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 30 Days Without an Accident

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PostSubject: 30 Days Without an Accident   30 Days Without an Accident Icon_minitime2/18/2016, 1:17 am

30 days without an accident...

Literally. Last time Jack attempted to kill somebody, was a month ago. It was one of the best records of him keeping his calm, and so far nobody called him a 'chicken', or 'coward', or a d!ckhead. That was good. So he needed to clear his mind a bit. He put on some faded jeans, with combat boots and a leather jacket, which was over a long-sleeved shirt. He headed down to the Lake, dodging the rocks which rose from the ground as he goes. Jack spun Clarent in his graps, careful not to drop it or it will start a conflagration. Conflagrations sucked. It leads to wildfire, which would get him into a big trouble if he accidentally destroys Camp Half-Blood.

He sat on the grassy shore, picking up a small rock and tossed it toward the lake. It skipped a few times before sinking down to the bottom. The wind was choppy, slashing against his face. The sun was already up, but not fully up, about a 61 degrees from the sun to the ground. Jack thought Ra/Apollo were travelling rather slow today. Because that morning felt like ages. Deep inside, he wanted to personally fly up to the sun (which was impossible, so he might have to find a jetplane that travels at a 1000 km/h, then catch the sun gods while they were travelling and install a nitro boost, which would boost their sun chariots. Apollo would blast him if he knew about it.

Nothing could ruin his record. Or could it?
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30 Days Without an Accident
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