tornado to the ocean to supply it with water. The tornado swirled, before eventually formed into a giant. Big Joe has arrived into the game. He was a fifteen feet tall giant. His entire body was made out of sea water, but the water could solidify and punch the monsters. He looked like a John Cena, except that he was three times the size. Or so.

Big Joe crashed through the enemy lines, swatting and punching monsters out of the way. His fists were deadly. The monsters who got hit were hurled into midair before exploding into a cloud of dusts. Several rouge Cyclopes turned into sea silt when the giant pressure crushed them. This gave us the advantage.

"Percy!" Will Solace cried in delight as I jumped off Blackjack as soon as he landed. "Thank the gods you made it. There's too many of them, we won't be able to repel them all!" he yelled through the explosions as a large Laistrygonian giant was tossed over our defense lines.

"Not if I'm here. I said reassuringly, before raising Riptide and climbed back on Blackjack. Then he shot above the enemy line.

A bunch of demigods that wield bows and arrows began shooting at the pegasus, and Blackjack was swift enough, dodging every incoming arrows that rustled through the air. A bunch of them came at me, but bounced off my indestructible skin.

"Hiya! That's what I'm talking about!" I yelped in triumph, but that caught me off guard and an arrow spiraled toward Blackjack. My yelping made Blackjack lost balance and an arrow pierced his head.

"BLACKJACK!" I returned to reality and grabbed Blackjack, but his wings had frozen in place. Slowly, he began to crumble into dust, as the pegasus die. I gripped onto him, but found myself grabbing a pile of dust. As soon as I was 3 feet from the ground, Blackjack exploded into dust completely and flew away in the wind, and I landed in the midst of the enemy militia.

Demigods charged me, and I was consumed by rage. I drew Riptide and slaughtered them all. I ducked and slashed, smashing my hilt against one and impaled him. I wanted to murder them all, but there were hundreds of demigods swarming on me and my escape route was blocked.

Boss! Will sent me to get you! I gazed upwards, and I saw the same pegasus Annabeth rode a few weeks ago: Porkpie. He dashed through the enemy lines and I leapt just in time, grabbing him before he flew upwards and escaped.

As I flew higher, I realized that the enemy was drawn toward me and a new path opened. The convoy was passing the enemy, with a bunch of them engaging the vehicles, but were shot by the Apollo cabin members who took positions on each side of the truck. So, the Apollo cabin and the weak demigods escaped with half of the vehicles. At least that's one good news. I saw Will Solace sprinting after the last truck and grabbed the ledge, and one of his siblings pulled him up inside the vehicle.

"Take me to Thalia's Tree!" I ordered. Porkpie wasn't as obedient as Blackjack, but he reluctantly darted toward the tree.

It was too late. By the time I got there, I saw the monsters climbing up Peleus and finding the weak spots. The demigods of the Ares cabin, along with the others, had backed up against the tree, fighting back. They were obviously being overpowered. There were fire arrows shot into the air in attempts to cause a conflagration upon the tree. It was diverted by the kids from the Aeolus cabin, who had Aerokinesis and absolute control over the wind (actually partly, but enough)

Clarisse led the Ares cabin and they piled up against the tree, making their final stand, until she spotted Porkpie and me. She waved at me, gesturing and I circled down, halting in front of her.

"We need to draw back now!" I ordered, turning to my left and slashed a dracanae, which tried to pounce me.

"We will lose the tree, Jackson!"

"IT'S ALREADY LOST!" I yelled, and threw Riptide through the throat of a monster. "FALL BACK TO THE BIG HOUSE NOW!" The monster fell through its rank and dissipated.

Clarisse didn't tremble, but she turned to her siblings and gave her order. The Ares cabin protested, but she silenced them and they turned toward the Big House and fled. I quickly flew above with Porkpie and shot toward the Big House as the monsters prepare to burn Thalia's Tree. Kronos led the commotion.

Moments after departure, I felt Riptide reappearing in my pocket, and I drew the pen and tossed the cap away down the trees. Riptide grew back to a sword. Porkpie veered downwards toward the Big House.

It was chaos. The Big House was already on fire. Kronos must've sent a squad through the Southern part of Camp. Everywhere, demigods were fighting against the pushing forces of monsters. From afar, a giant explosion shook the ground, and a shockwave, started from Thalia's Tree, spread across the forcefield and shattering it completely. Monsters began to charge through Camp. It was too late.

I landed on the ground and sprinted toward Chiron, who was helping the demigods out of the burning Big House. He clutched his bow in his hand, and shot the monsters with precision.

"CHIRON!" I yelled to Chiron, trying to overwhelm the explosions. Fires bursted out everywhere, the sound of swords clanging, gunshots blasts.

"Percy! What are you doing here?!"

I made my way through the enemy line and stood in front of him. "The tree is destroyed! It's lost! We have to go, now!"

"We can't! This is the home to so many demigods! We have to keep fighting!"

"Not anymore!" I said, taking a pistol from a fallen demigod and shot monsters with it, before tossing the empty gun away. "We need to get off Camp grounds now! The camp is lost!"

Chiron sighed, as he shot the last arrow in his quiver. "I'll go help the demigods at the cabin. I'll tell them to escape. Meanwhile, you help the demigods here to the trucks."

"Okay, Chiron!" I replied, as I slashed downwards and vaporized a hellhound. "EVERYONE, GET TO THE TRUCKS!" I yelled defiantly through the deafening noises. The campers heard me, and they all ran toward the remaining vehicles. The ones who could drive a car ran first, as they were the top priorities.

I ducked around to look for anyone, when I saw Clarisse. She was alone amongst an entire swarming legion of monsters. I tried to break through them, but they had already swarmed on Clarisse, and it didn't seem like she would make it through. Where was Luke? The question popped in my head, but I didn't spot him anywhere.

I tried to call out to Clarisse and Luke,, but the monster snarls dwarfed my scream, and I fell back, running toward the SUVs. Four out of five of the SUVs had already drove away from Camp grounds, containing the kids from the Athena and Hermes cabin. The last SUV, which was driven by Travis Stoll, which contained the last three demigods, were about to start up. Connor sat in the shotgun. Fortunately, Luke was seated on the back, his body covered with bruises and scratches, otherwise he was in good shape. Another Athena demigod sat with them, and Castor

"There's Percy!" Connor yelped in delight, as Luke pushed open the car door. Behind me, monsters were crashing through the trees, directly at us. I jumped inside and pulled the door close, seconds before a dracanae jumped at us, but missed as the cad shot away at high speed. The car veered and lurched to the left, avoiding the monsters' pounces. A Cyclops grabbed the right door and attempted to punch, but I pulled down the windshield and stabbed him through the throat, forcing him to tumble backwards while we're traveling through the trees at 30 MPH.

The car made it to the edge of the destroyed barrier, where two other vehicles had been blocked and destroyed. I tried not to think about the demigods that had lost their lives in the car. Fortunately, Travis was a son of Hermes, the god of travelers, so he had the driving skills of Dominic Toretto. He drifted to the right, avoiding a Laistrygonian giant's swat, and drove straight through the enemy lines, until he broke free of their grip and drove the half-tattered car down Half-Blood Hill.

I sighed in relief, but looked back, as the wildfire spread and the entire Camp was set into a conflagration. Trees burnt, explosions rocked the surface, and I sat down, slumped in my seat. I thought about Chiron, and Clarisse, afraid that they might not escape this alive. Chiron had ran off to support the demigods defending the cabins section.

I tried not to think about it much, but I started to think about things ahead of me, what we were going to do in this aftermath of the Battle of Camp Half-Blood.
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