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 Liberalia festival (solo)

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PostSubject: Liberalia festival (solo)   Liberalia festival (solo) Icon_minitime3/17/2016, 7:50 pm

"Come on, we're gonna be late!"

"Relax, we're literally half an hour early."

"Decimus, if you don't lift your fat podex from the couch this second...."

Her twin looked up. "Fat podex, is it?" He bolted up and started tickling her, which made her squeal and kick before running away to the atrium. "Come back and fight, you coward!" Decimus shouted behind her and Tiberia only had the time to grab the wooden gladius Kaeso had left behind before he tackled her. "Running away from the enemy, what has our legion come to," he sighed as they started to exchange kicks and punches. "And you're the lieutenant?"

"I'm your optio," Tiberia smirked, "which means I can kick your @ss while ordering you to do the same to yourself."


At the sound of their mother's sharp voice, the twins immediately dropped their hands. "What's this? Go clean yourselves up now. Tiberia, give me that sword."

Mumbling apologies, the two did as they were told and disappeared into their respective rooms to finish getting ready. When Tiberia came out, she was wearing a long yellow tunic tied at the waist and under the chest with a silk ribbon, her hair pinned up in a curly style. Decimus had a festive green tunic and new sandals. Kaeso wore the traditional white garment with purple border, sign that he was still underage.

"Come on now," their father said as they all passed their mantles around their back and over their arm, "the Cloelius family must be waiting for us."

The streets were packed. Flocks and flocks of Roman citizens were leading kids clad in white togas to the Forum. Old ladies in traditional clothing with ivy wreaths on their heads were selling honey cakes on street corners, sacrificing some to the gods each time someone bought a piece. They arrived a few minutes later at the home of the Cloelii, a large villa with colonnades and palm trees. Their son Julius had turned fourteen a few weeks ago, meaning he was eligible to participate in the festival. After exchanging greetings, the family waited for everyone to gather, then they too made their way to the Forum.

"Only two years to go," Tiberia whispered to Kaeso, who was toying with the gold charm around his neck. He looked nervous and a little jealous. Tiberia clasped his shoulder then turned to have a chat with Casey, the older sister of Julius, who was her age and in the Second Cohort. After this, they would celebrate with the family then go home and have dinner on the street, as tradition required.

"Honey cake anyone?" Decimus asked, who had bought three.


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Liberalia festival (solo) Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

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Liberalia festival (solo)
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