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 Just In Case(OPEN)

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Kodi tossed her messy braid back over her shoulder as she used her left hand to take a bite of an apple and her right to take note of the number of MREs (6) that were strewn over the table in front of her, along with a mix of other items covering the area of the seats around her. She place the apple down on the three inches of empty space that was available, and then grabbed the first aid kit and began going through it, marking what things needed to be resupplied, what things she had an excess of, and basically any other information she may later find useful.

When Kodi had woken up this morning at 4AM (as per usual), she had been hit with a feeling of excitement. She had nothing to do that day. Nothing was scheduled for camp, Sylvie hadn't asked for her to do something, and she didn't have to go out to town for supplies and whatnot. This lack of plans meant that Kodi could spend her entire day on two things: Training and Organizing. The idea of organizing always rallied her up, as Kodi had always had a knack for efficient packing. One of her many talents, yes. It was like a puzzle to her, and she loved every challenge it gave her.

That was why Kodi was in the Mess Hall at 5AM that morning, dressed in a old blue tee and a pair of straight-cut jeans, her hair hurriedly tied behind her in a messy, rough braid. She had been so eager that she'd rushed down to get breakfast and begin her careful work, hopefully before anyone else arrived, outside of the few other early-risers.

Kodi finished with the inventory and began mentally planning out her packing order, moving all of her supplies into groups and placing them in order of when they would go in the bag, mumbling quietly to herself as she did so.
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Just In Case(OPEN)
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