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 Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros

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PostSubject: Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros    Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros  Icon_minitime2/19/2016, 10:30 am

Name: Jasmine Tookey
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Kayla Tookey Née Rexmundi, a Welsh woman who writes music and novels
God Parent: Eros, God of Love And Lust
Date of Birth: Nov 27th 1999
Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales
Hometown/Last Residence: After living for 11 years in Wales, Jasmine moved to California with her mother. There she lived in a small flat.
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian, Welsh
Accent: Thick Welsh
Skin Tone: Tan
Eye Color: Emrald Green
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: 9' Hair, 2' Bangs
Height: 5"4'
Weight: 150 pounds
Body Type: Athletic Build, hourglass Figure
Appearance: At first glance, Jasmine seems cold and dangerous, green eyes flashing. However, looking closer, she has soft features and a gentle smile. Her hair is always braided and out of the way, framing her face sweetly. She had bad acne when she was younger so has acne scars and also a scar on her forearm.
Weapon: A Celestial Bronze Halberd
Armor: Celestial Bronze Breastplate and Gauntletts
Pet(s): A White Raven Called Azriel
Skills/Talents: 7 Years Practice Of Ju Jitsu
Flaws: Acne Scars, Hubris, Easily Manipulated, Rubbish Aim, Forgetful
Strengths: Bleep Test Score Of 9.6, Long Distance Runner, Black Belt In Ju Jitsu, Good At Hand To Hand Combat, Good With Animals
Weaknesses: Rubbish Aim, Can't Use Her Halberd With Her Left Hand, Doesn't Like To Kill, Bad At Groundfighting, -0.75 Eyesight
Likes: Animals, Romance, Novels, Anything Sweet, Rugby
Dislikes: Killing, Loud Music, Soft Rock, Non-Contact Sports, Football
Fears: Heights, Snakes, Alcohol, Ghosts, Death
Personality: Shy, Creative, Loyal, Innocent, Gentle
Abilities: Long Distance Running, Almost Photographic Memory
Powers: Eromancy
Social Status: Heartthrob/Rebel
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder
Years at Camp: 1
Life Before Camp: Before Camp, Jasmine was nearly completely unaware of her godly parentage. She found out a few months before she came to camp, when a monster killed her mother. At the time, she was waitressing at a nearby café to help pay for the flat she and her mother lived in. She came back to find her apartment building had been burnt down by a 'Fire Breathing Doberman' which she later found out was a Hellhound. She found out from a monster, a harpy, that she was a demigod when it attacked her as she was heading to Ju Jistu practice. After a few years on the street, defending for herself with a halberd she found in an abandoned warehouse, a satyr found her and brought her to Camp Half Blood. She was claimed when she reached the Camp Borders.
Role-playing Example: Jasmine wandered through the forest, halberd at the ready in case of a monster attack. Her green eyes glittered as the sunlight filtered through the canopy of the trees.
Notes: Always Keeps The Scar On Her Forearm Covered With A Bandage.
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Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros    Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros  Icon_minitime2/19/2016, 6:08 pm

Would you like a drachma reward for this? Detailed forms for rewards require much more detail, having a 1000 word minimum and such. For now, I'll check this like a regular form.

Are you saying she's 5 feet and 4 inches tall, or the other way around?

No to the raven.

Add much more to her personality. 

Long distance running and almost-photographic memory wouldn't be abilities, which are basically powers related to the god parent that come naturally to the demigod and take little to no energy to use. The two things listed would more likely be talents or skills.

- Elaborate more on this. How does she use this? What can she do with it?
- How long can this last, and how long does she have the wait in between usages? (in number of posts -- for example, she can make someone become infatuated with another person for 2 posts with a 3 post cooldown before she can use this again)
- How can people resist this?

- Add more to this section. What was her life like with her mom? How did she do at school? Did she have many friends?
- So... her mom dies and she still goes to her practice anyway? She'd probably be questioned by police, put into child services or such since her mom is dead and she would legally need to go into foster care or with her closest living relative, etc. She wouldn't just immediately be booted to the streets.
- She couldn't just find a halberd in a warehouse, so you're going to need to change that.
- How did the satyr find her?
- How old was she when she got to camp?

RP Example should be at least 5 sentences long -- if you're going for a detailed form reward, it should be 10.

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[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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Jasmine Tookey, Daughter of Eros
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